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Note: This Page was written with Fedora 9 & 10 in mind, and may not work correctly with other versions or distributions.

To use iBackup with a Linux system you will need to use rsync as your transfer program. To encrypt the data use stunnel.

Sending Securely to iBackup

First we need to make sure rsync and Stunnel are installed.

yum install rsync stunnel

Now lets configure stunnel. First create the file /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf and add the following to it.

client = yes
accept = 45873
connect = rsync4.ibackup.com:5000

Now start the stunnel daemon


To make the stunnel daemon when the system start, as root run.

echo /usr/bin/stunnel >> /etc/rc.local

Next you will need to run a command similar to this.

rsync -r -v -z -h --del --progress -t /var/www <iBackup_Username>@localhost::ibackup --port=45873

To save your iBackup password

export RSYNC_PASSWORD = <your ibackup password>


echo "export RSYNC_PASSWORD = <your ibackup password>" >> /etc/rc.local

To Restore files from iBackup

export RSYNC_PASSWORD=<password> && rsync -r -v -z -h --stats --progress -t <username>@localhost::ibackup/www/html /var/www/ --port=45873