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system unit unit-
notes sample
default conversion
Avoirdupois long ton LT (none) 2,240 lb
used mostly in the British Commonwealth except Canada
1.0 long ton (1.0 t)
  • LT t
    • LT t ST
  • LT MT
    • LT MT ST
  • LT ST
    • LT ST t
    • LT ST MT
short ton ST (none) 2,000 lb
used mostly in the US and Canada
1.0 short ton (0.91 t)
  • ST t
    • ST t LT
  • ST MT
    • ST MT LT
  • ST LT
    • ST LT t
    • ST LT MT
long hundredweight long cwt long cwt 1.0 long cwt (110 lb; 51 kg)
short hundredweight short cwt short cwt 1.0 short cwt (100 lb; 45 kg)
long quarter long qtr long qtr 1.0 long qtr (28 lb; 13 kg)
short quarter short qtr short qtr 1.0 short qtr (25 lb; 11 kg)
stone st st 14 lb
used mostly in the British Commonwealth except Canada
1.0 st (14 lb; 6.4 kg)
  • st kg
    • st kg lb
  • st lb
    • st lb kg
pound lb lb 1.0 lb (0.45 kg)
  • lb kg
    • lb kg st
  • lb st
    • lb st kg
ounce oz oz 1.0 oz (28 g)
  • oz g
drachm drachm (none) 1.0 drachm (1.8 g)
drachm dram (none)
grain gr gr equivalent to the troy grain 1.0 gr (0.065 g)
Documentation icon Template documentation

This table has the units of avoirdupois weight (mass) used by the measurement converter Template:Convert. It also lists the unit-codes, such as "oz" for the ounce. For example:

{{convert|1|oz|g}} → 1 ounce (28 g)
{{convert|1|lb|g|0}} → 1 pound (454 g)

For the larger list of mass units used by Convert, see {{Convert/list_of_units/mass}}.