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dunam dunam (metric dunam) Q23931109 (none) The spellings dunum, donum and dönüm are also acceptable variants. Just replace dunam with the desired spelling in the code. The spelling dönüm also results from using donum diaeresis or donum dots. 1.0 dunam (0.0010 km2; 0.00039 sq mi)
Cypriot dunam Q23931116 dunam 1.0 dunam (0.0013 km2; 0.00052 sq mi)
Iraqi dunam Q23931127 dunam 1.0 dunam (0.0025 km2; 0.00097 sq mi)
old dunam Q23931129 dunam 1.0 dunam (0.00092 km2; 0.00035 sq mi)