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This template should not be substituted.

{{Old TfD|date=|result=}}

e.g. {{Old TfD|date=2018 July 15|result=keep}}

and an optional code for non-default pagename, suitable if the page has been moved since the deletion debate, or if it was nominated under the name of another template in a multiple nomination:

{{Old TfD|date=|result=|Template:pagename}}

Where the section was a general title, not a template name, use |disc=.

{{Old TfD|date = 2018 July 15|result=keep|disc = Language templates}}

For merger proposals, use |merge=target which changes "deletion" to "merger with target".

There is also a |cat=yes parameter that changes "This template was..." to "This category was...", for use on talk pages of template-populated categories that were subject to deletion discussion at WP:TFD instead of WP:CFD.

For templates that survived a Tfd debate before 4 January 2006, use |link=Not deleted/MONTHNAME YEAR to modify the link to point to the relevant deletion discussion.

See also

  • {{Tfm}} - the parallel template for merging
  • {{Tfd}} - basic template
  • {{Tfd|type=inline}} - inline usage
  • {{Tfd2}} - second step in a TFD process
  • {{Tfdnotice}} - TFD info on related pages
  • {{Catfd}} - TFD with corresponding category
  • {{Catfd2}} - second step in a TFD process with corresponding category (same name)
  • {{Old AfD multi}} - good for recording multiple discussions