LibreELEC v11.0.x

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noteThis Page was written with LibreELEC 11.0.x in mind, and may not work correctly with other versions or distributions.

LibreELEC 11.0.x has been released, bringing Kodi (Nexus) v20.0 with additional fixes from the Kodi Nexus branch.

This page describes the steps to create a new LibreELEC system using a Raspberry PI 4.

New Installation

Download & Burn Image

Start by downloading the current install image from the download page. Once downloaded, burn the image with the Raspberry PI Imager. Once the system boots, the On Boarding screen will come up. Walk threw the on boarding until finished.

Install needed Plugins


Settings → Add-ons → Install from repository → All Repositories → Program addons Backup

Ever hosed your Kodi configuration and wished you'd had a backup? Now you can with one easy click. You can export your database, playlist, thumbnails, addons and other configuration details to any source writeable by Kodi or directly to Dropbox cloud storage. Backups can be run on demand or via a scheduler.[1]

CU LRC Lyrics

Settings → Add-ons → Install from repository → All Repositories → Lyrics

Picture Slideshow Screensaver

Settings → Add-ons → Install from repository → All Repositories → Look and feel → Screensaver → Picture Slideshow Screensaver

Up Next

Settings → Add-ons → Install from repository → All Repositories → Program addons Up Next

A service add-on that shows a Netflix-style notification for watching the next episode. After a few automatic iterations it asks the user if he is still there watching.[2]

A lot of existing add-ons already integrate with this service out-of-the-box.

Settings Changes

These settings are not required but are vary useful.

Set your time zone

Go to SettingsInterfaceRegional

  • Change Timezone country
  • Change Timezone

Set Audio to use your language

Go to SettingsPlayer settingsLanguage

  • Change Preferred audio language to User interface language
  • Change Preferred subtitle language to User interface language

Enable Auto Next Video Playback

Go to SettingsPlayer settingsVideos

By selecting "Play next video automatically" you will be presented by a box, select "TV shows", "Episodes", "Movies".

Disable GUI sounds

Go to SettingsSystem settings → Audio

  • Set GUI sounds to Never

Declare 'Movie Set' location

Go to SettingsMedia → Videos

  • Set "Movie Set Information Folder"

Declare 'Music Artist' location

Go to SettingsMedia → Music

  • Set "Artist Information Folder"
  • Set "Default provider of album information" to "Generic Album Scraper"
  • Set "Default provider of artist information" to "Generic Artist Scraper"


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