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The following need to be copied to any wiki using {{convert}}. Please use an edit summary like the text shown so the history will show where each page came from.

Template:Convert copy from [[:en:Template:Convert]]
Module:Convert copy from [[:en:Module:Convert]]
Module:Convert/data copy from [[:en:Module:Convert/data]]
Module:Convert/text copy from [[:en:Module:Convert/text]]

If your wiki is currently using a convert template, the new template should be copied to Template:Convert/sandbox. When satisfied that the sandbox convert template is performing correctly, it can be used to replace Template:Convert.

Other pages are needed, but the above is all that is required in order to have a working convert template.

Please do not translate text until you have read the translate page.

The history of {{convert}} can be seen in the September 2013 version of this page. Before the module was used in December 2013, over 4000 subtemplates were used to implement convert—those subtemplates are no longer needed, and should not be copied.