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{{convert/{{{d}}}|{{{1}}}|||||||s=|r={{{r}}} |u=Mbbl |n=thousand barrels |l=thousand barrels |h=thousand-barrel |t=barrel (volume) |o=m3 |b=158.987294928 |j=2.20136242-0}}

The Template:Convert/Mbbl is used to convert thousands of barrels (of chemicals or oil), using industry symbol "Mbbl" (for Convert options "abbr=on" or "abbr=in"). Examples:

  • {{convert|6 |Mbbl}}     → 6 thousand barrels (0.95×10^3 m3)
  • {{convert|44|Mbbl}}             → 44 thousand barrels (7,000 m3)
  • {{convert|44|Mbbl|abbr=on}} → 44 Mbbl (7,000 m3)
  • {{convert|9|Mbbl|USgal|abbr=on}} → 9 Mbbl (380,000 US gal)

Depending on the size of the amount in parameter {1}, the default output will be displayed in cubic metres, by either unit-code:  m3 or e3m3. For other parameters, see Template:Convert.