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cubic mile cumi (mi3) cu mi 1.0 cu mi (4.2 km3)
acre foot acre ft
(acre feet, acre foot)
acre·ft used for large-scale water resources
long code "acre foot" outputs acre foot (and never feet)
1.0 acre·ft (1,200 m3)

cubic yard cuyd (yd3) cu yd 1.0 cu yd (0.76 m3)
cubic foot cuft
(ft3, cufoot, foot3)
cu ft long code "cufoot or foot3" outputs cubic foot (and never feet) 1.0 cu ft (0.028 m3)

board foot board feet
(board foot)
(none) 1 ft × 1 ft × 1 in

used for measuring lumber
long code "board foot" outputs board foot (and never feet)

1.0 board foot (0.0024 m3)

cubic inch cuin (in3) cu in 1.0 cu in (16 cm3)