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1930981 2015-11-04T01:29:58Z Eurodyne Reverted 1 edit by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by Shirayuki. ([[m:Twinkle|TW]])
1930979 2015-11-04T01:28:11Z /* Email notifications */
1876281 2015-09-08T11:37:15Z Shirayuki Removed protection from "[[Help:Watchlist]]": per my talk page
1876149 2015-09-08T10:00:12Z Shirayuki Protected "[[Help:Watchlist]]": Excessive vandalism ([Edit=Allow only autoconfirmed users] (expires 10:00, 8 March 2016 (UTC)) [Move=Allow only autoconfirmed users] (expires 10:00, 8 March 2016 (UTC)))
1876125 2015-09-08T09:14:26Z Stranger195 Undo revision 1876107 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
1876107 2015-09-08T08:49:55Z /* Email notifications */
1853087 2015-08-17T23:32:12Z Tim.landscheidt Fix typo.
1852808 2015-08-17T22:23:14Z Shirayuki Marked this version for translation
1852806 2015-08-17T22:22:47Z Shirayuki translation tweaks
1852709 2015-08-17T21:14:56Z Nemo bis Add help snippet for [[phabricator:T58315]].
1414075 2015-02-18T20:09:28Z Wanderinghill word omission (you have "to" actually)
1038625 2014-06-17T06:53:36Z Shirayuki Undo revision 1038607 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
1038607 2014-06-17T06:42:34Z {{contact header}}
958984 2014-04-14T15:06:46Z Shirayuki Undo revision 958939 by [[Special:Contributions/Fabsouza1|Fabsouza1]] ([[User talk:Fabsouza1|talk]]): unwanted tags
958939 2014-04-14T14:27:16Z Fabsouza1 General editions
928060 2014-03-14T07:00:48Z Shirayuki TNT
850809 2013-12-27T09:50:47Z Nemo bis Marked this version for translation
850808 2013-12-27T09:50:36Z Nemo bis fix tagging
848789 2013-12-24T19:56:12Z M4tx
661904 2013-03-20T20:28:54Z Camiegoffi
577393 2012-08-29T15:28:19Z Krinkle
577391 2012-08-29T15:26:43Z Krinkle
577390 2012-08-29T15:19:29Z Krinkle
577389 2012-08-29T15:19:15Z Krinkle
451957 2011-11-07T14:33:08Z Dan Bolser adding the template
451926 2011-11-07T13:46:19Z Wargo Double category:help-removed
451883 2011-11-07T10:44:34Z Dan Bolser +cat
374714 2011-01-09T21:55:48Z Bawolff have both. the star icon is not present on non-vector skins, and only sometimes visible on vector, depending on config
374713 2011-01-09T21:41:28Z Harry Wood watch tab? -> star icon
262001 2009-06-24T11:45:18Z Semajnodle
237331 2009-02-07T15:11:08Z Aotake using int, markups
229919 2008-12-28T07:37:32Z BrianOregon fix cat to put page in alphebetical order
220833 2008-10-28T21:53:43Z Skizzerz +languages/cat
211692 2008-09-11T11:50:19Z Harry Wood here's my attempt to describe the watchlist feature (and complete the contents page again!)