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should be one;  should be nine —CodeHydro 18:43, 23 December 2014 (UTC)
Code Sandbox Current
{{If empty/sandbox}} Returns an empty string.
{{If empty/sandbox|one}} one Returns the first parameter that is defined and not empty.
{{If empty/sandbox|one|two}} one
{{If empty/sandbox|one|two|three|four}} one
{{If empty/sandbox||two}} two The first parameter is empty/undefined, so is passed over.
{{If empty/sandbox||two|three|four}} two
{{If empty/sandbox||two||four}} two
{{If empty/sandbox|||||||||nine}} nine
{{If empty/sandbox||||||||||ten}} ten Empty string returned if maximum of nine parameters exceeded.
{{If empty/sandbox|}} The only parameter is empty or undefined, so returns an empty string.
{{If empty/sandbox||||}} Returns an empty string.
{{If empty/sandbox|{{{1|}}}|{{{2|}}}|three}} three
{{If empty/sandbox|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}|three}} {{{1}}} No pipe-characters following the names of the first two parameters ("1" and "2"), so the first of these returned as text ("{{{1}}}").
{{If empty/sandbox|{{{logo|}}}|two}} two
{{If empty/sandbox|{{{logo}}}|two}} {{{logo}}} No pipe-character following the parameter name "logo", so the text "{{{logo}}}" returned.
{{If empty/sandbox|2=x}} x Whether parameter 1 is undefined or empty does not matter.
{{If empty/sandbox|p=q}} The template identifies the parameters it receives as parameters 1 to 9, not using names such as "p", etc.
{{If empty/sandbox|one|{{X1}}[[Category:X1]]}} one Parameters after the first non-empty parameter are not expanded, so this page does not transclude Template:X1 and is not in Category:X1.