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mythtvosd allows you to send a On Screen Display pop up box or scrolling message.

To display a scrolling message along the bottom of the page on every running mythfrontend on the network run something like this:

mythtvosd --template=scroller --scroll_text="This is a test message"

To display the same message only as a pop up that requires the watcher of the frontends to exit the message in order to keep watching there show.

mythtvosd --template=alert --alert_text="This is a test message"

A pratical example of using this command

mythtvosd --template=scroller --scroll_text="`hostname -s` is done compileing the latest updates.  Please install the updates. The current svn version number is: $SVN" > /dev/null

To send messages from a windows computer (using cygwin) see: Sending MythtvOSD messages from Windows PDF Icon.png