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{{convert/{{{d}}}|{{{1}}}|||||||s=|r={{{r}}} |u=LT |n=long ton |h=long-ton |o=t |b=1016.0469088 |j=3.006913759-0}}

The Template:Convert/lt, invoked by unit-code "lt" (lower-case of "LT"), is used for converting long tons with other units. It will display the unit symbol "LT" in abbreviated mode (such as for "abbr=on"); however, the full name "long ton" is preferred for the first 1 or 2 cases in an article, as displayed when using upper-case unit-code "LT" which always shows "long ton" in conversions.

For recommended usage, also refer to WP:MOSNUM text about "long ton" and the related units.