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1619247 2014-03-08T14:52:41Z /* Overview */
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1619245 2014-03-08T14:51:55Z /* Limitations and workarounds */
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1619243 2014-03-08T14:51:16Z /* Overview */
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1619241 2012-09-30T14:24:30Z /* Limitations and workarounds */
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1619239 2012-06-24T15:32:17Z <xej>
1619238 2012-04-21T17:35:32Z Thehelpfulone Undo - {{H:f}} has now been fixed
1619237 2012-04-21T00:42:20Z Thehelpfulbot /* See also */Replacing {{H:f}} with {{languages}}
1619236 2012-04-20T21:18:25Z Thehelpfulbot Bot: Fixing redirects
1619235 2012-02-24T18:07:05Z Ningauble /* Redirects */ clarify format of indirect backlinks
1619234 2011-02-02T18:38:02Z IAlex [[Category:Reader handbook]]
1619233 2010-07-06T10:00:39Z Patrick /* Limitations and workarounds */ Also listed are: *pages with #ifexist applied to the given page (see [[bugzilla:12019|bug #12019]])
1619232 2010-05-17T16:36:56Z BRUTE Reverted changes by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by Patrick
1619231 2010-05-17T16:18:29Z /* See also */
1619230 2010-05-17T16:18:20Z /* Notes */
1619229 2010-05-17T16:18:11Z /* Finding external links to a page */
1619228 2010-05-17T16:18:02Z /* In-page list of backlinks */
1619227 2010-05-17T16:17:53Z /* Order; query */
1619226 2010-05-17T16:17:42Z /* User styles */
1619225 2010-05-17T16:17:27Z /* Overview */
1619224 2010-04-19T22:03:17Z Patrick Reverted changes by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by Wutsje
1619223 2010-04-19T16:34:28Z /* Limitations and workarounds */
1619222 2010-01-18T21:18:19Z Wutsje Reverted changes by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by Nagy
1619221 2010-01-18T21:16:33Z /* Overview */
1619220 2009-06-02T09:37:02Z Nagy rv
1619219 2009-06-02T09:36:03Z
1619218 2009-06-02T09:35:03Z
1619217 2009-03-30T03:31:28Z J.delanoy Undo revision 1439336 by [[Special:Contributions/Balwantmishra|Balwantmishra]] ([[User talk:Balwantmishra|talk]])
1619216 2009-03-27T11:43:53Z Balwantmishra /* Overview */
1619215 2009-02-14T16:57:04Z Nemo bis bugzilla link
1619214 2008-11-03T21:43:04Z WJBscribe rv - inappropriate blanking and addition of content
1619213 2008-11-03T21:27:20Z Thaih
1619212 2008-11-03T21:23:38Z Thaih
1619211 2008-11-03T21:16:54Z Thaih Replacing page with '=Introduction= This is a consolidated list of quotes and applicable translations that will be needed when open Rework/Refurb Calendar.'
1619210 2008-09-12T07:47:22Z Undo revision 1178005 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
1619209 2008-09-12T07:46:34Z
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1619207 2008-08-18T11:38:15Z /* Overview */
1619206 2008-04-19T06:47:45Z Hillgentleman not usually on the rhs
1619205 2008-04-19T06:37:36Z I was totally confused as to how to find out what links -- you need to be explicit about these things.
1619204 2008-04-01T06:41:13Z Patrick /* Overview */
1619203 2008-04-01T06:05:27Z /* Overview */
1619202 2008-04-01T06:00:45Z
1619201 2008-01-27T22:32:19Z Patrick Reverted changes by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by Patrick
1619200 2008-01-27T14:41:29Z /* Overview */
1619199 2008-01-03T13:08:33Z Patrick /* Limitations and workarounds */ [[links in edit summaries]]
1619198 2007-12-14T13:53:19Z R'n'B make internal wikilinks external, so they will be accurate when copied to other wikis
1619197 2007-12-10T12:39:59Z Patrick /* Redirects */
1619196 2007-12-10T12:35:45Z Patrick /* Redirects */
1619195 2007-10-26T12:33:43Z Patrick /* See also */ API:Query_-_Lists#backlinks_.2F_bl
1619194 2007-10-26T12:20:33Z Patrick /* Redirects */ listing just the redirects, from [[w:Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)]]
1619193 2007-10-11T14:04:50Z Patrick /* Overview */ Thus, for example, if film articles are linked to the actors, one can find the films an actor has played in even if there is no article about the actor.
1619192 2007-08-04T23:37:13Z Eep /* In-page list of backlinks */ DPL, embed link reword
1619191 2007-07-31T18:32:18Z Eep /* Overview */ link fix
1619190 2007-07-05T07:31:55Z Patrick /* See also */ shows the number of pages in which each template is transcluded, not counting transclusions through redirects
1619189 2007-07-05T07:24:56Z Patrick /* See also */ *[[Special:Mostlinkedtemplates]]
1619188 2007-07-05T07:24:02Z Patrick /* See also */ *[[Most linked-to templates]]
1619187 2007-07-05T07:20:46Z Patrick /* See also */ *[[Special:Mostlinked]] - shows number of links
1619186 2007-06-24T13:41:08Z Aotake sorting out, minor update
1619185 2007-05-05T15:27:17Z Patrick /* Overview */
1619184 2007-05-05T15:25:42Z Patrick either all pages, or restricted to a given namespace. To see this information, choose the ''what links here'' link while looking at any page. The list is sorted by page id, i.e., by date of creation
1619183 2007-05-04T11:32:32Z Patrick /* Order; query */ "What links here" sorts by page id, i.e., by date of creation of the page.
1619182 2007-04-18T01:24:18Z /* Limitations and workarounds */
1619181 2007-03-27T11:30:52Z Patrick /* Limitations and workarounds */
1619180 2007-03-27T11:27:24Z Patrick /* Limitations and workarounds */ For adding a "hidden external link", see [[Help:Linksearch]].
1619179 2007-03-20T08:33:33Z Patrick /* Overview */ marked with the content of [[MediaWiki:Istemplate]] ("transclusion" or "inclusion");
1619178 2007-03-19T07:24:45Z Patrick /* Limitations and workaround */
1619177 2007-03-19T07:21:41Z Patrick /* Limitations and workaround */ Thus it seems that for section linking external link style is superior to internal link style!
1619176 2007-03-19T07:15:59Z Patrick /* Limitations and workaround */
1619175 2007-03-18T13:20:31Z Patrick /* Finding external links to a page */ There is no such feature for interwiki links. This may be a reason to prefer external link style.
1619174 2007-03-18T13:18:33Z Patrick ==Finding external links to a page==
1619173 2007-03-09T13:33:39Z Ais523 /* Limitation and workaround */ job queue
1619172 2007-02-26T14:25:24Z Patrick Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] to last version by [[Special:Contributions/Patrick|Patrick]]
1619171 2007-02-26T14:22:20Z /* Overview */
1619170 2007-02-26T14:21:35Z ola
1619169 2007-02-16T16:38:54Z Patrick To see the name of the page without scrolling up, note that the browser usually shows it in the window title at the very top, while the address bar shows the name of the redirect page with the name of
1619168 2007-02-16T15:05:52Z Patrick Note that the redirect message is at the top of the whole page, so typically not visible at the target position. This may be an advantage (the disadvantage of the redirect message cluttering the targe
1619167 2007-02-16T14:49:49Z Patrick /* Limitation */ See also [[Help:Section linking and redirects]] (this link itself is also an example of what has been described).
1619166 2007-02-16T14:43:08Z Patrick The list of backlinks of the full page is now sorted by exact target, though not listing the names of the target sections but the names of the redirect pages. This also makes it easier to keep the li
1619165 2007-02-16T14:35:33Z Patrick /* Limitation */
1619164 2007-02-16T14:34:50Z Patrick /* Limitation */ Alternatively, or in preparaton of the former, instead of creating a link to a section one can create a link to a page redirecting to the section.
1619163 2007-02-16T14:27:22Z Patrick In the case of links to sections or other anchors, the precise target is not shown. Also, there is no way to list the backlinks of a specific section/anchor only. If this is desired the section can be
1619162 2007-02-14T16:08:06Z /* Limitation */
1619161 2007-02-14T16:07:54Z /* Limitation */
1619160 2007-02-14T15:10:35Z Patrick /* Order; query */
1619159 2007-02-14T15:09:31Z Patrick /* Order; query */ With {{#dpl:linksto = ''pagename''}} using [[mw:Extension:DynamicPageList|]], the backlinks are sorted in alphabetic order. Other sorting options are also available.
1619158 2007-01-24T01:00:51Z Patrick /* In-page list of backlinks */ See also [[Help:Embed_page#Embedded_Special_Pages]].
1619157 2007-01-06T08:42:42Z Az1568 [[Help:What links to Mumfum]] moved to [[Help:What links here]]: revert
1619156 2007-01-06T08:42:30Z Monkey Turd [[Help:What links here]] moved to [[Help:What links to Mumfum]]
1619155 2006-12-26T23:12:58Z Patrick /* User styles */
1619154 2006-12-26T23:12:09Z Patrick
1619153 2006-12-26T23:10:48Z Patrick /* User styles */
1619152 2006-12-26T23:10:17Z Patrick The page body has class, so we can e.g. use the CSS
1619151 2006-12-21T19:04:09Z
1619150 2006-11-09T01:20:48Z M7 Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] to last version by Patrick
1619149 2006-11-09T01:20:22Z /* Overview */
1619148 2006-10-09T07:24:09Z Patrick ==In-page list of backlinks==
1619147 2006-08-16T10:03:46Z Patrick /* Order; query */
1619146 2006-08-16T10:03:07Z Patrick /* Order; query */
1619145 2006-08-16T10:02:38Z Patrick /* Order; query */
1619144 2006-08-16T09:59:16Z Patrick /* See also */
1619143 2006-08-16T09:57:16Z Patrick /* Order; query */
1619142 2006-08-16T09:54:47Z Patrick /* Order; query */
1619141 2006-08-16T09:52:52Z Patrick /* Order; query */
1619140 2006-08-16T09:47:33Z Patrick /* Order; query */
1619139 2006-08-16T09:41:35Z Patrick /* Order */
1619138 2006-08-16T09:36:38Z Patrick /* See also */ Query#embeddedin
1619137 2006-08-16T09:17:33Z Patrick /* Order */
1619136 2006-08-13T12:09:58Z Patrick /* Overview */
1619135 2006-08-13T12:08:13Z Patrick /* Overview */ [[query#links]].
1619134 2006-08-13T11:51:54Z Patrick /* Overview */ [[Pagelinks table]]
1619133 2006-08-13T11:46:17Z Patrick The pages linking to and/or embedding the given page are listed. The pages embedding the given page are marked with "inclusion"; this info comes from the [[templatelinks table]]. For these pages it is
1619132 2006-08-12T11:42:40Z Patrick /* Cases of inclusion */
1619131 2006-08-12T11:40:57Z Patrick /* Cases of inclusion */
1619130 2006-08-12T11:32:11Z Patrick If on page A the name of an embedded page is time-dependent, e.g. <nowiki>{{abc{{CURRENTDAY}}}}, currently giving Template:Abc21, the "What links here" list of one of the possibly embe</nowiki>
1619129 2006-08-09T08:14:05Z Patrick /* See also */ on the other hand, this function does not indicate which backlinks are redirects, and does not include ''their'' backlinks
1619128 2006-08-09T07:43:22Z Patrick /* Order */ As demonstrated by using [[Query#backlinks]], which gives the backlinks in the same order, they are ordered by id.
1619127 2006-08-09T07:30:47Z Patrick /* See also */ *[[Query#backlinks]] - allows restriction to a specified namespace
1619126 2006-08-09T07:30:07Z Patrick *[[Query#backlinks]]
1619125 2006-07-05T12:53:56Z Patrick ==Cases of inclusion== restore useful section
1619124 2006-07-02T01:19:30Z Omniplex /* Redirects */
1619123 2006-07-02T01:17:42Z Omniplex /* See also */ rm link to [[w:WP:WLH]], it will redirect to this page later
1619122 2006-07-02T01:13:27Z Omniplex /* Other uses */ rm obviously wrong section (obsolete, none of the 4 links worked)
1619121 2006-07-02T01:11:12Z Omniplex /* Cases of inclusion */ rm incomprehensible and irrelevant details
1619120 2006-07-02T01:09:34Z Omniplex rm irrelevant details from lerad section, page is beyond minimal standard for a user talk page, let alone the handbook
1619119 2006-07-02T01:07:34Z Omniplex /* Limitation */ Copy relevant article from w:en:
1619118 2006-05-22T13:17:34Z Patrick /* Cases of inclusion */
1619117 2006-05-22T13:15:47Z Patrick /* Cases of inclusion */
1619116 2006-05-22T13:09:14Z Patrick /* Cases of inclusion */
1619115 2006-05-22T12:59:13Z Patrick /* Cases of inclusion */ (B includes B, but without recursion).
1619114 2006-05-22T12:56:18Z Patrick If a page that includes B links to C, page B can be added to the backlinks of C by putting an example of usage of B on page B (because this includes B in B), inside noinclude tags.
1619113 2006-05-22T11:35:11Z Patrick /* Cases of inclusion */
1619112 2006-05-22T11:30:36Z Patrick /* Cases of inclusion */
1619111 2006-05-22T11:29:23Z Patrick /* Cases of inclusion */ **If the link in B to C is within includeonly tags then A links to C, but B does not.
1619110 2006-05-22T11:22:42Z Patrick /* Cases of [[w:en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619109 2006-05-22T11:21:29Z Patrick /* Cases of [[w:en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619108 2006-05-22T11:18:37Z Patrick /* Cases of [[w:en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619107 2006-05-22T11:13:55Z Patrick /* Cases of [[w:en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619106 2006-05-22T11:10:51Z Patrick /* Cases of [[w:en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619105 2006-05-22T11:09:51Z Patrick /* Cases of [[w:en:transclusion|transclusion]] */ update
1619104 2006-05-16T23:23:18Z Omniplex h:hns cleanup
1619103 2006-04-22T09:20:33Z Omniplex fullurl
1619102 2006-03-13T16:44:13Z Patrick
1619101 2006-03-13T16:38:38Z Patrick while there are no articles on subtopics of B, such that within the scope of one of those articles A is important enough for a link.
1619100 2006-03-13T16:26:58Z Patrick The facility is especially useful to find related articles in the following case: A links to B, but A is deemed to unimportant in the context of B to have a reverse link, from B to A.
1619099 2006-01-02T14:39:35Z Patrick /* Cases of [[w:en:transclusion|transclusion]] */ new: *in the case of a template, referral to it is listed with the text "(inclusion)"
1619098 2005-11-27T08:13:04Z Uncle G Fixed capitalization of template name.
1619097 2005-11-25T03:46:20Z Uncle G Fixed capitalization of template name.
1619096 2005-11-17T17:19:46Z Uncle G Fixed hyperlinks that break when this page is copied to other projects.
1619095 2005-11-16T05:29:15Z Uncle G Replacement of {{new}} with {{H:new}}
1619094 2005-11-07T10:44:38Z /* Limitation */
1619093 2005-11-07T10:43:38Z /* Limitation */
1619092 2005-08-02T21:49:22Z Langec rev vandalism by [[User:Mithun uds]]
1619091 2005-08-02T07:30:18Z Mithun uds
1619090 2005-06-29T14:29:04Z Patrick seems fixed
1619089 2005-06-27T14:02:05Z Patrick BUG: the parameters offset and limit, for which links are provided, do not seem to work, see e.g. [[commons:Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:English]], which gives the same (presumably all) ca. 5500 pag
1619088 2005-06-27T13:41:47Z Patrick /* Workarounds for the 999-limit */ rm
1619087 2005-06-27T13:41:22Z Patrick /* Limitations */ update
1619086 2005-06-27T13:39:48Z Patrick From MediaWiki 1.5 ( the limit and ofset can be specified, there is no more the general limit of 999.
1619085 2005-06-19T10:33:27Z Patrick /* Workarounds for the 999-limit */ 999
1619084 2005-06-19T10:31:57Z Patrick /* Limitations */
1619083 2005-06-19T10:30:22Z Patrick /* Limitations */
1619082 2005-06-19T10:28:44Z Patrick /* Limitations */
1619081 2005-06-19T10:23:44Z Patrick {{localurl:Special:Whatlinkshere/John Smith|limit=999}}
1619080 2005-06-06T21:30:42Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619079 2005-06-06T21:28:04Z Patrick (for example, on w:en: there is the requirement that when viewing an article in a category, it is obvious why the article is in the category, and that the category subject is prominently discussed in
1619078 2005-05-26T13:19:31Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619077 2005-05-26T13:11:37Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619076 2005-05-26T13:05:00Z Patrick to find out what templates cause pages to link to C, it is not sufficient to check for templates in the backlinks of C; some templates can only be found by checking what templates are used in the back
1619075 2005-05-26T11:58:13Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619074 2005-05-26T11:56:12Z Patrick not only pages and subcategories, but also the contents of the subcategories (for each a list of pages and a list of sub-subcategories) and the contents of the sub-sub-subcategories (for each a list o
1619073 2005-05-26T11:40:52Z Patrick /* Redirects */
1619072 2005-05-26T10:08:48Z Patrick /* Redirects */ The backlinks of the redirect are also shown, and if they include a redirect, and the backlinks of that also (not more).
1619071 2005-05-26T09:44:44Z Patrick for the purpose of backlinks and Related changes, A links to C if there is, in that order, a chain of template calls, a single redirect, template calls, a single redirect, etc., template calls, and a
1619070 2005-05-26T09:35:58Z Patrick /* Workarounds for the 500-limit */
1619069 2005-05-26T09:33:25Z Patrick As a workaround for the 500-limit, the set of pages linking to a given page can be divided in subsets of not more than 500, each linking to an auxiliary page which redirects to the target page. Altern
1619068 2005-05-26T08:49:15Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619067 2005-05-26T08:46:27Z Patrick Even without a template name depending on a variable or parameter, if page A links to page C due to the inclusion of template B1 which redirects to B2, A is in the list of backlinks of C but B1 is not
1619066 2005-05-25T15:39:57Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619065 2005-05-25T15:35:19Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619064 2005-05-25T15:15:18Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */ Whether there is a link from A to C is relevant for backlinks as well as Related changes. If C does not exist, only backlinks are applicable.
1619063 2005-05-22T08:26:28Z Patrick
1619062 2005-05-22T07:07:08Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619061 2005-05-22T06:58:52Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619060 2005-05-22T06:55:27Z Patrick This makes it a useful tool for finding double redirects, which do not work, and, except in special applications (see below) can better be replaced by redirects to the final target.
1619059 2005-05-22T06:50:43Z Patrick /* Other uses */ mv up
1619058 2005-05-22T06:47:35Z Patrick
1619057 2005-05-22T06:41:05Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619056 2005-05-22T06:30:54Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619055 2005-05-22T00:04:56Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619054 2005-05-21T14:14:26Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619053 2005-05-21T14:11:49Z Patrick As opposed to actual categories, the backlinks can show a tree structure: not only pages and subcategories, but also the contents of the subcategories, see [[Special:Whatlinkshere/Altcat:Help|Cat: He
1619052 2005-05-21T13:52:28Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619051 2005-05-21T13:40:42Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619050 2005-05-21T13:33:22Z Patrick /* Other uses */
1619049 2005-05-21T13:29:50Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619048 2005-05-21T13:21:19Z Patrick /* Other uses */ This could be useful for a special-purpose category that should not clutter the regular list of categories.
1619047 2005-05-21T13:11:09Z Patrick Links could be put specially for use with "What links here", as an alternative category system, even to non-existing pages, e.g. [[Altcat:Help 1]], see [[Special:Whatlinkshere/Altcat:Help 1]]. Putting
1619046 2005-05-13T12:08:38Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619045 2005-05-13T12:03:36Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619044 2005-05-13T12:02:40Z Patrick /* Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]] */
1619043 2005-04-20T17:19:45Z AnyFile
1619042 2005-04-20T14:08:10Z AnyFile /* See also */
1619041 2005-04-20T14:07:46Z AnyFile /* See also */
1619040 2005-04-18T15:26:13Z Patrick
1619039 2005-04-18T14:30:33Z Patrick {{What links here}}
1619038 2005-02-25T15:17:21Z Patrick /* Limitations */
1619037 2004-10-29T06:43:16Z Jean-Christophe Chazalette Reverted edits by to last version by AaronPeterson
1619036 2004-10-29T04:30:53Z
1619035 2004-09-23T05:35:32Z AaronPeterson bah, I added an extra )
1619034 2004-09-23T05:32:15Z AaronPeterson ({{handbook sidebar|reader toc}}
1619033 2004-09-21T11:29:41Z Patrick no colon at the end of a header, please
1619032 2004-09-21T11:07:50Z AaronPeterson did headers, so a table of contents would pop up, if not desired, please use <h> tags? to suppress the toc?
1619031 2004-08-24T06:18:58Z Patrick
1619030 2004-08-24T06:17:46Z Patrick it is recommended to add to the text in [[MediaWiki:Linkshere]], as has been done here on Meta and on the English Wikipedia: "(up to 500 are shown)".
1619029 2004-08-24T05:57:01Z Patrick rm dup,
1619028 2004-08-24T05:51:30Z Patrick Every page has a link labelled "What links here" (or, more generally, labelled with the text in mediawiki:whatlinkshere), which can also be put in a page body with [[Special:Whatlinkshere/{{PAGENAME}}
1619027 2004-08-24T05:29:04Z Patrick not more than 500 pages are listed; if there are more, there is no indication that the list is not complete; only by copying the list to an editor that can count lines and concluding that there are 50
1619026 2004-08-16T14:42:31Z Patrick The feature can also be applied to itself and other special pages, e.g.:
1619025 2004-08-12T12:53:45Z Patrick (excluding [[Help:Link#Subpage_feature|subpages]] that just have an automatic link to it).
1619024 2004-07-25T10:57:19Z Patrick from Pump: When the link tables in the database are rebuilt, the lists are alphabetically ordered. However, adding a link subsequently causes it to be added to the end, and thus these occur in chronol
1619023 2004-06-24T10:32:14Z Patrick *a link from a template is only treated as such, not as link from the pages that show the link because they refer to the template
1619022 2004-06-24T10:27:37Z Patrick
1619021 2004-06-14T13:35:16Z Patrick Cases of [[en:transclusion|transclusion]]:
1619020 2004-06-13T10:05:32Z Patrick MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide:_Using_Categories#Relation_with_.22What_links_here.22
1619019 2004-06-13T09:45:01Z Patrick adapted from *[[en:Wikipedia:What links here]]