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<code>{{Chop head and tail|<string>|<number>}}</code>

This template removes <number> characters from the start and end of <string>.

{{Chop head and tail|12345654321|3}} gives 45654.


This template can be used to "unlink" a linked parameter.

{{Chop head and tail|[[Einstein]]|2}} results in Einstein.

Because the default value of <number> is 2, this can be shortened to <code>{{Chop head and tail|[[Einstein]]}}</code>.


  • Expensive.
  • When used on strings with characters that carry a meaning in wiki-layout, this template will interpret the character as a layout instruction (bugzilla:12974). For example, {{Chop head and tail|[[123;456]]}} renders as
  • Supports the character set as defined by {{Str index/getchar}}, so that e.g. {{Chop head and tail|[[Nürnberg]]}} renders correctly as Nürnberg. However, not all characters are in this set.

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