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{{convert/{{{d}}}|{{{1}}}||{{{3}}}||||||s=|r={{{r}}} |u=US gal |n=US gallon |h=US-gallon |o=l impgal |b=0.003785411784 |j=-2.42188687-0}}

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The Template:Convert/USgal converts units with U.S. gallons, using the symbol "US gal" as the typical abbreviation. The default output unit-code is "l impgal" to show both liters and imperial gallons. Examples:

  • {{convert|85|USgal|L}}      → 85 US gallons (320 L)
  • {{convert|7|USgal|USqt}}          → 7 US gallons (28 US qt)
  • {{convert|7|USgal|USqt}} → 7 U.S. gallons (28 U.S. qt)
  • {{convert|6|USgal}} → 6 US gallons (23 l; 5.0 imp gal)

For improper combinations of unit-codes, the template will auto-correct the output unit, for the following unit-codes:

  • qt, quart, quarts:  will auto-correct as "USqt"
  • pt, pint, pints:  will auto-correct as "USpt"
  • cup, cups:  will auto-correct as "UScup"

The autocorrection will also show a superscript note, such as "[fix unit]" but the result will be a valid equivalent amount.

Invalid cases will link to "Category:Convert dimension mismatch".