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Enable Auto Remote Image Downloading

The enable for all images in the config editor toggle the preference mailnews.message_display.disable_remote_image to false.

A better alternative would be to use the Config editor to create a mail.trusteddomains setting that specifies what e-mail domains it should automatically display remote images for. This is much easier than having to specify each email address, but you're taking the risk that you won't get any messages with a spoofed From: header in one of those domains. The setting contains a list of domains separated by commas, with no wild cards, white space or subdomains allowed. is okay, is okay
* is invalid, is invalid is invalid

LDAP Directory Search

This document describes how to configure Thunderbird to access a LDAP server for directory service information.

Configuring Thunderbird

Open Thunderbird. Go to the Tools menu and select Options. From the Options menu, select Composition. Then select the Addressing tab. Check the box next to Directory Server. Then click Edit Directories.

Thunderbird LDAP Documentation Image

Click the Add button.

Thunderbird LDAP Documentation Image

Enter the following information on the General tab:

  • Name: Directory Search
  • Hostname:
  • Base DN: dc=wisc,dc=edu

Thunderbird LDAP Documentation Image

Then click OK.

Click OK again.

Thunderbird LDAP Documentation Image

Make sure that Directory Server is checked and Directory Search is selected in the drop down menu.

Thunderbird LDAP Documentation Image

Then click OK.

Thunderbird is now configured for LDAP!

Using Directory Services

In Thunderbird, addresses will autocomplete when filling out the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields. The results will appear in a drop down below the field you are typing in.

You can also perform a search through you Address Book:

  1. Go to the Tools menu and select Address Book.
  2. Select Directory Search from the left-hand pane and enter the name you are looking for in the Search field:

Thunderbird LDAP Documentation Image

In some instances, you may experience problems with auto-completion.