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This module, {{multi-section link}}, or its shortcut, {{mslink}}, makes a link to a section, listing multiple nested section names. The first parameter is the page name, and subsequent parameters are section names. The last section name is the one that is actually linked to.


{{multi-section link|page|section 1|section 2|...}}


It's easiest to demonstrate this template's use with a concrete example.

Say you want a nicely formatted link to Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Names and titles. You could use {{section link|Wikipedia:Manual of Style|Names and titles}} to give you Wikipedia:Manual of Style § Names and titles, but with this it is not very clear what the "Names and titles" section is referring to. {{Multi-section link}} solves this problem by allowing you to specify the intermediate section names, giving readers more context.



Syntax error in JSON.

See also

  • {{Section link}} – for linking to a section (or multiple sections) without showing nested levels