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This template will add tagged articles to Category:Articles to be split.


When two or more distinct topics which share the same or similar title are being written about on the same page, a content split may be considered. Consideration must be given both to notability and to potential neutrality issues before proposing a split. If one or more of the topics is not notable it may be more appropriate to simply remove the material from Wikipedia than to create a new article.


If no parameters are used in the template (i.e., {{split}}), it will display as above.

To add the month and year the template was added to the article, add |date=July 2018. This will be added automatically at some point by a bot if you omit it.
unnamed parameters for article titles
To suggest an article name (or more than one), simply pipe them into the template (or number them |1=, |2=, etc.). For example, {{split|Article 1|date=July 2018}} produces:
Multiple: {{split|Article 1|Article 2|Article 3|date=July 2018}} produces:
Up to 20 new names can be suggested.
To specify where the discussion about this split is taking place, use |discuss=, as in {{split|Article 1|date=July 2018|discuss=Talk:Article name#Talk page section}}, which produces:
To replace the word "article" (or "page", outside of mainspace), use |section=y to display "section", or use something more specific, as in {{split|Article 1|date=July 2018|section=list}}, which produces:

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