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gigalitre Gl Gl US spelling: gigaliter
1.0 Gl (35,000,000 cu ft)
megalitre Ml Ml US spelling: megaliter
1.0 Ml (35×10^3 cu ft)
kilolitre kl kl US spelling: kiloliter
one cubic metre
1.0 kl (35 cu ft)
kL kL
hectolitre hl hl US spelling: hectoliter
1.0 hl (22 imp gal; 26 US gal)
hL hL
decalitre dal dal US spelling: dekaliter
1.0 dal (2.2 imp gal; 2.6 US gal)
daL daL
litre l l US spelling: liter
one cubic decimetre
1.0 l (0.22 imp gal; 0.26 US gal)
decilitre dl dl US spelling: deciliter
1.0 dl (3.5 imp fl oz; 3.4 US fl oz)
dL dL
centilitre cl cl US spelling: centiliter
1.0 cl (0.35 imp fl oz; 0.34 US fl oz)
cL cL
millilitre ml ml US spelling: milliliter
one cubic centimetre
1.0 ml (0.035 imp fl oz; 0.034 US fl oz)
mL mL
microlitre μl (ul) µl US spelling: microliter
1.0 µl (6.1×10−5 cu in)
μL (uL) µL
stère stere (none) an old unit for measuring firewood equivalent to one cubic metre 1.0 stère (35 cu ft)