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New images is a [[<tvar|specialpg>Special:MyLanguage/Help:special page|special page]] that lists recently added files as a [[<tvar|gallery>Special:MyLanguage/Help:gallery|gallery]] in reverse order, with creation date and time, current size, user who [[<tvar|upload>Special:MyLanguage/Help:upload|uploaded]] the file, and name of the uploaded file.

This feature is accessible at Special:NewImages. The page results are not adjustable using settings in [[<tvar|prefs>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Preferences|Preferences]].

This special page can be [[<tvar|transc>Special:MyLanguage/Help:transclusion|transcluded]], with the first unnamed parameter specifying how many entries should be displayed.


This special page does not accept additional parameters, Template:Mediawiki.

[[Category:Help{{#translation:}}|New images]]

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