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Parameter names Function
inline Disables title and collapsible function, remove floating, margin and border, widens template width to 100% for transcluding this template into other templates such as {{Infobox rail line}}. If the code of the diagram is not transcluded, but is contained within the code of the infobox,   should be added before {{BS-map}} to force proper table layout.
style Additional CSS syntax which defines the style of the whole box.
width Width of the whole box. Can be overridden by style entry. No default value because it will void the tw parameter in the BSn row template which is applied to override the text column width of BSn row collapsible section.
title Title of the map.
title-bg Background color of the title bar to indicate the livery color of the subject. But this is preferable not to be applied as per WP:COLOR and instead use {{colorbox}} or icon image next to the title text. White by default.
title-color Font color of title text. Black by default.
navbar Specify the template name if your map is written in a separated template page, it will include a mini bracketed {{Navbar}} in the title bar. Leave this parameter blank if you directly use this template in the article.
collapsible Allow the box collapsible or not. yes by default, no will void the "expand/collapse" button.
collapse Collapse state of the whole box. yes for collapsing, no by default.
legend Legend page link:
bg Background color of the whole digram, including the text column in the row templates.
top Optional note above the map.
bottom Optional note below the map. Also a good place to include the {{Navbar}} if you do not want to display it in the title bar.
bottomstyle Optional CSS style for the note below the map, for example text-align:center;.
map BS row templates which comprise the diagram.
mapn n represents numbers 2 to 10. Additional map space. By separating maps into different map parameters, the column alignment of the maps will not affect each other. This is useful if you are displaying two maps where one uses the ordinary BSn row templates (single-side text columns) and the other one uses BSn-2 (dual-side text columns), as the different row templates are not compatible with each other.
n represents numbers 2 to 10. Optional title header for each map.
n represents numbers 2 to 10. Allows centering/centring each map; will be toggled on for any value.
n represents numbers 2 to 10. Allows changing the collapsibility of each map. no by default; yes will call the "expand/collapse" button. You must have something in the mapn-title; the mapn-collapsible alone cannot turn it on.
n represents numbers 2 to 10. Collapse state of the individual map. yes for collapsing, no by default.