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{{convert/{{{d}}}|{{{1}}}|||||||s=|r={{{r}}} |u=US gal/min |n=US gallon per minute |l=US gallons per minute |h=US-gallon-per-minute |t=gallon |o=m3/s |b=(1.57725491/25000) |j=-4.200038121-0}}

This subtemplate of {{convert}} converts US fluid gallons per minute with other units (of volume per time unit), such as m3/s. The internal conversion factor is exactly 1.5772549125000 m3/s, which is equivalent to 3.785411784 liters per 60 seconds.[1] Some related units are: impgal/min, or L/min.

  1. "A Dictionary of Measures, Units and Conversions", RPI.edu, May 2012, webpage: RPI-dict.