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This template should be placed at the top of categories used in the administration of Wikipedia rather than as part of the encyclopedia – for example, at the top of Category:Wikipedia administration.


The following descriptions assume the template is transcluded on a page in the Category namespace.

|shortcut= Enables (a?) shortcut(s?) to the category to be displayed by the template...
("{{{s[hortcut]1}}}" "{{{s[hortcut]2}}}" "{{{s[hortcut]3}}}" "{{{s[hortcut]4}}}" "{{{s[hortcut]5}}}"...?)
|hidden=true/yes/on Causes the template to hide the page (the category), add it to Category:Hidden categories and to include a {{Hidden category}}-style message.
|tracking=true/yes/on Causes the template to add the page (the category) to Category:Tracking categories and include a {{Tracking category}}-style message.1
To add a short description of the tracking category after the message, use |description=[short description].
|container=true/yes/on Causes the template to add the page (the category) to Category:Container categories and include a {{Container category}}-style message.2
{{{1}}}  (first unnamed parameter) Anything supplied as the template's first unnamed parameter will be placed immediately below it under the heading "Description".


{{Wikipedia category |shortcut=CAT:WCAT |hidden=true
|tracking=true |description=This category tracks pages tagged with {{tl|Citation needed}}.
| [ ''Text providing more detailed description of category'' ]