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{{convert/{{{d}}}|1||||||||s=|r={{{r}}} |u=kbbl/d |n=thousand barrels per day |h=thousand-barrel-per-day |l=thousand barrels per day |t=barrel per day |o=m3/d |b=(138795.93598110) |j=-2.735151322-0}}

The Template:Convert/koilbbl/d converts oil barrels (oilbbl) per day. It can convert either to flow-rate or weight of crude oil (mass). The conversions are:

  • weight 1 oilbbl Texas crude = 138.79593598110 kg:
  • weight 1,000 oilbbl Texas crude = 138,795.93598110 kg:
  • weight 500,000 oilbbl Texas crude = 69,398 t:

When the output unit is "tonne" then the amount is shown as "crude" oil.