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The maildir format can be used with both Postfix & Dovecot not to mention many others.

Mail Directory file format

Info starting with "2,": Each character after the comma is an independent flag.

  • Flag "P" (passed): the user has resent/forwarded/bounced this message to someone else.
  • Flag "R" (replied): the user has replied to this message.
  • Flag "S" (seen): the user has viewed this message, though perhaps he didn't read all the way through it.
  • Flag "T" (trashed): the user has moved this message to the trash; the trash will be emptied by a later user action.
  • Flag "D" (draft): the user considers this message a draft; toggled at user discretion.
  • Flag "F" (flagged): user-defined flag; toggled at user discretion.