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  • {{{peer review}}} – set |{{{peer review}}}=yes if the article is currently undergoing a [[{{{LINK}}}|peer review]], or to request that the peer review process for this page should be begun.
    • This parameter populates [[:Category:{{{CAT}}}|Category:{{{CAT}}}]].
  • {{{old peer review}}} – set |{{{old peer review}}}=yes if the article has had a [[{{{LINK}}}|peer review]] which is now archived.
    • This parameter populates [[:Category:{{{OLD_CAT}}}|Category:{{{OLD_CAT}}}]].
    • {{{title}}} – if the peer review page exists but is not at {{{LINK}}}/{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}}, set this parameter; i.e. if the peer review page is {{{LINK}}}/Foobar, set |{{{title}}}=Foobar
    • Invalid combinations of |{{{peer review}}}= |{{{old peer review}}}= and |{{{title}}}= will place the page in [[:Category:{{{INVALID_CAT}}} |Category:{{{INVALID_CAT}}} ]].
Documentation icon Template documentation

{{WPBannerDoc/peerreview |peer review= |old peer review= |LINK= |CAT= |OLD_CAT= |title= |INVALID_CAT= }}

The value of each parameter should be the same as is used in {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/peerreview}}, except that the triple braces and pipes must be removed from any parameters that have them, i.e. use |title=peer-review-title instead of |title={{{peer-review-title|}}}