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{{Unprintworthy-inline}} a.k.a. {{Nomirror}} is for the occasional case of content which shouldn't appear in mirror sites, printed versions of WP content, or other reuses of Wikipedia material, but which shouldn't be marked up as a |Wikipedia self-reference because it isn't actually self-referential. (When it is, use {{Selfref-inline}} instead.) This template should not be substituted. The template is unrelated to {{Unprintworthy}}, which is an alias for the {{R unprintworthy}} template (which categorizes redirects as unprintworthy).

This template includes the noprint CSS class, which suppresses printing (both in normal page print-outs and Wikipedia:Books) and some other reuses. Unlike the similar template {{Noprint}}, it also includes the selfreference class; while not strictly accurate, it suppresses display on many mirror sites, half of this template's intent. Unlike {{Selfref-inline}}, this template does not use the plainlinks class, since links in such content will not be internal self-references.

Content marked up with this template will not appear at all in the "Printable version" available from the sidebar, nor by default in normal printouts or print previews. If you want them appear in the latter case for your own purposes, see Help:Printable#Personal customization.


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