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This page compares:

  • {{convert/sandbox|...}} (first column of results)
  • {{convert/sandboxlua|...}} (second column of results)
Convert Code Convert (Old) Convert (Sandboxlua) Result
{{convert|0.25|mi|km|adj=on|1|spell=in}} zero-point-two-five-mile (0.4 km) Different
{{convert|0.5|ha|acre|spell=in}} zero point five hectares (1.2 acres) Different
{{convert|1/2|in|mm|1|adj=on|spell=in}} one-half-inch (12.7 mm) Different
{{convert|1+2/3|in|mm|spell=in}} one and two-thirds inches (42 mm) Different
{{convert|-1-2/3|in|mm|spell=in}} negative one and two-thirds inches (−42 mm) Different
{{convert|1/2|mi|1|spell=in}} one-half mile (0.8 km) Different
{{convert|1/2|mi|km|1|adj=on|spell=in}} one-half-mile (0.8 km) Different
{{convert|1/2|mi|km|1|spell=in}} one-half mile (0.8 km) Different
{{convert|2/3|mi|km|spell=In}} Two-thirds mile (1.1 km) Different
{{convert|5/3|mi|km|spell=in}} five-thirds miles (2.7 km) Different
{{convert|1/4|mi|km|spell=in}} one-quarter mile (0.40 km) Different
{{convert|3/4|mi|km|1|spell=in}} three-quarters mile (1.2 km) Different
{{convert|1/4|mi|km|adj=mid|-long|spell=in}} one-quarter-mile-long (0.40 km) Different
{{convert|1/5|mi|km|spell=In}} One-fifth mile (0.32 km) Different
{{convert|1/5|mi|km|spell=in}} one-fifth mile (0.32 km) Different
{{convert|3/5|mi|km|spell=In}} Three-fifths mile (0.97 km) Different
{{convert|3/5|mi|km|spell=in}} three-fifths mile (0.97 km) Different
{{convert|1/6|in|cm|1|spell=in}} one-sixth inch (0.4 cm) Different
{{convert|1/5|km|ftin|spell=In}} One-fifth kilometre (656 ft 2 in) Different
{{convert|1000000|mi|km|spell=in}} one million miles (1,600,000 km) Different
{{convert|1000|ft|0|spell=in}} one thousand feet (305 m) Different
{{convert|10|ft|m|disp=sqbr|spell=in}} ten feet [3.0 m] Different
{{convert|13|mi|spell=in}} thirteen miles (21 km) Different
{{convert|13|mi|disp=flip|spell=in}} twenty-one kilometres (13 mi) Different
{{convert|1|sqmi|km2|disp=or|spell=in}} one square mile or 2.6 square kilometres Different
{{convert|2|mi|km|spell=in}} two miles (3.2 km) Different
{{convert|25|m|ft|abbr=off|spell=in}} twenty-five metres (82 feet) Different
{{convert|2|in|0|adj=on|spell=in}} two-inch (51 mm) Different
{{convert|2|in|cm|0|spell=In}} Two inches (5 cm) Different
{{convert|2|oz|g|lk=on|spell=in}} two ounces (57 g) Different
{{convert|3+1/2|mi|km|spell=in}} three and a half miles (5.6 km) Different
{{convert|3/4|mi|km|adj=on|spell=in}} three-quarters-mile (1.2 km) Different
{{convert|3/4|mi|km|spell=in}} three-quarters mile (1.2 km) Different
{{convert|4|PD/sqkm|PD/sqmi|1|spell=in}} four inhabitants per square kilometre (10.4/sq mi) Different
{{convert|4|mi|km|abbr=on|spell=in}} four mi (6.4 km) Different
{{convert|5|ft|m|adj=mid|thick|1|spell=in}} five-foot thick (1.5 m) Different
{{convert|5|ft|m|adj=on|spell=in}} five-foot (1.5 m) Different
{{convert|5|ft|m|spell=in}} five feet (1.5 m) Different
{{convert|7|ft|6|in|1|spell=in}} seven feet six inches (2.3 m) Different
{{convert|7|in|mm|sing=on|sigfig=3|spell=in}} seven-inch (178 mm) Different
{{convert|8.5|ft|m|spell=in}} eight point five feet (2.6 m) Different
{{convert|800|lb|kg|spell=in}} eight hundred pounds (360 kg) Different
{{convert|80|m|ft|abbr=off|spell=in}} eighty metres (260 feet) Different
{{convert|82|km|mi|0|abbr=on|spell=in}} eighty-two km (51 mi) Different
{{convert|8|F-change|1|abbr=out|spell=in}} eight degrees Fahrenheit change (4.4 °C) Different
{{convert|8|F-change|1|spell=in}} eight °F (4.4 °C) Different
{{convert|8|ft|m|3|abbr=in|spell=in}} eight ft (2.438 metres) Different
{{convert|8|ft|m|3|abbr=off|sp=us|spell=in}} eight feet (2.438 meters) Different
{{convert|8|mi|km|disp=s|spell=in}} eight miles or 13 kilometres* Different
{{convert|900|hp|kW|abbr=on|spell=in}} nine hundred hp (670 kW) Different
{{convert|9|LT|t|spell=in}} nine long tons (9.1 t) Different

Spelling values in a range (very unlikely to be useful).

  • {{convert/sandboxlua|5|to|12|kg|spell=in}} → five to twelve kilograms (11 to 26 lb)
  • {{convert/sandboxlua|1|x|3|x|5|to|2|x|4|x|8|ft|mm|spell=in}} → one by three by five to two by four by eight feet (300 mm × 910 mm × 1,520 mm to 610 mm × 1,220 mm × 2,440 mm)
  • {{convert/sandboxlua|1/2|x|5+1/4|to|1+1/2|x|6+1/8|ft|mm|spell=In|sp=us|abbr=off}} → One-half by five and a fourth to one and a half by six and an eighth feet (150 by 1,600 to 460 by 1,870 millimeters)