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system unit unit-
notes sample
default conversion
Troy troy pound troy pound (none) 1.0 troy pound (0.82 lb; 0.37 kg)
troy ounce ozt ozt 1.0 ozt (1.1 oz; 31 g)
pennyweight dwt dwt 1.0 dwt (0.055 oz; 1.6 g)
grain gr gr equivalent to the avoirdupois grain 1.0 gr (0.065 g)
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This table has the units of troy weight used by the measurement converter Template:Convert. It also lists the unit-codes, such as "ozt" for the troy ounce. For example:

{{convert|1|ozt|g}} → 1 troy ounce (31 g)
{{convert|1|troy pound|g|0}} → 1 troy pound (373 g)

For the larger list of mass units used by Convert, see {{Convert/list_of_units/mass}}.