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The Template:Convert/LinAinDbSoff formats a single-unit conversion to show the input unit with a wikilinked unit symbol (abbreviated), while the output unit is shown as the full unit name. For example:

  • {{convert|90|km/h|mph}} → 90 km/h (56 miles per hour)

This option is a highly logical situation, where the unit symbol ("km/h") might be considered as too cryptic (or rare) for some readers, and hence the reason to wikilink to an explanation, while the full output unit name would be obvious to many readers, as not requiring a wikilink, because the unit name provided enough of a clue to inform many novice readers about the output units. This occurs when similar conversions are scattered across an article, which might be read from the middle.

For example, in an article geared for young readers, various speeds in "km/h" might be converted as "miles per hour" as enough clues that the speeds were being explained, but without the tedious phrase "kilometres per hour" which would be too cumbersome for many readers not wanting to see extra clutter in the text. Hence, "km/h" would be merely wikilinked, not shown as the full unit name. The tactic is to balance the clues, to the related meaning, without literally overwhelming all readers with excessive explanations (in every conversion), but rather providing ample clues with a balance of discretion across all readers. Savy readers would understand "km/h", and many others would know "miles per hour", but some few would also need (or want) to click "km/h" to explain that term.

Internally, the template also checks for the existence of the input unit symbol, {{{u}}}, and if undefined will use {{{n}}}, or for plural amounts will use the plural of the unit name, {{{l}}}, else add "s" to the name, {{{n}}}s.

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