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{{Monoblock|text block(s) to format here}}

renders as:

text block(s) to format here

This template is for formatting blocks of content (the only parameter) as monospaced (nonproportional) text. It is simply a quick shorthand for the necessary CSS code. It is a replacement for (often multiple instances of) <tt>...</tt> which is an obsolete element under HTML5. (Non-conforming features) Use of this template better separates content and presentation in Wikipedia articles.

This template should be used where multi-block content is being rendered in monospaced text for purely stylistic/display reasons, where this display has no particular semantic significance. I.e., it should be used very rarely, and for good reason.

It should not be used to indicate source code, nor for variables or variable input (use <code>...</code> and <var>...</var>, respectively). For keyboard or samples, use <kbd>...</kbd> or <samp>...</samp> respectively.

It should not be used to mark up short inline snippets that do not span multiple paragraphs, sections or other block elements, as it uses <div>, which is a block element, and depending upon what other CSS classes are involved, it may lead to unintended line breaks. See {{Mono}} for a <span>...</span>-based inline version.

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