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The {{Ifexist not redirect}} template can be used to identify a page which exists, is not blank, and is not a redirect; whereas {{#ifexist}} will only check whether the page exists.

Use the format {{Ifexist not redirect|page|return if true|return if false}}. The 2nd and 3rd parameters are used to define the output of the template if the condition is true or false, respectively. If not defined the default output is "yes" if true and empty if false.


Existing article (List of Doctor Who serials):

  • {{Ifexist not redirect|List of Doctor Who serials|true|false}}: false
  • {{#ifexist:List of Doctor Who serials|true|false}}: false

Redirect (List of Daredevil episodes):

  • {{Ifexist not redirect|List of Daredevil episodes|yes|no}}: no
  • {{#ifexist:List of Daredevil episodes|yes|no}}: yes

Empty article (Template:Ifexist not redirect/testpage):

  • {{Ifexist not redirect|Template:Ifexist not redirect/testpage}}:
  • {{#ifexist:Template:Ifexist not redirect/testpage|yes}}: yes

Non-existant article (Green Arrow episodes):

  • {{Ifexist not redirect|Green Arrow episodes|1|0}}: 0
  • {{#ifexist:Green Arrow episodes|1|0}}: 0