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This template prints the current UTC time offset by (UsualDifferenceFromUTCForThisLocation + DSTAdjustment) hours.

{{CurrentTimeIn [ |
[ UsualDifferenceFromUTCForThisLocation=hours| ]
[ DSTAdjustment=hours| ]
] }}

Missing parameters (or completely empty parameters, without even any blank in the hours value) are treated like zero.


The reason we separate out the "usual" difference from UTC and the DST adjustment is that the first part remains constant forever.

Whereas the second part changes twice a year.

This arrangement is the best way to minimize the number of pages we have to change when the clock changes.

The current time in London is {{CurrentTimeIn|
  DSTAdjustment={{Current daylight saving offset in Europe}}}}


The current time in Paris is {{CurrentTimeIn|
  DSTAdjustment={{Current daylight saving offset in Europe}}}}

and when the clocks change in Europe, the only page we have to change is {{Current daylight saving offset in Europe}} which is minimal number of pages.

This template is usually wrapped by another template which controls the positioning of the time on the page. One example is {{CurrentTimeInHeader}} which puts the time near the top of the page.

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