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xscreensaver is the Linux Screen Saver Program.

For more information see:

Using xscreensaver with Mythtv

Install xscreensaver.

yum install xscreensaver*

For the user that will run the Mythtv-Frontend (mythtv), you need add .xscreensaver to the home directory of the user.

vim /home/mythtv/.xscreensaver

Now add the following lines.

timeout:        0:05:00
lock:           False
splash:         False
nice:           10
fade:           True
unfade:         False
fadeSeconds:    0:00:15
mode:           one
selected:       191


The two requirements for proper xscreensaver support are:

  1. Make sure the command xscreensaver-command is in the PATH of the user starting mythfrontend.
  2. Make sure xscreensaver start before mythfrontend dose.
  3. Make sure you start xscreensaver and that xscreensaver has time to initialize before you start mythfrontend.