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{{biography|Sesan Kareem|yob|yod|text|name (Sesan Kareem)}}
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|article= Sesan Kareem
|yob= August 22nd 1989
|yod= Nil

|text= Sesan Ahmad Kareem is a Nigerian author, speaker, trainer, pharmacist, health and full potential strategist and youth advocate, whose philosophy is “man should beware of what lies before him and what lies behind him, but above all he should beware of what lies within him. [1][2]

|Personal life= Sesan was born in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State in 1989. he completed his Bachelor's Degree in pharmacy at Olabisi Onabanjo University in 2012. He is an Alumnus of Daystar Leadership Academy and resides in Lagos, Nigeria. [3]

|Career= Sesan published his first book, Maximize Your Life in December, 2010 by Akamson Book Publishers, Lagos, Nigeria. On September 20, 2013, he published his second and third books, Grab Your Destiny and Life Is Short, But It’s Really Worth It. Grab Your Destiny was published in Nigeria by Mareek Image Concepts. Life Is Short, But It’s Really worth It was published by United p.c. United Kingdom. [4] The book is marketed on Ebay.com, foyles.co.uk, Amazon.com, barnesandnobles.com and bookadda.com just to name a few. [5] [6][7][8] Sesan published his 4th and 5th book on the 24th of September, 2015, The Secrets of a Fulfilled Life and With Patience You are a Winner. He is the Editor of sesankareem.com .

With over 10 years experience in powerful teachings on his core specializations HEALS (Health| Entrepreneurship| Administration| Leadership| Self-development) Sesan has engaged tens of thousands of young people in high schools and universities in Nigeria( (OOU, UNILAG, TASUED, etc).

He has written articles on Guardian newspaper, The Dawn (Pakistan), Pharmanews, mamellete.com, The Nation and swankpharm.com and Nairaland. Sesan and his books has featured on The Policy Council with Opeyemi Agbaje( Channels TV, Core TV News, Lagos Television and Ben TV, UK), Eko 89.75 FM, Radio Continental 102.37 FM, Star 105 FM, Radio One 103.5 FM, and Nigerian Television Authority etc. [9][10] [11][12] He is being regarded as one of the provocative and compelling young African speakers of contemporary age. A wellness and healthy living facilitator of Industrial Training Fund, a partner with Ogun state Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, a resource person for different companies, multinationals, religious organizations and schools. Sesan was appointed as the Personal Assistant to the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria in December 2015. [14]

|Bibliography= -Maximize Your Life, 2010, ISBN 978-978-308-755-2

-Grab Your Destiny, 2013, ISBN 978-178-361-3

-Life Is Short, But It’s Really Worth It, 2013, ISBN 978-3-7103-0665-5

-The Secrets of a Fulfilled Life, 2015, ISBN 198-178-446-4

-With Patience You are a Winner, ISBN 198-178-447-4 [13]


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|External Links=

sesankareem.com [1] https://www.linkedin.com/in/sesan-kareem-83018ba5

|name= Sesan A. Kareemdisambiguated


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