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  • {{{1}}} – set |{{{1}}}=yes if the article is supported by [[{{{TF_LINK}}}|{{{TF_NAME}}}]].
    • This parameter populates [[:Category:{{{TF_MAIN_CAT}}}|Category:{{{TF_MAIN_CAT}}}]], and the relevant subcategory of [[:Category:{{{TF_ASSESSMENT_CAT}}} by quality|Category:{{{TF_ASSESSMENT_CAT}}} by quality]].
    • {{{tf importance}}} (only used if |{{{1}}}=yes is set; uses the same values as |importance=) – Importance rating within [[{{{TF_LINK}}}|{{{TF_NAME}}}]]
      • This parameter populates the relevant subcategory of [[:Category:{{{TF_ASSESSMENT_CAT}}} by importance|Category:{{{TF_ASSESSMENT_CAT}}} by importance]].
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{{WPBannerDoc/tf|taskforce parameter|TF_LINK= |TF_NAME= |TF_TEXT= |TF_QUALITY= |tf importance= |TF_ASSESSMENT_CAT= |TF_MAIN_CAT= }}

|TF_TEXT= if present and non-blank, overrides |TF_LINK= and |TF_NAME=