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return {
["Abilene Christian Wildcats"] = {"461D7C", "FFFFFF", "D3D3D3", name1="Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors of Master Logo - Office of University Marketing |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Air Force Falcons"] = {"00308F", "FFFFFF", "A6A6A8", name1="Blue", name3="Silver", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Air Force Trademark and Licensing Program - Colors | |accessdate=2015-12-24}}"},
["Akron Zips"] = {"002147", "FFFFFF", "917B4C", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=The University of Akron Department of Athletics Brand Guide |date=July 2015 |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
["Alabama A&M Bulldogs"] = {"660000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Maroon", name2="White"}, -- Digital Color Meter used; no brand guide available.
  ["Alabama A&M Lady Bulldogs"] = "Alabama A&M Bulldogs",
["Alabama Crimson Tide"] = {"9E1B32", "FFFFFF", name1="Crimson", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=The University of Alabama Branding Standards 2015–2016 |date=2015-08-17 |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Alabama–Huntsville Chargers"] = {"0077C8", "FFFFFF", "29282A", ref=""},
  ["UAH Chargers"] = "Alabama–Huntsville Chargers",
["Alabama State Hornets"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "C29B33", name1="Black", name3="Old Gold"}, -- Digital Color Meter used; no brand guide available.
["Alaska Anchorage Seawolves"] = {"00583D", "FFFFFF", "FFC425", ref=""},
["Alaska Nanooks"] = {"236192", "FFFFFF", "FFCD00", ref=""},
  ["Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks"] = "Alaska Nanooks",
["Albany Great Danes"] = {"512D6D", "FFFFFF", "EAAA00", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title= University at Albany Graphic Identity Manual |date=2011-01-01 |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["Alcorn State Braves"] = {"512D6D", "FFFFFF", "CC8A00", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Alcorn - Graphics Standards Manual | |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
  ["Alcorn State Lady Braves"] = "Alcorn State Braves",
["American Eagles"] = {"003C8B", "FFFFFF", "CD1734", name1="Blue", name2="White", name3="Red", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=American University Visual Identity Guidelines |accessdate=2016-04-08}}"},
  ["American University Eagles"] = "American Eagles",
["American International Yellow Jackets"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFB81C"}, -- Digital Color Meter used; no brand guide available.
  ["AIC Yellow Jackets"] = "American International Yellow Jackets",
["Amherst Lord Jeffs"] = {"310067", "FFFFFF"},
["Angelo State Rams"] = {"245397", "FFFFFF", "F0C33B", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Official Logos & Visual Elements | |accessdate=2016-04-19}}"},
["Appalachian State Mountaineers"] = {"222222", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=University Colors :: University Communications Toolbox :: Appalachian State University | |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
["Arizona State Sun Devils"] = {"990033", "FFFFFF", "FFB310", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color Palette|work=Communication Guide|publisher=Arizona State University |accessdate=November 5, 2015}}"},
["Arizona Wildcats"] = {"AB0520", "FFFFFF", "0C234B", name1="Cardinal", name3="Navy Blue", cite=""},
["Arkansas–Little Rock Trojans"] = {"6E2639", "FFFFFF", "A7A9AC", name1="Maroon", name2="White", name3="Silver", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Font/Colors – UALR |accessdate=2016-03-27}}"},
  ["Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans"] = "Little Rock Trojans",
  ["Little Rock Trojans"] = "Arkansas–Little Rock Trojans",
  ["UALR Trojans"] = "Arkansas–Little Rock Trojans",
["Arkansas–Monticello Boll Weevils"] = {"00965E", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Kelly Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=UAM Quick Facts |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
  ["Arkansas–Monticello Cotton Blossoms"] = "Arkansas–Monticello Boll Weevils",
["Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "EEB310", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Branding Standards |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
  ["Arkansas–Pine Bluff Golden Lions"] = "Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions",
["Arkansas Razorbacks"] = {"9D2235", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Cardinal", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Official Colors|url= |publisher=University of Arkansas |work=Style Guides and Logos–University Relations|date=September 27, 2015|accessdate=September 27, 2015}}"},
["Arkansas State Red Wolves"] = {"CC092F", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Scarlet", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=University Colors – UALR |accessdate=2016-03-27}}"},
["Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys"] = {"00533E", "FFFFFF", "FFCE00", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Athletic Brand Standards Manual |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
  ["Arkansas Tech Cotton Blossoms"] ="Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys",
["Army Black Knights"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "D4BF91", "B2B4B3", name1="Black", name3="Gold", name4="Gray", cite="{{cite web|title=USMA Publication Standards Manual Style Guide |url= |publisher=United States Military Academy–West Point|date=October 2, 2015 |accessdate=April 7, 2016}}"},
 ["Army Cadets"] = "Army Black Knights",
["Auburn Tigers"] = {"0C2340", "FFFFFF", "F26522", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Burnt Orange", cite="{{cite web|author=Auburn Athletics |url= |title=Auburn University Official Athletic Site | |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
  ["Alabama Polytechnic Tigers"] = "Auburn Tigers",
  ["Auburn Plainsmen"] = "Auburn Tigers",
["Austin Peay Governors"] = {"C41E3A", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Austin Peay Governors - APSU Athletics Digital & Local Style Guide |publisher=APSU Athletics |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
  ["Austin Peay State Lady Govs"] = "Austin Peay Governors",
  ["Austin Peay Lady Govs"] = "Austin Peay Governors",
  ["Austin Peay State Governors"] = "Austin Peay Governors",
["Baker Wildcats"] = {"1E2D50", "FFFFFF", "F4761D", ref=""},
["Ball State Cardinals"] = {"BA0C2F", "FFFFFF", "231F20", name1="Cardinal", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors - Branding Toolbox - Ball State University| |accessdate=2015-11-18}}"},
["Baylor Bears"] = {"003015", "FFFFFF", "FECB00", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Baylor University – Graphic Standards – Official Colors | |date=2013-10-15 |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
  ["Baylor Lady Bears"] = "Baylor Bears",
["Belmont Bruins"] = {"002469", "FFFFFF", "C9262D", name1="Navy", name2="White", name3="Red", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Belmont University Brand Book |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
["Bemidji State Beavers"] = {"004D44", "FFFFFF", "000000", ref=""},
["Bentley Falcons"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "0075BE", ref=""},
["Bethune-Cookman Wildcats"] = {"7E0000", "FFFFFF", "ECB537"}, -- Digital Color Meter used; no brand guide available
["Binghamton Bearcats"] = {"005A43", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Dark Green", name2="White", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Binghamton University - Brand Guidelines |accessdate=9 April 2016}}"},
["Birmingham–Southern Panthers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "BD8C00", ref=""},
  ["Birmingham-Southern"] = "Birmingham–Southern Panthers",
["Boise State Broncos"] = {"09347A", "FFFFFF", "F1632A", name1="Blue", name3="Orange", cite=""},
["Boston College Eagles"] = {"73000A", "FFFFFF", "CBB677", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Boston College Colors - Office of Marketing Communications - Boston College | |date=2011-08-18 |accessdate=2014-08-14}}"},
["Boston University Terriers"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Scarlet", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Boston University Master Logo |accessdate=2015-04-07}}"},
["Bowling Green Falcons"] = {"4F2C1D", "FFFFFF", "FF7300", name1="Brown", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=The Official Identity Colors|accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
["Bradley Braves"] = {"A50000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Bradley Athletics Official Brand Identity - Usage and Style Guide |date=2012-08-17 |accessdate=2016-04-05}}"},
["Brigham Young University Cougars"] = {"002255", "FFFFFF", "C5AF7D", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Colors–Identity Guidelines–Athletics |url= |publisher=Brigham Young University |accessdate=April 5, 2016}}"},
  ["BYU Cougars"] = "Brigham Young University Cougars",
  ["Brigham Young Cougars"] = "Brigham Young University Cougars",
["Brown Bears"] = {"381C00", "FFFFFF", "E4002B", name1="Seal Brown", name2="White", name3="Cardinal", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Brown Bears 2012 Style Guide |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Bryant Bulldogs"] = {"231F20", "FFFFFF", "B09863", name1="Black", name3="Gold"}, --Digital Color Meter used; no brand guide available.
["Bucknell Bison"] = {"002D72", "FFFFFF", "FF5E17", name1="Blue", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Athletics logos |accessdate=2016-04-07}}"},
["Buffalo Bulls"] = {"005BBB", "FFFFFF", name1="Royal Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Palette|url=|publisher=University at Buffalo|accessdate=April 12, 2016}}"},
["Butler Bulldogs"] = {"13294B", "FFFFFF", "666666", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Palette | Butler University |url= |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["BYU–Hawaii Seasiders"] = {"9E1B34", "FFFFFF", "AA800E", ref=""},
["California Golden Bears"] = {"041E42", "FFFFFF", "FFC72C", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=California Golden Bears – University of California Official Athletic Site||accessdate=2016-03-20}}"},
["California Vulcans"] = {"D03832", "FFFFFF", "000000"}, -- Digital Color Meter used; no brand guide available.
["Cal Poly Mustangs"] = {"003831", "FFFFFF", "FFE395", "B38F4F", name1="Forest Green", name3="Vegas Gold", name4="Copper", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Cal Poly | |accessdate=2016-03-30}}"},
["Cal State Bakersfield Roadrunners"] = {"005DAA", "FFFFFF", "FFD200", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=CSU Bakersfield Identity Standards Manual: Visual System and Writing Guidelines |date=2012-10-12 |accessdate=2016-04-17}}"},
["Cal State Fullerton Titans"] = {"00274C", "FFFFFF", "E17000", name1="Navy Blue", name2="White", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=CSUF Brand Central | |accessdate=2016-03-19}}"},
["Cal State Northridge Matadors"] = {"CE1126", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", name3="Black", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=CSUN Matadors Brand Identity, Usage and Style Guide |date=2015-06-22 |accessdate=2016-03-30}}"},
["Cameron Aggies"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "F6BD22", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Aggie Colors - Cameron University |accessdate=2016-04-19}}"},
["Campbell Fighting Camels"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "E87722", name1="Black", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Campbell University Graphic Standards Manual and Style Guide |date=2014-07-01 |accessdate=2016-03-31}}"},
  ["Campbell Lady Camels"] = "Campbell Fighting Camels",
["Canisius Golden Griffins"] = {"0E2756", "FFFFFF", "FFBA00", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Canisius College Style Guide 2014 |accessdate=2016-04-13}}"},
["Carlisle Indians"] = {"AE0F0B", "FFFFFF", "CFB53B"},
["Carnegie Tech Tartans"] = {"af1e2d", "FFFFFF", "75787b", ref=""},
  ["Carnegie Mellon Tartans"] = "Carnegie Tech Tartans",
["Catawba Indians"] = {"012169", "FFFFFF", "990000", ref=""},
["CCNY Beavers"] = {"775BA6", "FFFFFF", "000000", ref=""},
["Centenary Gentlemen"] = {"800000", "FFFFFF", "000000"}, -- Digital Color Meter used; no brand guide available.
  ["Centenary Gents"] = "Centenary Gentlemen",
["Central Arkansas Bears"] = {"4F2D7F", "FFFFFF", "818A8F", name1="Purple", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=UCA Standards Guide |date=2015-03-28 |accessdate=2016-04-02}}"},
  ["Central Arkansas Sugar Bears"] = "Central Arkansas Bears",
["Central Connecticut Blue Devils"] = {"1A4784", "FFFFFF", "C9CED1", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=CCSU Identity Manual |date=2011-05-01 |accessdate=2016-04-06}}"},
["Central Michigan Chippewas"] = {"6A0032", "FFFFFF", "FFC82E", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Central Michigan University Brand Identity |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
["Central Missouri Mules"] = {"CF202E", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Cardinal", name3="Black", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=University of Central Missouri Graphic Style Guide |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
  ["Central Missouri Jennies"] = "Central Missouri Mules",
["Central Oklahoma Bronchos"] = {"003366", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Blue", name3="Bronze", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=UCO Branding Graphic Standard |date=2015-01-01 |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Central State Marauders"] = {"71273D", "FFFFFF", "FFCB00", ref=""},
["Central Washington Wildcats"] = {"AB0032", "FFFFFF", "2C2A29", ref=""},
["Centre Colonels"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", ref=""},
  ["Centre Praying Colonels"] = "Centre Colonels",
["Chadron State Eagles"] = {"660033", "FFFFFF", "000000", ref=""},
["Charleston Golden Eagles"] = {"952C4C", "FFFFFF", "F9DF4A"}, -- Digital Color Meter used; no brand guide available.
["Charleston Southern Buccaneers"] = {"002855", "FFFFFF", "A89968", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=CSU Branding & Style Manual |date=2015-08-01 |accessdate=2016-03-31}}"},
["Charlotte 49ers"] = {"00703C", "FFFFFF", "998542", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=The Official Stake Your Claim Brand Platform |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["Chattanooga Mocs"] = {"00386B", "FFFFFF", "E0AA0F", "ADAFAA", name1="Navy", name3="Old Gold", name4="Silver", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Website Guidelines|accessdate=April 8, 2016}}"},
  ["Chattanooga Lady Mocs"] = "Chattanooga Mocs",
["Chicago Maroons"] = {"800000", "FFFFFF", "767676", ref=""},
["Chicago State Cougars"] = {"006666", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Chicago State University Brand Style Guide |date=2011-09-01 |accessdate=2016-04-17}}"},
["Cincinnati Bearcats"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "E00122", name1="Black", name3="Red", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=UC Branding Standards |date=2015-07-01 |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["Citadel Bulldogs"] = {"003263", "FFFFFF", "4D90CD", name3="Citadel Blue", name2="White", order="32", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Brand Toolbox: Colors - The Citadel - Charleston, SC | |accessdate=2016-04-08}}"},
  ["The Citadel Bulldogs"] = "Citadel Bulldogs",
["Clarkson Golden Knights"] = {"004D44", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", ref=""},
["Clemson Tigers"] = {"F56600", "FFFFFF", "522D80", name1="Orange", name3="Regalia", cite="{{cite web|title=Primary Colors |url=|publisher=Clemson University|work=Clemson Athletics Style Branding Guide |date=May 14, 2014|accessdate=November 7, 2015}}"},
  ["Clemson Lady Tigers"] = "Clemson Tigers",
["Cleveland State Vikings"] = {"006A4D", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Forest Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color Palette | Cleveland State University | |accessdate=2016-04-13}}"},
["Coastal Carolina Chanticleers"] = {"007073", "FFFFFF", "916B4A", "000000", name1="Teal", name3="Bronze", name4="Black", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Coastal Carolina University - Editorial/Graphic Standards ||date=1989-09-21|accessdate=2016-03-31}}"},
["Colgate Raiders"] = {"862633", "FFFFFF", "000000", "B4B6B9", name1="Maroon", name2="White", name4="Gray", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Colgate University graphic identity standards quick guide|publisher=Colgate University|accessdate=September 26, 2014}}"},
["College of Charleston Cougars"] = {"660000", "FFFFFF", "A28D5B", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url=|title=Athletics Colors - College of Charleston |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Colorado Buffaloes"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "CFB87C", "A2A4A3", name1="Black", name3="Gold", name4="Silver", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Typography/Color | |accessdate=8 February 2015}}"},
["Colorado College Tigers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "EFAB1E", ref=""},
["Colorado Mines Orediggers"] = {"21314D", "FFFFFF", "B2B4B3", ref=""},
["Colorado State Rams"] = {"2C5234", "FFFFFF", "B3A369", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Colorado State Football Quick Facts |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
["Columbia Lions"] = {"75AADB", "FFFFFF", "005295", name1="Columbia Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Logo – Columbia University in the City of New York |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Connecticut Huskies"] = {"000E2F", "FFFFFF", "E4002B", name1="National Flag Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Brand identity Standards|url= |publisher=University of Connecticut|accessdate=8 June 2015}}"},
  ["UConn Huskies"] = "Connecticut Huskies",
["Coppin State Eagles"] = {"00539F", "FFFFFF", "FFC82D", ref="", ref2="", ref3=""}, -- Codes were taken from two universities who use the same Pantone number.
["Cornell Big Red"] = {"B31B1B", "FFFFFF", "222222", name1="Carnelian Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=The Brand Book – Cornell University | |accessdate=2016-04-02}}"},
["Creighton Bluejays"] = {"00235D", "FFFFFF", "005CA9", name3="Blue", name2="White", order="32", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Creighton University Athletics Bluejay Logo Usage Guidelines |date=2013-09-16 |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["Cumberland Bulldogs"] = {"98002E", "FFFFFF", "000000", ref=""},
["Dartmouth Big Green"] = {"00693E", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Dartmouth Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Dartmouth – Brand Style Guide |publisher=Dartmouth College |url= |accessdate=April 1, 2016}}"},
  ["Dartmouth Indians"] = "Dartmouth Big Green",
["Davidson Wildcats"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "AC1A2F", ref=""},
["Dayton Flyers"] = {"CF0A2C", "FFFFFF", "004B8D", ref=""},
["Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens"] = {"00539F", "FFFFFF", "FFD200", name1="Royal Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=UDelaware Athletics Logo Usage |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Delaware State Hornets"] = {"DA383A", "FFFFFF", "4FA1E2"}, -- Digital Color Meter used; no brand guide available.
["Delta State Statesmen"] = {"00753E", "CBCBCB", "000000", ref=""},
["Denver Pioneers"] = {"8B2332", "FFFFFF", "8B6F4B", name1="Crimson", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=University of Denver Brand: Visual Guide |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
["DePaul Blue Demons"] = {"005EB8", "FFFFFF", "E4002B", name1="Royal Blue", name3="Scarlet", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=DePaul University Graphic Identity Guidelines |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["DePauw Tigers"] = {"111C24", "FFFFFF", "FFCF01", ref=""},
["Detroit Titans"] = {"AC1A2F", "FFFFFF", "002C76", name1="Red", name2="White", name3="Blue", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=UDM Identity Standards | University of Detroit Mercy | |date=2015-07-01 |accessdate=2016-04-13}}"},
["Drake Bulldogs"] = {"004477", "FFFFFF", "999999", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Colors and Examples- Drake University |accessdate=April 4, 2016}}"},
["Drexel Dragons"] = {"07294D", "FFFFFF", "FFC600", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors for Digital Media - Drexel |accessdate=April 1, 2016}}"},
["Dubuque Spartans"] = {"002D72", "FFFFFF", "999999", ref=""},
["Duke Blue Devils"] = {"0736A4", "FFFFFF", "262626", name1="Duke blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Identity Hub–Color Palette|url= |publisher=Duke University|accessdate=March 17, 2016}}"},
  ["Trinity Blue and White"] = "Duke Blue Devils",
["Duquesne Dukes"] = {"011E41", "FFFFFF", "CC0000", ref=""},
["Earlham Quakers"] = {"6F263D", "FFFFFF"},
["East Carolina Pirates"] = {"592A8A", "FFFFFF", "FDC82F", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=ECU Athletics Style Guidelines |date=2014-03-04 |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["East Central Tigers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FF5200", name1="Black", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=ECU Identity Standards |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
["East Tennessee State Buccaneers"] = {"041E42", "FFFFFF", "FFC72C", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Old Gold", cite="{{cite web |title=Athletics - Identity East Tennessee State University |url= |accessdate=April 8, 2016}}"},
 ["East Tennessee State Lady Buccaneers"] = "East Tennessee State Buccaneers",
["Eastern Arizona Gila Monsters"] = {"340265", "FFFFFF"},
["Eastern Illinois Panthers"] = {"113596", "FFFFFF", "BBBDBA", name1="Blue", name3="Gray"}, -- No brand guide available; Digital Color Meter used.
["Eastern Kentucky Colonels"] = {"5E213B", "FFFFFF", "A3ABAE", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=EKU Visual Identity |publisher=EKU |accessdate=2015-10-26}}"},
["Eastern Michigan Eagles"] = {"006633", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=EMU Identity Standards |accessdate=2016-03-29}}"},
["Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds"] = {"006633", "FFFFFF", "58585A", name1="Green", name3="Silver", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=ENMU Brand Identity Guide |accessdate=2016-04-19}}"},
["Eastern Washington Eagles"] = {"A10022", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=EWU Identity Standards |accessdate=2016-03-29}}"},
["Elon Phoenix"] = {"73000A", "FFFFFF", "B59A57", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Elon University Phoenix - Elon Athletics Identity Standards | |date=2016-02-23 |accessdate=2016-03-19}}"},
["Emory Eagles"] = {"002878", "FFFFFF", "FFDE75", ref =""},
["Emory & Henry Wasps"] = {"1B3D75", "FFFFFF", "D5AD28", ref =""},
  ["Emory and Henry Wasps"] = "Emory & Henry Wasps",
["Emporia State Hornets"] =  {"231F20", "FFFFFF", "BB8D0A", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color - Marketing & Media Relations - Emporia State University |accessdate=2016-01-27}}"},
  ["Emporia State Lady Hornets"] = "Emporia State Hornets",
["Erskine Flying Fleet"] = {"9C1C1F", "FFFFFF", "FFD65D"},
["Evansville Purple Aces"] = {"5C068C", "FFFFFF", "FF6D00", name1="Purple", name2="White", name3="Orange"}, -- No brand guide available; used Digital Color Meter.
["Fairfield Stags"] = {"231F20", "FFFFFF", "E03A3E", name3="Red", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Fairfield University Visual Standard Manual |date=2014-12-01 |accessdate=2016-04-13}}"},
["Fairleigh Dickinson Knights"] = {"9D2235", "FFFFFF", "1B4677", name1="Burgundy", name3="Blue", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Color and Font - Fairleigh Dickinson University |accessdate=2016-04-06}}"},
["Ferris State Bulldogs"] = {"CC0033", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", ref=""},
["Florida A&M Rattlers"] = {"008344", "FFFFFF", "F4811F", ref=""},
["Florida Atlantic Owls"] = {"003366", "FFFFFF", "CC0000", name1="Blue", name3="Red", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=FAU Visual Standards Manual |publisher=Florida Atlantic University: University Communications and Marketing |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
  ["FAU Owls"] = "Florida Atlantic Owls",
["Florida Gators"] = {"0021A5", "FFFFFF", "FA4616", name1="Blue", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|title=UF Identity Style Guide|url=|publisher=University of Florida |date=March 2016|accessdate=March 19, 2016}}"},
["Florida Gulf Coast Eagles"] = {"00287A", "FFFFFF", "00885A", name1="Cobalt Blue", name3="Emerald Green", cite="{{cite web|title=Visual Identity Guidelines |url= |publisher=Florida Gulf Coast University|date=May 2009|accessdate=April 10, 2016}}"},
["Florida International Golden Panthers"] = {"081E3F", "FFFFFF", "B6862C", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Logo Standards - Brand Florida International University| |accessdate=2016-03-25}}"},
  ["FIU Panthers"] = "Florida International Golden Panthers",
  ["FIU Golden Panthers"] = "Florida International Golden Panthers",
  ["Florida International Panthers"] = "Florida International Golden Panthers",
["Florida State Seminoles"] = {"782F40", "FFFFFF", "CEB888", name1="Garnet", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=Colors – University Communications |url=|publisher=Florida State University|date=October 11, 2015|accessdate=October 11, 2015}}"},
["Fordham Rams"] = {"880038", "FFFFFF"},
["Fort Hays State Tigers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "EAAE0F", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=FHSU Identity Standards |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Fort Valley State Wildcats"] = {"0000FF", "FFFFFF", "FFFF00"},
["Fresno State Bulldogs"] = {"C41230", "FFFFFF", "002C76", name1="Red", name3="Blue", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color Variations - Fresno State |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
["Furman Paladins"] = {"582C83", "FFFFFF", "A7A8AA", name1="Royal Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Graphic Design Guide |accessdate=2016-04-08}}"},
  ["Furman Hornets"] = "Furman Paladins",
  ["Furman Purple Hurricane"] = "Furman Paladins",
["Gallaudet Bison"] = {"00457C", "FFFFFF", "E8D4A2"},
["Gardner–Webb Runnin' Bulldogs"] = {"A6192E", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Scarlet", name2="White", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Gardner-Webb at South Alabama Game Notes |accessdate=2016-03-31}}"},
["George Mason Patriots"] = {"006633", "FFFFFF", "FFCC33"},
["Georgetown Hoyas"] = {"00205C", "FFFFFF", "C6BCB6", name1="Blue", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Primary and Secondary Colors |accessdate=April 10, 2016}}"},
["Georgetown Tigers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FF6600"},
["George Washington Colonials"] = {"00285E", "FFFFFF", "E8D3A2", ref=""},
["Georgia Bulldogs"] = {"DA291C", "FFFFFF", "2C2A29", name1="Red", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Palette–Brand Identity Guidelines |url=|publisher=University of Georgia Athletics|date=July 15, 2013 |accessdate=October 31, 2015}}"},
["Georgia Southern Eagles"] = {"000066", "FFFFFF", "998542", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title= GSU Identification Standards Guide |accessdate=2016-03-27}}"},
["Georgia State Panthers"] = {"0039A6", "FFFFFF", "CC0000", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title= GSU Type & Color Use |accessdate=2016-03-27}}"},
["Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets"] = {"C59353", "FFFFFF", "00254C", name1="Old Gold", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Georgia Tech Licensing & Trademarks Official Colors||accessdate=2013-09-01}}"},
  ["Georgia Tech Golden Tornado"] = "Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets",
  ["Georgia Tech Engineers"] = "Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets",
["Gonzaga Bulldogs"] = {"002D72", "FFFFFF", "CC0033", name1="Navy blue", name2="White", name3="Red", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Palette|url= |publisher=Gonzaga University|accessdate=April 5, 2016}}"},
["Grand Canyon Antelopes"] = {"522398", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Purple", name2="White", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Brand Standards | Media & Branding | Grand Canyon University | |accessdate=2016-04-17}}"},
["Grand Valley State Lakers"] = {"0033A0", "FFFFFF", "000000"},
["Grambling State Tigers"] = {"191919", "FFFFFF", "E5AE26", name1="Black", name3="Gold"}, -- No Brand Guide available; Digital Color Meter used.
["Grantham Talons"] = {"003366", "D7D7D7"},
["Green Bay Phoenix"] = {"006633", "FFFFFF", "CD3333", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|author=UW–Green Bay |url= |title=Institutional Colors - Marketing and University Communication - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay | |accessdate=2016-04-13}}"},
  ["UW-Green Bay Phoenix"] = "Green Bay Phoenix",
["Grinnell Pioneers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FF2400"},
["Hampton Pirates"] = {"265198", "FFFFFF", "A0A0A2"},
["Hardin–Simmons Cowboys"] = {"663399", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00"},
["Harding Bisons"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "CBB778", name1="Black", name3="Gold"}, -- No Brand guide available; Digital Color Meter used.
["Hartford Hawks"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Scarlet", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=University of Hartford Brand Identity Guide |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["Hartwick Hawks"] = {"1E5696", "FFFFFF"},
["Harvard Crimson"] = {"A51C30", "FFFFFF", "1E1E1E", name1="Crimson", name2="White", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|title=Harvard Brand Guides |url= |accessdate=April 1, 2016}}"},
["Hawaii Rainbow Warriors"] = {"024731", "FFFFFF", "000000", "BBBCBC", name1="Green", name2="White", name3="Black", name4="Silver", cite="{{cite web|title=University of Hawai‘i Graphics Standards |url=|publisher=University of Hawai‘i|date=May 15, 2007|accessdate=June 13, 2015}}"},
  ["Hawaii Rainbow Wahine"] = "Hawaii Rainbow Warriors",
  ["Hawaii Rainbows"] = "Hawaii Rainbow Warriors",
  ["Hawaii Warriors"] = "Hawaii Rainbow Warriors",
["Henderson State Reddies"] = {"9D2235", "FFFFFF", "000000", "53565A", name1="Red", name4="Gray", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=HSU Visual Identity and Brand Standards |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
 ["Henderson-Brown Reddies"] = "Henderson State Reddies",
["High Point Panthers"] = {"330072", "FFFFFF", "818183", name1="Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=High Point Colors |accessdate=2016-03-31}}"},
["Hobart Statesmen"] = {"FF7F00", "FFFFFF", "800080"},
["Hofstra Pride"] = {"003591", "FFFFFF", "FDC82F", name1="Blue", name2="White", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Hofstra Licensing Standards Guide |date=2014-07-01 |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Holy Cross Crusaders"] = {"602D89", "FFFFFF", "AEB2B5", name1="Royal Purple", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=College of the Holy Cross Identity Standards and Guidelines |accessdate=2016-04-08}}"},
["Houston Baptist Huskies"] = {"00529C", "FFFFFF", "ED3F01", name1="Royal Blue", name3="Orange"}, --No brand guide available; Digital Color Meter used.
["Houston Cougars"] = {"C92A39", "FFFFFF", "B8B9B7", name1="Scarlet", name2="Albino", cite="{{cite web|author=1 second ago |url= |title=University of Houston Athletics :: UH Cougars :: Official Athletic Site |publisher=UH Cougars |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["Howard Bison"] = {"003A63", "FFFFFF", "E51937"},
["Humboldt State Lumberjacks"] = {"046A38", "FFFFFF", "FFC72C", ref=""},
["Idaho State Bengals"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "F47920", name1="Black", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|title=Brand Identity |url= |publisher=Idaho State University |accessdate=March 29, 2016}}"},
["Idaho Vandals"] = {"000005", "FFFFFF", "B18E5F", "9F9D9D", name3="Vandal Gold", name4="Silver", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Usage-Brand Resource Center |url=|publisher=University of Idaho|date=August 6, 2015 |accessdate=August 6, 2015}}"},
["Illinois Fighting Illini"] = {"E04E39", "FFFFFF","13294B", name1="Orange", name3="Blue", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Illinois Athletics Unveils Updated Brand Identity | |date=2014-04-16 |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["Illinois College Blueboys"] = {"0C1975", "919693", ref=""},
  ["Illinois College Lady Blues"] = "Illinois College Blueboys",
["Illinois State Redbirds"] = {"CE1126", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=ISU Graphic Standards |date=2009-01-01 |accessdate=2016-04-05}}"},
["Incarnate Word Cardinals"] = {"CB333B", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Approved Logos and Word Marks - Visual Corporate Identity Committee | |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Indiana Hoosiers"] = {"7D110C", "FFFFFF", "E1D8B7", name1="Crimson", name3="Cream", cite="{{cite web|title=Colors IU|url= |publisher=Indiana University |work=IU Brand Guidelines|date=October 24, 2015|accessdate=October 24, 2015}}"},
["Indiana State Sycamores"] = {"0142BC", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Royal Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|author=Marketing & Promotions |url= |title=Licensing & Logos  — Official Web Site of Indiana State Athletics | |date=2015-07-31 |accessdate=2015-10-18}}"},
["Iona Gaels"] = {"6F2C3F", "FFFFFF", "F2A900", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Logo Library - |accessdate=2016-04-15}}"},
["Iowa Hawkeyes"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFE100", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=Colors - Guidelines and graphics for print and Web|url=|publisher=University of Iowa|work=University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication|date=June 25, 2015|accessdate=November 27, 2015}}"},
["Iowa State Cyclones"] = {"A71930", "FFFFFF", "FDC82F", name1="Cardinal", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Iowa State Athletic Marks Identity |date=2007-10-01 |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["IPFW Mastodons"] = {"003F87", "FFFFFF", "9B9B9C", name1="Royal Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|publisher=IPFW|url=|title=Official Colors |accessdate=2015-11-14}}"},
["Ithaca Bombers"] = {"013158", "FFFFFF", "525052", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=Indentity Standards|url=|publisher=Ithaca College|work=|date=|accessdate=May 4, 2016}}"},
["IUPUI Jaguars"] = {"7D110C", "FFFFFF", "C59217", "000000", name1="Red", name3="Gold", name4="Black", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors : Applying the Brand: IU Brand Guidelines: Indiana University | |accessdate=2016-03-13}}"},
["Jackson State Tigers"] = {"002147", "FFFFFF", "898D8D", name1="Blue", name2="White", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=JSU Color Scheme | Style Guide | |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["Jacksonville Dolphins"] = {"004E42", "FFFFFF", "B1A373", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=2015–16 JU Men's Basketball Quick Facts |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["Jacksonville State Gamecocks"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Jacksonville State University Style Guide & Identification Standards Manual |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
["James Madison Dukes"] = {"450084", "FFFFFF", "CBB677", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=JMU Logos and Marks |url= |accessdate=April 1, 2016}}"},
["Johns Hopkins Blue Jays"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "68ACE5"},
["Johnson C. Smith Golden Bulls"] = {"002D56", "FFFFFF", "FFCF01"},
["Kansas Jayhawks"] = {"0051BA", "FFFFFF", "E8000D", name1="Crimson", name3="Blue", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=KU primary & secondary color palette |publisher=University of Kansas|date=December 29, 2015 |accessdate=April 3, 2016}}"},
["Kansas State Wildcats"] = {"592C82", "FFFFFF", "8A8D8F", name1="Royal Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url=|title=Kansas State University Brand Guide|date=October 15, 2015|accessdate=March 20, 2016}}"},
 ["Kansas State Aggies"] = "Kansas State Wildcats",
["Kennesaw State Owls"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFC425", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=KSU | Visual Identity Program - KSU's Official Colors | |date=2012-06-12 |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["Kent State Golden Flashes"] = {"002664", "FFFFFF", "EAAB00", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web |title=Color Palettes – Primary Palette |url= |publisher=Kent State University |accessdate=March 28, 2016}}"},
["Kentucky Wildcats"] = {"0033A0", "FFFFFF", "C8C9C7", name1="Royal Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=University of Kentucky Logo Slick|url=|publisher=University of Kentucky Office of Trademark Licensing|date=February 5, 2016|accessdate=February 6, 2016}}"},
 ["Kentucky State College Wildcats"] = "Kentucky Wildcats",
["Lafayette Leopards"] = {"910039", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite=""},
["Lake Superior State Lakers"] = {"005596", "FFFFFF", "FFC425"},
["Lamar Cardinals"] = {"C50E18", "FFFFFF", "231F20", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=LU Visual Standards |url= |format=PDF |accessdate = April 1, 2016}}"},
  ["Lamar Lady Cardinals"] = "Lamar Cardinals",
["Langston Lions"] = {"1B3668", "FFFFFF", "F2682A", name1="Blue", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Langston University Brand Standards Guide |accessdate=2016-04-27}}"}, --RGB converted
["La Salle Explorers"] = {"00386B", "FFFFFF", "FFC700"},
["Lehigh Mountain Hawks"] = {"4B2913", "FFFFFF", "C2A875", name1="Brown", name2="White"}, --No brand guide; Digital Color Meter used.
["Liberty Flames"] = {"990000", "FFFFFF", "0A254E", name1="Red", name2="White", name3="Blue", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Web Content Team | Web Policy | Liberty University | |accessdate=2016-03-31}}"},
  ["Liberty Lady Flames"] = "Liberty Flames",
["Lincoln Blue Tigers"] = {"1C243E", "FFFFFF", "8C8D8F", name1="Navy Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=University Relations - Lincoln University | |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Lindenwood Lions"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "CBB677", name1="Black", name3="Gold"}, --Note: Contacted the Athletics Dept. for the exact codes. Corkythehornetfan received them via email.
  ["Lindenwood Lady Lions"] = "Lindenwood Lions",
["Lipscomb Bisons"] = {"331E54", "FFFFFF", "F4AA00", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Lipscomb University Brand Identity Guide and Stylebook |date=2016-01-01 |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
  ["Lipscomb Lady Bisons"] = "Lipscomb Bisons",
["Long Beach State 49ers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFC61E", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Big West Brand Guide |publisher=Big West Conference |accessdate=2015-10-27}}"},
  ["Long Beach State Dirtbags"] = "Long Beach State 49ers",
["Long Island Blackbirds"] = {"231F20", "FFFFFF", "C3C5C7", name1="Black", name3="Silver"}, -- No brand guide available; used Digital Color Meter.
  ["LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds"] = "Long Island Blackbirds",
["Longwood Lancers"] = {"041E42", "FFFFFF", "9EA2A2", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Longwood University Style Guide |accessdate=2016-03-31}}"},
["Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns"] = {"CE181E", "FFFFFF", "0A0203", name1="Vermilion", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title= ULLBrand Guide and Graphic Standards Manual |accessdate=2016-03-27}}"},
  ["Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns"] = "Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns",
  ["Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns"] = "Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns",
["Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks"] = {"660000", "FFFFFF", "AD841F", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=University of Louisiana Monroe Brand Guide |accessdate=2016-03-27}}"},
  ["Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks"] = "Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks",
  ["ULM Warhawks"] = "Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks",
["Louisiana State Tigers"] = {"461D7C", "FFFFFF", "FDD023", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=Athletics Brand Identity Guidelines for Media Usage |url=|publisher=LSU Athletics Department|date=October 12, 2015|accessdate=October 29, 2015}}"},
  ["LSU Tigers"] = "Louisiana State Tigers",
  ["LSU Lady Tigers"] = "Louisiana State Tigers",
["Louisiana Tech Bulldogs"] = {"002F8B", "FFFFFF", "E21B23", name1="Blue", name3="Red", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Louisiana Tech University - Marketing & Public Relations - Approved Colors|accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters"] = {"4C9CDA", "FFFFFF", "E31B23", name1="Columbia Blue", name3="Red", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Louisiana Tech University - Marketing & Public Relations - Approved Colors|accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["Louisville Cardinals"] = {"AD0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|title=Primary Color Palette|url=|publisher=University of Louisville|date=March 23, 2015|accessdate=March 23, 2015}}"},
["Lourdes Gray Wolves"] = {"E2725B", "FFFFFF", "000000"},
["Loyola Greyhounds"] = {"00694E", "FFFFFF", "CACAC8", name1="Green", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Athletic Communications - Logos |accessdate=2016-04-07}}"},
["Loyola Marymount Lions"] = {"862633", "FFFFFF", "00263E", name1="Crimson", name3="Navy", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=2015-16 LMU Men's Basketball Quick Facts |accessdate=April 5, 2016}}"},
["Loyola Ramblers"] = {"571F1F", "FFFFFF", "F3A01B", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold"}, --No brand guide available; Digital Color Meter used.
["Maine Black Bears"] = {"003263", "FFFFFF", "B0D7FF", name1="Maine Blue", name2="White", name3="Navy", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=The University of Maine Brand Standards |date=2015-07-23 |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["Manhattan Jaspers"] = {"00703C", "FFFFFF", "A39161", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Manhattan College Athletic Colors |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
  ["Manhattan Lady Jaspers"] = "Manhattan Jaspers",
["Manitoba Bisons"] = {"964B00", "FFFFFF", "FFD700"},
["Marist Red Foxes"] = {"C8102E", "FFFFFF", "231F20", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title= Marist Branding Manual & Style Guide |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
["Marquette Golden Eagles"] = {"003366", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=Marquette Athletics Identity Standards |url=|publisher=Marquette University|accessdate=10 April 2016}}"},
  ["Marquette Warriors"] = "Marquette Golden Eagles",
  ["Marquette Golden Avalanche"] = "Marquette Golden Eagles",
["Marshall Thundering Herd"] = {"04954A", "FFFFFF", "231F20", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Electronic Branding Standards Manual – Marshall University|accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["Maryland Terrapins"] = {"FF0017", "FFD90F", "000000", "FFFFFF", name1="Red", name2="Gold", name3="Black", name4="White", cite="{{cite manual |url=|title=University of Maryland Visual Identity Guide|date=March 20, 2014|accessdate=March 24, 2016}}"},
["Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks"] = {"822433", "FFFFFF", "8B8D8E"},
  ["UMES Hawks"] = "Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks",
["McGill Redmen"] = {"FF0000", "FFFFFF"},
["McNeese State Cowboys"] = {"00529B", "FFFFFF", "FFD204", name1="Royal Blue", name3="Sunflower Yellow", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=McNeese State Athletics Style Guide|accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
  ["McNeese State Cowgirls"] = "McNeese State Cowboys",
["McPherson Bulldogs"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", ref=""},
["Memphis Tigers"] = {"0D3182", "FFFFFF", "888C8F", name1="Blue", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=UofM Web Guidelines - Brand Standards - University of Memphis|accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
  ["Memphis State Tigers"] = "Memphis Tigers",
["Mercer Bears"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "CB5307", name1="Black", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color - Mercer University Style Guide |accessdate=2016-04-08}}"},
  ["Mercer Baptists"] = "Mercer Bears",
["Mercyhurst Lakers"] = {"006633", "FFFFFF"},
["Merrimack Warriors"] = {"090D37", "FFFFFF", "FFD51D"},
["Miami Hurricanes"] = {"005030", "FFFFFF", "F47321", name1="Green", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|title=University of Miami Visual Identity Manual |url=|publisher=University of Miami (Florida)|date=April 9, 2015|accessdate=September 23, 2015}}"},
["Miami RedHawks"] = {"B61E2E", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors |accessdate=30 July 2015}}"},
["Michigan State Spartans"] = {"18453B", "FFFFFF", "97A2A2", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Palette–The MSU Brand|url=|publisher=Michigan State University|date=September 1, 2015|accessdate=September 13, 2015}}"},
 ["Michigan Agricultural Aggies"] = "Michigan State Spartans",
["Michigan Tech Huskies"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFCE00"},
["Michigan Wolverines"] = {"00274C", "FFFFFF", "FFCB05", name1="Blue", name3="Maize", order="31", cite="{{cite web|title=Style Guide: Colors|url=|publisher=Office of Global Communications, University of Michigan|date=July 7, 2015|accessdate=July 7, 2015}}"},
["Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders"] = {"0066CC", "FFFFFF", "231F20", name1="Royal Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=MTSU Visual Style Guide and Branding Policy Manual |date=2015-05-01 |accessdate=2016-03-25}}"},
  ["Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders"] = "Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders",
["Midwestern State Mustangs"] = {"862633", "FFFFFF", "EAAA00", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Athletic & Spirit Marks |accessdate=2016-04-19}}"},
["Millsaps Majors"] = {"330066", "FFFFFF", "CCCCCC"},
["Milwaukee Panthers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFBD00", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Brand Standards Manual UWM Brand Identity Program |date=August 2013 |accessdate=2016-04-13}}"},
["Minnesota–Duluth Bulldogs"] = {"7A0019", "FFFFFF", "FFCC33"},
["Minnesota Golden Gophers"] = {"7A0019", "FFFFFF", "FFCC33", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Our Brand, How to convey it||accessdate=2015-01-13}}"},
["Minnesota State Mavericks"] = {"480059", "FFFFFF", "F7E400"},
  ["Mankato State Mavericks"] = "Minnesota State Mavericks",
  ["Minnesota State–Mankato Mavericks"] = "Minnesota State Mavericks",
  ["MSU-Mankato Mavericks"] = "Minnesota State Mavericks",
["Mississippi Rebels"] = {"13294B", "FFFFFF", "C8102E", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Cardinal Red", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Ole Miss Traditions |accessdate=29 May 2015}}"},
  ["Ole Miss Rebels"] = "Mississippi Rebels",
  ["Mississippi Flood"] = "Mississippi Rebels",
["Mississippi College Choctaws"] = {"05345C", "FFFFFF", "E6B012"},
["Mississippi State Bulldogs"] = {"660000", "FFFFFF", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Visual Identity Standards (Mississippi State University) |accessdate=2014-08-14}}"},
  ["Mississippi A&M Aggies"] = "Mississippi State Bulldogs",
  ["Mississippi State Maroons"] = "Mississippi State Bulldogs",
["Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils"] = {"046A38", "FFFFFF", "C8102E", name1="Forest Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title= MVSU Style Guide |date=2015-07-01 |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["Missouri Southern Lions"] = {"026937", "FFFFFF", "F7CE3C", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=MSSU Brand Guidelines |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Missouri S&T Miners"] = {"085706", "FFFFFF", "DFC463"},
["Missouri State Bears"] = {"5E0009", "FFFFFF", "0A141E", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors - Identity Standards - Missouri State University | |date=2015-02-05 |accessdate=2016-04-05}}"},
  ["Missouri State Lady Bears"] = "Missouri State Bears",
["Missouri Tigers"] = {"2C2A29", "FFFFFF", "C69214", name1="Black", name3="Gold Dart", cite="{{cite web|title=Official MU Colors|url=|publisher=University of Missouri |work=Identity Standards–University of Missouri|date=April 27, 2015|accessdate=October 24, 2015}}"},
["Missouri Western Griffons"] = {"231F20", "FFFFFF", "FEC20A", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=MWSU Graphic Standards |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["MIT Engineers"] = {"A31F34", "C2C0BF", "8A8B8C", ref=""},
["Monmouth Hawks"] = {"041E42", "FFFFFF", "A5A9AD", name1="Midnight Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Monmouth University Athletics Quick Facts |date=2006-12-28 |accessdate=2016-04-15}}"},
["Montana Grizzlies"] = {"5E001D", "FFFFFF", "8C8E90", name1="Maroon", name3="Silver", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Brand Guidelines - University Colors - UM Brand Guidelines - University Of Montana |accessdate=2016-03-30}}"},
  ["Montana Lady Griz"] = "Montana Grizzlies",
["Montana State Bobcats"] = {"00205B", "FFFFFF", "B08A42", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=MSU Brand Guide |accessdate=2016-03-29}}"},
["Morehead State Eagles"] = {"005BAC", "FFFFFF", "FFCF00", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Morehead State University :: Communications and Marketing :: Logo, Colors & Typeface | |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
["Morgan State Bears"] = {"1B4383", "FFFFFF", "F47937"},
["Mount St. Mary's Mountaineers"] = {"002F6C", "FFFFFF", "84754E", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=MSMU Graphic Standards |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Mount Union Purple Raiders"] = {"431F81", "FFFFFF"},
["Murray State Racers"] = {"002144", "FFFFFF", "ECAC00", name1="Navy", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=2013 Murray State University Image Manual > A Users Guide to Message and Graphic Identity |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
  ["Murray State Thoroughbreds"] = "Murray State Racers",
["Navy Midshipmen"] = {"00205B", "FFFFFF", "C5B783", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=American Athletic Conference Brand Standards Guide |url= |date=July 11, 2014 |accessdate=April 7, 2016}}"},
["Nebraska Cornhuskers"] = {"D00000", "000000", "F5F1E7", name1="Scarlet", name3="Cream", cite="{{cite web|title=Official University Colors |url= |publisher=University of Nebraska-Lincoln|work=University Communications–Toolbox & Brand Book|accessdate=March 20, 2016}}"},
["Nebraska–Kearney Lopers"] = {"003478", "FFFFFF", "CE8E00", name1="Blue", name3="Gold"}, -- No brand guide available; DigitalColor Meter used.
["Nevada Wolf Pack"] = {"003366", "FFFFFF", "999999", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Silver", cite="{{cite web|title=Approved Colors|url=|work=University of Nevada, Reno|accessdate=February 12, 2016}}"},
 ["Nevada Sagebrushers"] = "Nevada Wolf Pack",
["New Hampshire Wildcats"] = {"003591", "FFFFFF", "A3A9AC", name1="Navy Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web| url=| title=Visual Identity Standards| date=October 28, 2015| accessdate=April 9, 2016}}"},
["New Mexico Lobos"] = {"B71234", "FFFFFF", "C3C8C8", name1="Cherry", name3="Silver", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=New Mexico Artwork | |date=2015-07-24 |accessdate=2016-03-22}}"},
["New Mexico State Aggies"] = {"882345", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Crimson", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Palette – Brand Identity Program |url=|publisher=New Mexico State University |date=March 20, 2015 |accessdate=March 20, 2015}}"},
["New Orleans Privateers"] = {"005DA6", "FFFFFF", "A3A9AD", "003366", name1="Royal Blue", name3="Silver", name4="Navy", cite="{{cite manual|url= |date=2013-07-08 |accessdate=2016-04-02}}"},
  ["UNO Privateers"] = "New Orleans Privateers",
["Niagara Purple Eagles"] = {"582C83", "FFFFFF", "C7C8CA", name1="Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Niagara University Athletic Department Quick Facts |date=2011-08-02 |accessdate=2016-04-15}}"},
["Nicholls State Colonels"] = {"A6192E", "FFFFFF", "7C878E", name1="Red", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Nicholls Colors – Nicholls Branding Guide | |accessdate=2016-04-02}}"},
["NJIT Highlanders"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "071D49", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=NJIT Branding Guidelines |date=January 2015 |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["Norfolk State Spartans"] = {"1C7A5F", "FFFFFF", "EBB00E"},
["North Alabama Lions"] = {"46166B", "FFFFFF", "DB9F11"},
["North Carolina A&T Aggies"] = {"004684", "FFFFFF", "FDB927"},
["North Carolina Central Eagles"] = {"8F2140", "FFFFFF"},
["North Carolina State Wolfpack"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Color – NC State Brand |url= |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
  ["NC State Wolfpack"] = "North Carolina State Wolfpack",
  ["North Carolina A&M Aggies"] = "North Carolina State Wolfpack",
["North Carolina Tar Heels"] = {"7BAFD4", "FFFFFF", "13294B", name1="Carolina Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Primary Palette |url= |publisher=North Carolina Tar Heels|work=Carolina Athletics Brand Identity Guidelines|date=April 20, 2015|accessdate=April 2, 2016}}"},
["North Dakota Fighting Hawks"] = {"009A44", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Kelly Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Identity: University of North Dakota |url=|publisher=UND Office of University Relations|date=October 11, 2015 |accessdate=October 11, 2015}}"},
  ["North Dakota Fighting Sioux"] = "North Dakota Fighting Hawks",
  ["North Dakota"] = "North Dakota Fighting Hawks",
["North Dakota State Bison"] = {"005643", "FFFFFF", "FFC82E", name1="Green", name3="Yellow", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=NDSU Bison Graphic Standards |date=2013-05-23 |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
["North Florida Ospreys"] = {"00246B", "FFFFFF", "D9D9D9", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=UNF - Marketing and Publications - Official Athletic Logos and Identifying Marks | |date=2015-04-24 |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["North Texas Mean Green"] = {"00853E", "FFFFFF", "231F20", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=UNT Colors |accessdate=March 24, 2016}}"},
 ["North Texas Eagles"] = "North Texas Mean Green",
["Northeastern Huskies"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Graphic Standards Colors |publisher= Northeastern University |accessdate=April 1, 2016}}"},
["Northeastern State RiverHawks"] = {"115740", "FFFFFF", "999999", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=NSUOK Graphic Standards |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Northern Arizona Lumberjacks"] = {"003466", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=NAU Graphic Identity System |accessdate=2016-03-29}}"},
["Northern Colorado Bears"] = {"013C65", "FFFFFF", "F6B000", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=UNC Style Guide |date=2015-05-18 |accessdate=2016-03-29}}"},
["Northern Illinois Huskies"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Cardinal", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|url= |title= NIU Brand Colors |accessdate=March 28, 2016}}"},
  ["NIU Huskies"] = "Northern Illinois Huskies",
["Northern Iowa Panthers"] = {"4B116F", "FFFFFF", "EAAA00", name1="Purple", name3="Old Gold", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=UNI Web Colors |publisher=University of Northern Iowa|accessdate=April 4, 2016}}"},
["Northern Kentucky Norse"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFC72C", name1="Black", name2="White", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Northern Kentucky University Brand Standards |date = January 2016 |accessdate=2016-04-13}}"},
["Northern Michigan Wildcats"] = {"013823", "FFFFFF", "FDB827"},
["Northwestern Oklahoma State Rangers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "CC092F", name1="Black", name3="Red", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Northwestern Rangers Official Style Guide |date=2015-07-28 |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
["Northwestern State Demons"] = {"663399", "FFFFFF", "FF6600", name1="Purple", name2="White", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=NSULA Visual Branding Guidelines |date=2015-05-13 |accessdate=2016-04-02}}"},
  ["Northwestern State Lady Demons"] = "Northwestern State Demons",
["Northwestern Wildcats"] = {"4E2A84", "FFFFFF", "BBB8B8", name1="Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Digital Colors: Brand Tools – Northwestern University |accessdate=March 24, 2016}}" },
["Northwest Missouri State Bearcats"] = {"006A4E", "FFFFFF", "BABBBC", name1="Bearcat Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=NWMSU Athletics Brand Standards Guide |date=2014-04-29 |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Notre Dame Fighting Irish"] = {"002B5B", "FFFFFF", "DCB439", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Gold", order="31", cite="{{cite web|title=Gold And Blue|url=|publisher=University of Notre Dame|date=March 23, 2015|accessdate=March 23, 2015}}"},
["NYU Violets"] = {"57068C", "FFFFFF"},
 ["New York University Violets"] = "NYU Violets",
["Oakland Golden Grizzlies"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "B59A57", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Logo and Colors - University Communications and Marketing - Oakland University|publisher=|accessdate=July 27, 2015}}"},
["Oglethorpe Stormy Petrels"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFDD00"},
["Ohio Bobcats"] = {"00694E", "FFFFFF", "E4BB85", name1="Hunter Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Colors, One Voice: Brand Standards for Ohio University|publisher=Ohio University|accessdate=10 October 2014}}"},
["Ohio State Buckeyes"] = {"BB0000", "FFFFFF", "666666", name1="Scarlet", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Ohio State Brand Guidelines | |accessdate=2015-01-13}}"},
["Oklahoma Baptist Bison"] = {"255F2B", "FFFFFF", "FCAF17", name1="Green", name2="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Oklahoma Baptist University Athletic Style Guide |date=2016-03-16 |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"}, 
["Oklahoma Christian Eagles"] = {"660000", "FFFFFF", "CCCCCC"},
["Oklahoma City Stars"] = {"004B87", "FFFFFF", "000000"},
["Oklahoma Sooners"] = {"841617", "FFFFFF", "FDF9D8", name1="Crimson", name3="Cream", cite="{{cite web|title=Brand Colors - Print & Web |url= |date=May 28, 2015|accessdate=May 28, 2015}}"},
["Oklahoma State Cowboys"] = {"E55303", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Orange", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|title=Official Color Palette |url=|publisher=Oklahoma State University–Stillwater|work=Style Guide for the Oklahoma State University system|date=February 11, 2013 |accessdate=November 29, 2015}}"},
  ["Oklahoma A&M Aggies"] = "Oklahoma State Cowboys",
  ["Oklahoma State Cowgirls"] = "Oklahoma State Cowboys",
["Old Dominion Monarchs"] = {"004887", "FFFFFF", "8A8D8F", "92C1E9", name1="Slate Blue", name3="Silver", name4="Light Blue", cite="{{cite web |url=|title=ODU Athletics Logo Identity Guidelines |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
  ["Old Dominion Lady Monarchs"] = "Old Dominion Monarchs",
["Omaha Mavericks"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "D71920", name1="Black", name3="Crimson", order="31", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color Palette|accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
  ["UNO Mavericks"] = "Omaha Mavericks",
  ["Nebraska–Omaha Mavericks"] = "Omaha Mavericks",
["Oral Roberts Golden Eagles"] = {"002F60", "FFFFFF", "CFB67C", name1="Navy", name2="White", name3="Vegas Gold", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=guidelines - Oral Roberts University |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
["Oregon Ducks"] = {"006241", "FFFFFF", "FEE123", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=Colors– Style Guide|url=|publisher=University of Oregon |date=September 2, 2015|accessdate=September 2, 2015}}"},
  ["Oregon Webfoots"] = "Oregon Ducks",
["Oregon State Beavers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "F56600", name1="Black", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Oregon State Athletics brand guide |accessdate=March 24, 2016}}"},
 ["Oregon Agricultural Aggies"] = "Oregon State Beavers",
["Ouachita Baptist Tigers"] = {"552988", "FFFFFF", "FFC627", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Ouachita Baptist University Athletics Branding |accessdate=April 18, 2016}}"},
["Pacific Tigers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "E35205", name1="Black", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Pacific Graphic Identity Sheet | |date=2006-10-05 |accessdate=2016-04-05}}"},
["Penn Quakers"] = {"011F5B", "FFFFFF", "990000", name1="Blue", name3="Red", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Logo & Branding Standards |publisher=University of Pennsylvania |accessdate=April 1, 2016}}"},
 ["Pennsylvania Quakers"] = "Penn Quakers",
["Penn State Nittany Lions"] = {"002D62", "FFFFFF", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url=|title=Penn State Visual Editorial Standards|accessdate=March 24, 2016}}"},
  ["Penn State Lady Lions"] = "Penn State Nittany Lions",
["Pepperdine Waves"] = {"00205C", "FFFFFF", "EE7624", name1="Blue", name2="White", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Official Colors | Resources | Pepperdine Community | |accessdate=2016-04-05}}"},
["Peru State Bobcats"] = {"007FFF", "FFFFFF"},
["Pittsburgh Panthers"] = {"192857", "FFFFFF", "CDB87D", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Graphic Standards | University of Pittsburgh| |accessdate=2015-06-05}}"},
 ["Pitt Panthers"] = "Pittsburgh Panthers",
["Pittsburg State Gorillas"] = {"CC0C2F", "FFFFFF", "FCD116", name1="Crimson", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Pittsburg State University Brand Identity Standards Manual |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
["Plymouth State Panthers"] = {"00553b", "FFFFFF", ref=""},
["Point Skyhawks"] = {"00407A", "FFFFFF", "FCC917"},
["Portland Pilots"] = {"25205E", "FFFFFF", "727075", name1="Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=University of Portland Brand Book |accessdate=2016-04-05}}"},
["Portland State Vikings"] = {"2C5234", "FFFFFF", "C1C6C8", name1="Green", name2="White", name3="Silver", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=2015 Portland State Vikings Football Media Guide |accessdate=March 29, 2016}}"},
["Prairie View Panthers"] = {"330066", "FFFFFF", "FFCC33", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=PVAMU Visual Identity Guidelines |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
 ["Prairie View A&M Panthers"] = "Prairie View Panthers",
["Presbyterian Blue Hose"] = {"0060A9", "FFFFFF", "9D2235", name1="Blue", name3="Garnet", cite="{{cite manual|title=Presbyterian College Brand Standards Guide |url=|date=2015-07-01|accessdate=2016-03-31}}"},
["Princeton Tigers"] = {"231F20", "FFFFFF", "FF671F", name1="Orange", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Athletics Logos |publisher = |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Providence Friars"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "8A8D8F", name1="Black", name2="White", name3="Silver", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Providence College Brand Standards Guide |accessdate=2016-04-15}}"},
["Purdue Boilermakers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "CEB888", name1="Black", name3="Old Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Purdue Athletics Brand Identity Guidelines|accessdate=March 24, 2016}}"},
["Quinnipiac Bobcats"] = {"0C2340", "FFFFFF", "B58500", name1="Navy", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Bobcat Identity Standards Guide |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["Radford Highlanders"] = {"C2011B", "FFFFFF", "003C71", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite book|title=Radford University Brand Guide |url=|date=26 October 2015|accessdate=3 January 2016}}"},
["Regina Rams"] = {"00502F", "FFFFFF", "FDD017"},
["Rhode Island Rams"] = {"75B2DD", "FFFFFF", "002B7F"},
["Rice Owls"] = {"002469", "FFFFFF", "5E6062", name1="Blue", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Color Palette : Rice University |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["Richmond Spiders"] = {"000066", "FFFFFF", "990000"},
["Rider Broncs"] = {"981E32", "FFFFFF", "6C6F70", name1="Cranberry", name2="White", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Rider University Graphic Standards Manual and Editorial Style Guide |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
["RIT Tigers"] = {"F36E21", "000000", "513127"},
["Robert Morris Colonials"] = {"14234B", "FFFFFF", "A6192E", name1="Blue", name2="White", name3="White", cite="{{cite web |url=|title=Robert Morris Athletics|accessdate=2016-04-06}}"},
  ["RMU Colonials"] = "Robert Morris Colonials",
["Rockhurst Hawks"] = {"0055AF", "FFFFFF"},
["RPI Engineers"] = {"E2231B", "FFFFFF", "222222", ref=""},
  ["Rensselaer Engineers"] = "RPI Engineers",
["Rutgers Scarlet Knights"] = {"CC0033", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Scarlet", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Rutgers Visual Identity Manual ||date=2015-09-01 |accessdate=2015-09-23}}"},
["Sacramento State Hornets"] = {"043927", "FFFFFF", "B3A369", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url=|title= Sac State Brand Book |accessdate=2016-03-30}}"},
["Sacred Heart Pioneers"] = {"BA0C2F", "FFFFFF", "262626", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title= SHU Pioneers Official Logo Art |accessdate=2016-04-06}}"},
["Saginaw Valley State Cardinals"] = {"990000", "FFFFFF", "000066"},
["Saint Francis Red Flash"] = {"BD1F25", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=SFU Athletics Style Guide |date=2012-05-11 |accessdate=2016-04-06}}"},
["Saint Joseph's Hawks"] = {"A00000", "FFFFFF", "726A5F"},
["Saint Louis Billikens"] = {"003DA5", "FFFFFF", "C8C9C7", name1="Blue", name2="White", ref=""},
["Saint Mary's Gaels"] = {"06315B", "FFFFFF", "D80024", "8A8D8F", name1="Navy", name3="Red", name4="Silver", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Saint Mary’s College of California Style Guide |accessdate=2016-04-06}}"},
["Saint Peter's Peacocks"] = {"2C2A29", "FFFFFF", "0072CE", name3="Blue", name2="White", order="32", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Saint Peter's University Brand Standards |date=2012-08-16 |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
  ["Saint Peter's Peahens"] = "Saint Peter's Peacocks",
["Samford Bulldogs"] = {"002649", "FFFFFF", "B11116", name1="Blue", name3="Red", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Samford University Athletics Graphic Standards |accessdate=2016-04-23}}"},
 ["Howard Bulldogs"] = "Samford Bulldogs",
["Sam Houston State Bearkats"] = {"004990", "FFFFFF", "F78E1E", name3="Orange", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=The SHSU Brand |accessdate=2016-04-02}}"},
["San Diego State Aztecs"] = {"C41230", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Scarlet", name3="Black", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=San Diego State University Brand Manual |date=2012-05-23 |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
["San Diego Toreros"] = {"003B70", "FFFFFF", "75BEE9", name1="Navy", name2="White", name3="Toreros Blue", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=University of San Diego Brand Standards and Guidelines |date=2016-02-16 |accessdate=2016-04-06}}"},
["San Francisco Dons"] = {"00543C", "FFFFFF", "FDBB30", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=University of San Francisco Graphic Standards Manual |url= |accessdate=2016-04-05}}"},
["San Francisco State Gators"] = {"800080", "FFFFFF", "FFD700"},
["San Jose State Spartans"] = {"0055A2", "FFFFFF", "E5A823", name1="Blue", name2="White", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=San Jose State University Brand Manual |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
  ["San José State Spartans"] = "San Jose State Spartans",
["Santa Clara Broncos"] = {"B30738", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Santa Clara University Color Palette|url= |accessdate=2016-04-05}}"},
["Saskatchewan Huskies"] = {"00502F", "FFFFFF"},
["Savannah State Lady Tigers"] = {"CC5500", "FFFFFF", "002395"},
  ["Savannah State Tigers"] = "Savannah State Lady Tigers",
["Seattle Redhawks"] = {"AA0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=SeattleU Brand Guidelines |date=2015-11-27 |accessdate=2016-04-17}}"},
["Seton Hall Pirates"] = {"004488", "FFFFFF", "8A8D8F", name1="Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=SETON HALL UNIVERSITY GRAPHIC STANDARDS MANUAL |accessdate=2016-04-11}}"},
["Sewanee Tigers"] = {"582C83", "FFFFFF", "FFB81C"},
["Siena Saints"] = {"006747", "FFFFFF", "FFC20F", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Siena Athletics Style Guide |accessdate=2016-04-15}}"},
["Simon Fraser Clan"] = {"072B61", "FFFFFF", "C41230"},
["South Alabama Jaguars"] = {"00205B", "FFFFFF", "BF0D3E", name1="Blue", name2="White", name3="Red", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=USA Brand Guidelines |accessdate=2016-03-27}}"},
["South Carolina Gamecocks"] = {"73000A", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Garnet", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=University of South Carolina |accessdate=2014-08-14}}"},
["South Carolina State Bulldogs"] = {"993333", "FFFFFF", "003366"},
["South Dakota Coyotes"] = {"AD0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=University of South Dakota Graphic Standards and Editorial Guide |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
["South Dakota State Jackrabbits"] = {"0032A0", "FFFFFF", "FFD100", name1="Blue", name3="Yellow", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=University Colors|accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
["Southeastern Louisiana Lions"] = {"006341", "FFFFFF", "EAAA00", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Athletic logos |accessdate=2016-04-02}}"},
  ["Southeastern Louisiana Lady Lions"] = "Southeastern Louisiana Lions",
["Southeastern Oklahoma State Savage Storm"] = {"0033A0", "FFFFFF", "FFDD00", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=SEOSU Athletic Logo Graphic Standards and Style Guide |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
["Southeast Missouri State Redhawks"] = {"C8102E", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Brand - SEMO | |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
["Southern Arkansas Muleriders"] = {"003DA5", "FFFFFF", "FFD100", name1="Royal Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
["Southern Connecticut State Owls"] = {"0B2A55", "FFFFFF"},
["Southern Illinois Salukis"] = {"660000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Brand Colors | The Brand | SIU | |accessdate=2016-04-04}}"},
["SIU Edwardsville Cougars"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=SIUE Visual Identity Requirements | |date=2015-02-18 |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
["Southern Jaguars"] = {"003087", "FFFFFF", "FFC72C", "69B3E7", name4="Columbia Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Southern Jaguars Graphic Guide |date=2012-08-28 |accessdate=2015-12-26}}"},
  ["Southern Lady Jaguars"] = "Southern Jaguars",
  ["Southern University Jaguars"] = "Southern Jaguars",
["Southern Methodist University Mustangs"] = {"C60C30", "FFFFFF", "0039A6", name1="Blue", name3="Red", cite="{{cite manual|url=|title=SMU Licensing|accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
  ["SMU Mustangs"] = "Southern Methodist University Mustangs",
["Southern Miss Golden Eagles"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFC73B", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Southern Miss Official Athletic Site - Licensing ||accessdate=2016-03-25}}"},
  ["Southern Miss Lady Eagles"] = "Southern Miss Golden Eagles",
["Southern Nazarene Crimson Storm"] ={"620E0E", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Crimson", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=SNU Visual Standards Guide |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
["Southern Utah Thunderbirds"] = {"C41425", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Scarlet", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Academic Style Guide |accessdate=2016-03-29}}"},
["South Florida Bulls"] = {"006747", "FFFFFF", "CFC493", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url=|title=Color Palettes – University Communications|publisher=University of South Florida|accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Southwest Baptist Bearcats"] = {"4A217E", "FFFFFF", "C2C6C7", name1="Purple", name2="White"}, --Note: Corkythehornetfan emailed Media Relations to retrieve the colors.
["Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs"] = {"381507", "FFFFFF", "AC923C", ref=""},
["Southwestern Oklahoma State Bulldogs"] ={"1B365D", "FFFFFF", "888B8D", name1="Navy Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=SWOSU Media Relations |accessdate=2016-04-18}}"},
["St. Bonaventure Bonnies"] = {"7B3F00", "FFFFFF"},
["St. Cloud State Huskies"] = {"CD1041", "FFFFFF", "000000"},
["St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers"] = {"0038A8", "FFFFFF", "CE1126", name1="Royal Blue", name3="Red"}, -- No brand guide available; Digital Color Meter used.
["St. John's Red Storm"] = {"CF102D", "FFFFFF", "051C2C", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=St. John's Athletics Brand Guide |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["St. Lawrence Saints"] = {"AF1E2D", "FFFFFF"},
["Stanford Cardinal"] = {"8C1515", "FFFFFF", "B6B1A9", name1="Cardinal", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Stanford Identity Toolkit |url= |publisher=Stanford University|date=July 7, 2015|accessdate=July 7, 2015}}"},
  ["Stanford Indians"] = "Stanford Cardinal",
  ["Stanford"] = "Stanford Cardinal",
["Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks"] = {"5F259F", "FFFFFF", "B3B3B3", name1="Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=SFA Official University Identity Standards |accessdate=2016-04-02}}"},
  ["Stephen F. Austin Ladyjacks"] = "Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks",
["Stetson Hatters"] = {"006747", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Hunter Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Stetson University Hatters Athletics Brand Management Style Guide Manual |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["Stillman Tigers"] = {"000066", "FFFFFF", "CFC16E"},
["Stony Brook Seawolves"] = {"990000", "FFFFFF", "17438A", "A8ADB2", name1="Red", name3="Blue", name4="Gray", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Standards | |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["Syracuse Orange"] = {"D44500", "FFFFFF", "0D1D37", name1="Orange", cite="{{cite web|title=Athletics Branding|url= |publisher=Syracuse University|work=Syracuse University Brand Guidelines|date=September 14, 2015|accessdate=March 23, 2016}}"},
  ["Syracuse Orangemen"] = "Syracuse Orange",
["Tarleton State Texans"] ={"4F2D7F", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Graphic Identity Standards |accessdate=2016-04-19}}"},
  ["Tarleton State TexAnns"] = "Tarleton State Texans",
["Temple Owls"] = {"990033", "FFFFFF", "222222", name1="Cherry", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Temple University Logo Usage Guide |url= |date=2015-07-30|accessdate=2016-01-21}}"},
["Tennessee Volunteers"] = {"FF8200", "FFFFFF", "58595B", name1="UT Orange", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Our Palette |url= |publisher=University of Tennessee, Knoxville – Office of Communications & Marketing|date=October 24, 2015|accessdate=October 24, 2015}}"},
  ["Tennessee Lady Volunteers"] = "Tennessee Volunteers",
["Tennessee–Martin Skyhawks"] = {"002649", "FFFFFF", "F77F00", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Graphic Identity Standards | |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
  ["Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks"] = "Tennessee–Martin Skyhawks",
["Tennessee State Tigers"] = {"00539F", "FFFFFF", "D2232A", name1="Reflex Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Tennessee State University Style Guide |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
  ["Tennessee State Lady Tigers"] = "Tennessee State Tigers",
["Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles"] = {"660099", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Logos - Tennessee Technological University | |accessdate=2016-04-03}}"},
["Texas A&M Aggies"] = {"500000", "FFFFFF", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Brand Colors|url=|publisher=Texas A&M University Marketing & Communications |work=Texas A&M University Brand Guide |date=October 17, 2015 |accessdate=October 17, 2015}}"},
["Texas A&M–Commerce Lions"] = {"003E80", "FFFFFF", "EEB211", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=TAMUC Branding Standards Guide |accessdate=2016-04-19}}"},
  ["Texas A&M-Commerce Lions"] = "Texas A&M–Commerce Lions",
["Texas A&M–Corpus Christi Islanders"] = {"0067C5", "FFFFFF", "007F3E", name1="Royal Blue", name2="White", name3="Green", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Guide for Designers |accessdate=2016-04-02}}"},
["Texas A&M–Kingsville Javelinas"] = {"0033A0", "FFFFFF", "FFC72C", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=TAMUK Quick Reference Guide Graphic Standards for Athletics Department |accessdate=2016-04-19}}"},
["Texas-Arlington Mavericks"] = {"0064B1", "FFFFFF", "F58025", name1="Royal Blue", name2="White", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color: UT Arlington identity system | |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
  ["Texas–Arlington Mavericks"] = "Texas-Arlington Mavericks",
  ["UT Arlington Mavericks"] = "Texas-Arlington Mavericks",
["Texas Christian University Horned Frogs"] = {"4D1979", "FFFFFF", "A3A9AC", name1="Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=TCU Branding: Visual Identity Standards |url= |publisher=Texas Christian University|accessdate=2013-04-01|date=2014-10-01}}"},
  ["TCU Horned Frogs"] = "Texas Christian University Horned Frogs",
["Texas Longhorns"] = {"BF5700", "FFFFFF", "382F2D", name1="Burnt Orange", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color – The University of Texas at Austin | |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Texas Southern Tigers"] = {"6F263D", "FFFFFF", "A2AAAD", name1="Maroon", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=TSU Graphic Standards |date=2015-09-01 |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
  ["Texas Southern Lady Tigers"] = "Texas Southern Tigers",
["Texas State Bobcats"] = {"501214", "FFFFFF", "8D734A", name1="Maroon", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Texas State University Athletic Logos Art Sheet |publisher=Texas State Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |date=2015-01-12 |accessdate=2016-01-09}}"},
["Texas Tech Red Raiders"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Scarlet", name3="Black", cite="{{cite web|title=Official Colors |publisher=Texas Tech University |url= |accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
  ["Texas Tech Lady Raiders"] = "Texas Tech Red Raiders",
["Texas Woman's Pioneers"] = {"850928", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=TWU Website colors |accessdate=2016-04-19}}"},
["Toledo Rockets"] = {"002569", "FFFFFF", "FFCE00", name1="Midnight Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=The University of Toledo Logo Graphic Standards Manual |accessdate=2016-03-29}}"},
["Towson Tigers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Correct Use of the Towson University Athletics Logo Graphics |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Transylvania Pioneers"] = {"990000", "FFFFFF",},
  ["Kentucky University Pioneers"] = "Transylvania Pioneers",
["Trinity Tigers"] = {"990000", "FFFFFF", "666666", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=Trinity University Identity Standards Manual |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Troy Trojans"] = {"862633", "FFFFFF", "8A8D8F", "000000", name1="Cardinal", name3="Silver", name4="Black", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=2015 Troy Football Media Guide |date=2015-07-07 |accessdate=2016-03-27}}"},
["Truman Bulldogs"] = {"6A1E74", "FFFFFF", "231F20"},
["Tufts Jumbos"] = {"418FDE", "FFFFFF", "522C1B", ref =""},
["Tulane Green Wave"] = {"003300", "FFFFFF", "4388CC", name1="Olive Green", name3="Sky Blue", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Tulane Admission: Traditions |publisher=Tulane University |accessdate=December 8, 2015}}"},
  ["Tulane Olive and Blue"] = "Tulane Green Wave",
["Tulsa Golden Hurricane"] = {"0A5796", "FFFFFF", "A29161", name1="Royal Blue", name3="Old Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url=|title=University of Tulsa Style Guide|accessdate=2016-03-23}}"},
["Tuskegee Golden Tigers"] = {"7B0707", "FFFFFF", "F2BD2C"},
["UAB Blazers"] = {"1E6B52", "FFFFFF", "D2C780", name1="Forest Green", name3="Old Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=UAB - Brand Toolkit - Colors | |accessdate=2016-03-25}}"},
["UBC Thunderbirds"] = {"3063A5", "FFFFFF", "EACF48"},
["UC Davis Aggies"] = {"002855", "FFFFFF", "C99700", name1="Yale Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Colors - Marketing Toolbox |accessdate=2016-03-30}}"},
["UCF Knights"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "BD9B60", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=UCF Graphic Standards | |date=2011-12-20 |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["UC Irvine Anteaters"] = {"0C2340", "FFFFFF", "FFC72C", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=UCI Art Sheet |publisher=University of California, Irvine |date=2015-08-20 |accessdate=2015-10-07}}"},
["UCLA Bruins"] = {"0073CF", "FFFFFF", "FFB300", name1="[[True Blue (color)|True Blue]]", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=UCLA's Official Colors |url= |publisher=Associated Students of UCLA (ASUCLA)|date=October 16, 2015|accessdate=October 16, 2015}}"},
["UConn Huskies"] = {"000E2F", "FFFFFF"},
["UC Riverside Highlanders"] = {"2D6CC0", "FFFFFF", "F1AB00", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=UCR Colors: Primary Palette |url= |accessdate=March 30, 2016}}"},
["UC Santa Barbara Gauchos"] = {"030091", "FFFFFF", "FFB300", "0055FA", name4="Blue", name3="Gold", order="43", cite="{{cite web|title=UCSB Color |url= |accessdate=March 30, 2016}}"}, --The actual source was given to User:GauchoDude who forwarded it on to Corkythehornetfan via email. CMYK codes were converted. Contact either one for more information.
  ["UCSB Gauchos"] = "UC Santa Barbara Gauchos",
["UIC Flames"] = {"001E62", "FFFFFF", "D50032", name1="Navy Blue", name3="Fire Engine Red", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=UIC Identity Guidelines | |date=2015-11-01 |accessdate=2015-11-22}}"},
["UMass Lowell River Hawks"] = {"00549F", "FFFFFF", "CF202F", name1="Blue", name2="White", name3="Red", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=UMass Lowell Athletics Branding Guide |date=2016-01-29 |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["UMass Minutemen"] = {"881c1c", "FFFFFF", "000000"},
  ["UMass Minutewomen"] = "UMass Minutemen",
  ["Massachusetts Minutemen"] = "UMass Minutemen",
  ["Massachusetts Minutewomen"] = "UMass Minutemen",
["UMBC Retrievers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFC20E", name1="Black", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Institutional Colors |accessdate=2015-03-27}}"},
["UMKC Kangaroos"] = {"005EB8", "FFFFFF", "F2CD00", name1="Blue", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=UMKC Standards Manual |accessdate=2016-04-17}}"},
["UMSL Tritons"] = {"B5121B", "FFFFFF", "EEB211"},
["UNC Asheville Bulldogs"] = {"003C77", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Royal Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color Palette | Communication and Marketing | |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["UNC Greensboro Spartans"] = {"003366", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Navy", name2="White", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors Archives - UNCG BrandGuideUNCG BrandGuide | |accessdate=2016-04-08}}"},
["UNC Wilmington Seahawks"] = {"006666", "FFFFFF", "FFD600", "003366", name1="Teal", name3="Gold", name4="Navy", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=UNCW Seahawks - Official Brand Identity Usage and Style Guide |date=2015-01-28 |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Union Dutchmen"] = {"892034", "FFFFFF"},
  ["Union Dutchwomen"] = "Union Dutchmen",
["UNLV Rebels"] = {"B10202", "FFFFFF", "666666", name1="Scarlet", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web|title=Screen Color Standards–University Identity|url=|publisher=University of Nevada, Las Vegas|date=October 23, 2015|accessdate=October 23, 2015}}"},
  ["UNLV Lady Rebels"] = "UNLV Rebels",
  ["UNLV Runnin' Rebels"] = "UNLV Rebels",
["USC Trojans"] = {"990000", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Cardinal", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=Colors for Screen|url=|publisher=University of Southern California|work=USC Identity Guidelines |accessdate=January 19, 2016}}"},
["USC Upstate Spartans"] = {"046A38", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Green", name2="White", name3="Black", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=USC Upstate Spartans Approved logos |date=2014-11-13 |accessdate=2016-04-10}}"},
["Utah State Aggies"] = {"0F2439", "FFFFFF", "9D968D", name1="Navy Blue", name2="White", name3="Pewter Gray", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Utah State Athletics Brand Guide |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
["Utah Utes"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|title=Visual Style – University Marketing & Communications |url=|publisher=University of Utah|date=March 15, 2015|accessdate=March 15, 2015}}"},
["Utah Valley Wolverines"] = {"004715", "FFFFFF", "C2A224", name1="Green", name2="White", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=UVU Web Standards, Policies and Procedures |accessdate=2016-04-17}}"},
["UTEP Miners"] = {"002147", "FFFFFF", "FF5600", "B2B4B3", name1="Dark Blue", name3="Orange", name4="Silver", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=UTEP Graphic Identity Guide |date=2011-12-20 |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
  ["Texas Western Miners"] = "UTEP Miners",
["UTPA Broncs"] = {"004F2F", "FFFFFF", "F47320"},
["UTRGV Vaqueros"] = {"FC4C02", "FFFFFF", "0C2340", "00843D", name1="Orange", name3="Navy Blue", name4="Kelly Green", order="431", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=UTRGV Trademark Licensing |accessdate=2016-04-17}}"},
  ["Texas–Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros"] = "UTRGV Vaqueros",
["UTSA Roadrunners"] = {"0C2340", "FFFFFF", "F15A22", name1="Navy Blue", name2="White", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=UTSA Graphic Identity Guide |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["UW-Eau Claire Blugolds"] = {"2B3E85", "FFFFFF", "EDAC1A", ref=""},
  ["UW–Eau Claire Blugolds"] = "UW-Eau Claire Blugolds",
["Valdosta State Blazers"] = {"CC0000", "FFFFFF", "000000"},
["Valparaiso Crusaders"] = {"381E0E", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Brown", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color Palette and Typography | Valparaiso University Brand | |date=2014-06-20 |accessdate=2016-04-13}}"},
["Vanderbilt Commodores"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "997F3D", name1="Black", name3="Old Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Vanderbilt Graphics Standards and Logo | |accessdate=April 23, 2014}}"},
["VCU Rams"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "F8B800", name1="Black", name3="Gold"},
["Vermont Catamounts"] = {"005610", "FFFFFF", "FFC20F", name1="Green", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Guidelines |url= |publisher=University of Vermont|work=The University of Vermont Style Guide|date=December 7, 2011|accessdate=April 9, 2016}}"},
["Villanova Wildcats"] = {"00205B", "FFFFFF", "13B5EA", name1="Navy Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url=|title=Villanova Athletics Identity Standards Guide|date=June 26, 2012|accessdate=April 10, 2016}}"},
["Virginia Cavaliers"] = {"002654", "FFFFFF", "F36F21", name1="Navy blue", name3="Orange", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=Graphic Standards – University of Virginia|work=The Graphic Identity for the University of Virginia|date=March 14, 2015|accessdate=August 8, 2015}}"},
["Virginia Tech Hokies"] = {"660000", "FFFFFF", "FF6600", name1="Chicago Maroon", name3="Burnt Orange", cite="{{cite web|url=|title=The Brand Guide: Virginia Tech Identity Standards and Style Guide |format=PDF|date=February 2015|page=10|publisher=Virginia Tech|accessdate=November 4, 2015}}"},
 ["Virginia Tech Fighting Gobblers"] = "Virginia Tech Hokies",
 ["VPI Fighting Gobblers"] = "Virginia Tech Hokies",
["VMI Keydets"] = {"A71E24", "FFFFFF", "F0BF18", name1="Red", name2="White", name3="Yellow"}, -- No Brand Guide available; Digital Color Meter used.
["Wagner Seahawks"] = {"004331", "FFFFFF", "CCCCCC", name1="Green", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Wagner Graphic Identity |accessdate=2016-04-06}}"},
["Wake Forest Demon Deacons"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "9E7E38", name1="Black", name3="Old Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors and Paper Stock | Identity Standards | Wake Forest University | |date=2012-01-27 |accessdate=2014-08-19}}"},
["Washburn Ichabods"] = {"003A70", "FFFFFF", name1="Yale Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Washburn University Logo Use & Licensing Guidelines |date=October 15, 2014 |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["Washington Huskies"] = {"363C74", "FFFFFF", "E8D3A2", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|title=University of Washington Athletics Identity Standards Manual |url= |publisher=Washington Huskies|date=January 6, 2012 |archiveurl=|archivedate=July 6, 2015 |accessdate=November 28, 2015}}"},
["Washington and Jefferson Presidents"] = {"B11107", "FFFFFF", "000000"},
  ["Washington & Jefferson Presidents"] = "Washington and Jefferson Presidents",
["Washington and Lee Generals"] = {"003399", "FFFFFF"},
  ["Washington & Lee Generals"] = "Washington and Lee Generals",
["Washington State Cougars"] = {"981E32", "FFFFFF", "5E6A71", name1="Crimson", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Colors – Graphic Identity Program – Washington State | |date= |accessdate=2013-06-16}}"},
["Wayne State Warriors"] = {"115E56", "FFFFFF", "C79316"},
["Weber State Wildcats"] = {"492365", "FFFFFF", "575047", name1="Purple", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Color Palette | |accessdate=2016-03-29}}"},
["West Alabama Tigers"] = {"FF0000", "FFFFFF"},
["Western Carolina Catamounts"] = {"592C88", "FFFFFF", "B9975B", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Western Carolina University Athletic Guidelines |date=October 1, 2014 |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["Western Illinois Leathernecks"] = {"663399", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", name1="Purple", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Approved WIU Colors |accessdate=2016-04-16}}"},
["Western Kentucky Hilltoppers"] = {"B01E24", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=WKU Communication & Branding Manual |accessdate=2016-03-25}}"},
  ["WKU Lady Toppers"] = "Western Kentucky Hilltoppers",
  ["WKU Hilltoppers"] = "Western Kentucky Hilltoppers",
["Western Michigan Broncos"] = {"663300", "FFFFFF", "BC9B6A", name1="Brown", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=WMU Visual Identity Program |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
["Western Ontario Mustangs"] = {"800080", "FFFFFF"},
["Western Oregon Wolves"] = {"FF0000", "FFFFFF"},
["West Liberty State Hilltoppers"] = {"000000", "FFFF00"},
["West Texas A&M Buffaloes"] = {"581818", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Maroon", name2="White", cite="{{cite web |url= |title=West Texas A&M University Graphic Standards |accessdate=2016-04-19}}"},
["West Virginia Mountaineers"] = {"002855", "FFFFFF", "EAAA00", name1="Blue", name3="Old gold", cite="{{cite web|title=Color Palette|url= |publisher=West Virginia University|date=March 23, 2015|accessdate=March 23, 2015}}"},
["Wichita State Shockers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "FFCD00", name1="Black", name3="Sunflower Yellow", cite="{{cite web|title=Working with WSU Visual Identity Standards |url= |work=Wichita State University |date=July 1, 2014 |accessdate=April 4, 2016}}"},
  ["Fairmount Shockers"] = "Wichita State Shockers",
["Widener Pride"] = {"0057B8", "FFFFFF", "FFC845", ref=""},
 ["Widener Pioneers"] = "Widener Pride",
["Willamette Bearcats"] = {"C41E3A", "CFB53B"},
["William & Mary Tribe"] = {"115740", "FFFFFF", "F0B323", "D0D3D4", name1="Green", name3="Gold", name4="Silver", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=University Colors – University Style Guide |accessdate=April 1, 2016}}"},
 ["William and Mary Tribe"] = "William & Mary Tribe",
["Williams Ephs"] = {"512698", "FFFFFF", "FFCC00", ref=""}, -- basic PMS 109 number
["Windsor Lancers"] = {"072B61", "FFFFFF", "FDD017"},
["Winthrop Eagles"] = {"9E1B32", "FFFFFF", "FFCC33", name1="Garnet", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual|url= |title=Winthrop University Visual Identity Manual |date=2011-06-30 |accessdate=2016-04-01}}"},
["Wisconsin Badgers"] = {"B70101", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Cardinal", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Web: Colors |accessdate=2016-03-24}}"},
["Wisconsin–Whitewater Warhawks"] = {"502D7F", "FFFFFF", "BABCBE", ref=""},
["Wofford Terriers"] = {"000000", "FFFFFF", "886E4C", name1="Black", name3="Old Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Wofford College Logo Sheet |date=2014-11-01 |accessdate=2016-04-09}}"},
["Wright State Raiders"] = {"006F51", "FFFFFF", "E7A014", name1="Hunter Green", name3="Vegas Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Wright State University Identity Manual |date=2015-06-30 |accessdate=2016-04-12}}"},
["Washington University Bears"] = {"007360", "FFFFFF", "9D0917"},
  ["WUSTL Bears"] = "Washington University Bears",
["Wyoming Cowboys"] = {"492F24", "FFFFFF", "FFC425", name1="Brown", name3="Gold", cite="{{cite manual |url= |title=Wyoming Athletics Style Guide |accessdate=2016-03-28}}"},
  ["Wyoming Cowgirls"] = "Wyoming Cowboys",
["Xavier Musketeers"] = {"21304E", "FFFFFF", "A5A7A8", name1="Navy Blue", name2="White", name3="Gray", cite="{{cite manual|title=Xavier Graphic Standards: Athletics |url= |date=2015-07-15 |accessdate=January 1, 2016}}"},
  ["Saint Xavier Saints"] = "Xavier Musketeers",
  ["St. Xavier Saints"] = "Xavier Musketeers",
["Yale Bulldogs"] = {"00356B", "FFFFFF", name1="Yale Blue", name2="White", cite="{{cite web|url= |title=Yale University – Identity Guidelines | |accessdate=April 1, 2016}}"},
["Youngstown State Penguins"] = {"C8102E", "FFFFFF", "000000", name1="Red", name2="White", cite="{{cite manual|title=YSU Licensed Logos + Trademarks |url= |accessdate=April 12, 2016}}"},