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1618895 2015-04-22T12:07:37Z Nemo bis 225 revisions imported: Import some Meta-Wiki help pages not using Translate, see [[phabricator:T45591#1227210]].
1618894 2015-04-22T11:40:17Z Nemo bis {{MoveToMediaWiki}}
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1618892 2015-01-25T20:27:06Z /* User preferences */
1618891 2014-11-28T15:38:58Z PrimeHunter /* E-mail notification */ add "Viewing a diff or the page history is not enough."
1618890 2014-03-24T11:23:53Z KevinADCarter Undo vandalism - revision 7936481 by [[Special:Contributions/AKAK20001|AKAK20001]] ([[User talk:AKAK20001|talk]])
1618889 2014-03-24T02:39:56Z AKAK20001 Demande de {{subst:REVISIONUSER}}
1618888 2014-01-07T13:40:25Z Pratyya Ghosh Undo revision 6984595 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
1618887 2014-01-07T13:34:25Z g09211235689145651332214578998766666611111111111
1618886 2013-12-12T18:43:19Z Nemo bis /* E-mail notification */ See also [[mw:Notifications]] for the 2013 extension.
1618885 2013-11-25T22:33:14Z Defender Reverted changes by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by Tegel
1618884 2013-11-25T22:28:27Z /* Simple Watchlist */
1618883 2013-08-20T16:36:28Z Tegel Reverted changes by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by Nemo bis
1618882 2013-08-20T15:36:19Z /* User preferences */
1618881 2012-11-27T11:25:16Z Nemo bis /* Common misunderstandings */ typo
1618880 2012-11-27T11:24:47Z Nemo bis /* E-mail notification */ add to "Common misunderstandings"
1618879 2012-05-08T02:07:43Z Krenair Undo revision 3726063 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
1618878 2012-05-08T02:01:15Z Undo revision 1796963 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
1618877 2012-05-03T20:26:40Z Nemo bis /* E-mail notification */ fix
1618876 2012-05-03T19:25:40Z Nemo bis /* E-mail notification */ [[bugzilla:36316]] and [[bugzilla:28026#c56]]: From early May 2012, the options for both notifications for watchlist edit and addition to watchlist of edited pages are the default for new users.
1618875 2012-04-28T06:46:07Z Nemo bis /* E-mail notification */ expand, clarify
1618874 2012-04-21T17:40:18Z Thehelpfulone Undo - {{H:f}} has now been fixed
1618873 2012-04-21T00:36:46Z Thehelpfulbot /* See also */Replacing H:f with {{languages}}
1618872 2012-04-20T21:14:33Z Thehelpfulbot Bot: Fixing redirects
1618871 2011-10-21T10:21:47Z Nemo bis /* E-mail notification */ moved preferences from [[w:en:Help:Email notification]]
1618870 2011-10-21T08:08:49Z Nemo bis /* Recent and related changes, page history */ This is actually enabled together with [[#E-mail notification|e-mail notification]]. [somewhat, according to [[mw:Manual:$wgShowUpdatedMarker]] and on WMF wikis
1618869 2011-06-06T10:08:00Z Micki Reverted changes by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by IAlex
1618868 2011-06-06T10:07:10Z
1618867 2011-02-02T19:25:58Z IAlex [[Category:Reader handbook]]
1618866 2010-08-10T08:43:35Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ in Vector skin the white star
1618865 2010-02-21T14:13:06Z Patrick /* E-mail notification */ However, only for a selection of changed pages an e-mail is sent. The criteria are not clear.
1618864 2010-02-21T09:05:51Z Patrick /* E-mail notification */ Whether the feature is enabled on a wiki can be seen in the preferences: if it is, the {{msg|tog-enotifwatchlistpages}} (default: "E-mail me when a page on my watchlist is ch
1618863 2010-02-21T08:57:01Z Patrick /* E-mail notification */ Wikimedia sites on which this feature is enabled include:
1618862 2010-01-27T02:06:33Z /* Related changes feature */
1618861 2010-01-08T11:27:35Z Mentifisto Reverted changes by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by The.empty.set
1618860 2010-01-08T11:27:20Z /* Controlling which pages are watched */
1618859 2009-01-16T16:41:54Z The.empty.set Changed the order slightly to reflect the current order on the watch page, and added information about the 'talk' and 'contribs' links
1618858 2008-08-29T19:58:32Z Stratford490 Undo revision 1153882 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
1618857 2008-08-29T19:56:22Z /* Controlling which pages are watched */
1618856 2008-06-27T02:46:15Z /* Simple Watchlist */ grammar
1618855 2008-06-24T02:08:06Z /* Controlling which pages are watched */ changed 'can not watch one and not watch the other' to 'it's not possible to watch one without watching the other'
1618854 2008-04-23T15:08:12Z Ilmari Karonen /* Page moves and the watchlist */ new section
1618853 2008-04-23T12:30:27Z Fuhghettaboutit /* Watching a non-existing page */ minor copyedit
1618852 2008-04-09T16:32:17Z /* What you cannot watch */ I believe that actions ''do'' now appear in watchlists
1618851 2008-04-03T16:28:21Z Snowball~metawiki In addition to the built-in watchlist, there is a multi-wiki watchlist available at that will allow you to simultaneously display changes to watched pages on as
1618850 2008-03-22T20:59:13Z Removing confusing link to a deleted, unrelated article.
1618849 2008-03-04T17:55:01Z no reason to link to wikia
1618848 2008-01-25T02:00:36Z Patrick /* Expanded Watchlist */ recent changes of watched pages are grouped by day, and within a day by page.
1618847 2008-01-25T01:58:23Z Patrick /* Expanded Watchlist */ restore grouped by day.
1618846 2008-01-24T22:23:06Z Alex Smotrov rewrite of: /*Watchlist*/ /*What you cannot watch*/ /*Watching a non-existing page*/
1618845 2008-01-24T18:59:30Z Patrick
1618844 2008-01-24T17:57:22Z Alex Smotrov rewrite of introduction and 1st section /*Controlling which pages are watched*/
1618843 2008-01-22T23:45:45Z Patrick /* Watchlist */ Sometimes a site limits the number of edits shown in the watchlist, e.g., on the English Wikipedia the maximum seems to be 1000. To show pages with older edits, use the non-enhanced ve
1618842 2007-10-30T19:16:20Z /* Watchlist */ meaning of bold m and b
1618841 2007-07-30T14:47:53Z Patrick
1618840 2007-07-20T06:34:03Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ After pressing "clear watchlist", the {{msg|Watchlistedit-clear-confirm}} appears asking for confirmation.
1618839 2007-07-14T15:26:36Z Patrick /* Related changes feature */
1618838 2007-07-14T15:18:36Z Patrick /* Related changes feature */
1618837 2007-07-13T16:44:32Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ action=edit
1618836 2007-07-13T16:42:54Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ (including the talk pages) Thus it also shows which of these pages exist.
1618835 2007-07-12T23:42:10Z Patrick /* Related changes feature */
1618834 2007-07-12T23:40:53Z Patrick /* Related changes feature */ Also, there is not the convenience of pressing a "watch" link to add the current page to the list of watched pages.
1618833 2007-07-12T10:30:29Z Patrick /* Watchlist */ Additional preference settings:
1618832 2007-07-12T10:27:10Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ mv
1618831 2007-07-12T10:26:14Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ (if the previous is checked this need not be checked, because creation counts also as an edit), "Add pages I move to my watchlist"
1618830 2007-07-12T10:20:08Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ Additional options are "Add pages I create to my watchlist" and "Add pages I delete to my watchlist".
1618829 2007-07-12T06:52:55Z Patrick /* Recent and related changes, page history */
1618828 2007-07-12T06:51:40Z Patrick /* Watchlist */
1618827 2007-07-12T06:45:17Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */
1618826 2007-07-12T06:39:28Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ {{SERVER}}{{localurl:Special:Watchlist|action=raw}} provides a list of watched pages, with one title on every line, presented in an inputbox, which allows edi
1618825 2007-06-29T10:01:05Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ Depending on the browser
1618824 2007-06-29T09:54:18Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ [[w:Ajax (programming)|AJAX]] with {{SERVER}}/skins-1.5/common/ajaxwatch.js.
1618823 2007-06-29T09:30:35Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ msg "Removedwatchtext"
1618822 2007-06-29T09:22:57Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ The {{msg|Addedwatchtext}} is shown above the page, and "watch" is changed to "unwatch", without reloading the whole page.
1618821 2007-06-18T05:12:32Z Aotake sorting out
1618820 2007-05-20T20:17:43Z Pajz Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] to last version by Patrick. Reason: vandalism
1618819 2007-05-20T20:16:32Z Replacing page with ' == Headline text == poop'
1618818 2007-05-05T11:58:29Z Patrick /* Watching a non-existing page */
1618817 2007-04-24T19:28:23Z /* Related changes feature */
1618816 2007-04-24T19:27:20Z /* Related changes feature */
1618815 2007-04-04T04:13:16Z Froggo Zijgeb /* Watchlist */ correction of preposition, correction of tense.
1618814 2007-03-27T07:39:12Z Patrick
1618813 2007-03-24T09:12:05Z Patrick /* Recent and related changes, page history */
1618812 2007-03-24T09:02:27Z Patrick /* Recent and related changes */ If one views the history of a watched page directly, without first viewing the page, the edit at the top (the most recent one) may be marked with update marker "update
1618811 2007-03-24T08:26:17Z Patrick /* Watchlist */
1618810 2007-03-24T08:21:49Z Patrick /* Update marker */ rm, although there is [[MediaWiki:Updatedmarker]], I do not see this message in standard MediaWiki
1618809 2007-03-24T08:17:28Z Patrick /* Watchlist */ update: For each of three types of edits one can specify in the preferences whether they should show in the watchlist: minor edits, bot edits, and your own edits. The page name is bold
1618808 2007-03-23T18:43:54Z Patrick /* E-mail notification */
1618807 2007-03-23T18:42:52Z Patrick /* E-mail notification */ [[mw:$wgEnotifWatchlist]]
1618806 2007-03-17T08:23:22Z Patrick Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] to last version by [[Special:Contributions/Cbrown1023|Cbrown1023]]
1618805 2007-03-17T03:39:34Z /* Controlling which pages are watched */
1618804 2007-02-06T00:14:17Z Cbrown1023 Undo revision 525181 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
1618803 2007-02-06T00:13:17Z /* Related changes feature */
1618802 2007-01-27T02:07:27Z Patrick /* Watchlist */ expand
1618801 2007-01-22T15:46:33Z Patrick /* Watchlist */
1618800 2007-01-22T15:44:33Z Patrick /* See also */
1618799 2007-01-22T15:40:13Z Patrick /* Watchlist */ The entries come from the [[mw:recentchanges table|recentchanges table]] and are therefore anyway restricted to edits not older than [[mw:Manual:$wgRCMaxAge|$wgRCMaxAge]].
1618798 2007-01-07T01:31:46Z /* E-mail notification */ link directly to the correct page
1618797 2007-01-07T01:30:44Z /* Update marker */ link directly to the correct page
1618796 2006-12-26T01:46:55Z Gimmetrow /* Watchlist */
1618795 2006-12-14T21:00:49Z Az1568 Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] to last version by Centrx
1618794 2006-12-14T19:53:02Z /* Watching a non-existing page */
1618793 2006-11-18T07:11:22Z Centrx /* E-mail notification */
1618792 2006-11-18T07:10:50Z Centrx /* Email notification */
1618790 2006-10-19T23:40:45Z Patrick /* Article hit statistics */ rm off-topic
1618788 2006-07-08T09:01:14Z Patrick /* Watchlist */ Moving a watched page does not show up on the watchlist; after the move both the old and the new name are watched.
1618786 2006-06-26T18:41:08Z Altruic~metawiki /* Watching wikitext vs. watching the rendered page */
1618783 2006-06-05T00:46:38Z /* Email notification */ Added a citation to the Wikipedia Help Desk about email notifications being turned off on Wikipedia.
1618780 2006-05-19T11:09:31Z Patrick /* Deletion of pages */
1618778 2006-05-19T11:08:40Z Patrick /* Deletion of pages */ update
1618777 2006-05-19T11:04:28Z Patrick /* Recent changes */ [[Help:Related changes|Related Changes]]
1618776 2006-05-17T22:52:30Z
1618775 2006-05-04T11:44:28Z Patrick /* Related changes feature */ update
1618773 2006-04-25T08:48:08Z Patrick /* Watchlist */ The enhanced watchlist is equal to the enhanced recent changes, restricted to watched pages, and without the bolding.
1618772 2006-04-24T14:51:15Z Patrick /* Watchlist */
1618771 2006-04-24T14:50:10Z Patrick /* Watchlist */ Enhanced watchlist
1618769 2006-04-22T08:56:26Z Omniplex subst H:new
1618766 2006-04-13T01:10:37Z Chealer /* Email notification */ warn that those aren't available on probably not a clean way to do it (here). please help if you know better
1618763 2006-03-07T09:20:29Z /* Related changes feature */
1618762 2006-02-14T22:33:25Z /* CSS */ minor; capitalize "URL", change "although" to "even though"
1618760 2006-01-30T14:05:11Z Patrick fixed, clarified
1618758 2006-01-30T05:16:32Z Oleg Alexandrov /* Related changes feature */ kill text without conclusion, does not help the way it stands, and I don't know how to fix it.
1618755 2006-01-28T10:10:10Z Patrick /* Related changes feature */ rm dup
1618754 2006-01-28T10:08:38Z Patrick merge two sections
1618753 2006-01-28T10:01:01Z Patrick ==Related changes feature==
1618751 2006-01-28T09:52:44Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ clarify that unchecked does not mean "do not change"
1618749 2006-01-28T09:45:29Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */ clarify
1618746 2006-01-28T04:59:57Z Oleg Alexandrov rm note for now, it does not appear to have value. Rm more incomprihensible text.
1618744 2006-01-14T02:59:44Z Blahma /* Using a set of pages with links as a set of separate watchlists */ changed [[Help:Category#Pollution_of_categories|Pollution of categories]] since the original section does not exist any more
1618742 2006-01-14T00:55:53Z Chick Bowen fixed ambiguous sentence in first par.; if I've misinterpreted and you revert, please at least deal with the comma splice
1618740 2005-11-27T08:12:06Z Uncle G Fixed capitalization of template name.
1618737 2005-11-25T03:37:52Z Uncle G Fixed capitalization of template name.
1618735 2005-11-17T17:25:33Z Uncle G Fixed hyperlinks that break when this page is copied to other projects.
1618733 2005-11-17T17:23:40Z Uncle G Fixed hyperlinks that break when this page is copied to other projects.
1618730 2005-11-16T05:27:48Z Uncle G Replacement of {{new}} with {{H:new}}
1618728 2005-11-03T05:55:33Z /* Watchlist */
1618727 2005-09-28T03:18:41Z 1st line/"Anyone"-->"Anyone with an account"
1618724 2005-09-24T09:13:05Z AlanBarrett /* Css */ capitalise "CSS" in heading
1618721 2005-09-24T09:11:32Z AlanBarrett /* Privacy of watchlsts */ new section, prompted by a query at the en: village pump
1618719 2005-08-30T20:19:58Z Datrio Reverted edits by to last version by Patrick
1618716 2005-08-30T20:19:11Z
1618713 2005-07-17T20:22:11Z Patrick /* See also */ Detection of additions to a category
1618711 2005-05-16T08:20:45Z Patrick ==Watching wikitext vs. watching the rendered page==
1618708 2005-05-16T08:17:53Z Patrick /* Watching wikitext vs. watching the rendered page */
1618706 2005-05-16T08:12:10Z Patrick
1618703 2005-05-16T05:35:19Z Patrick /* Email notification */misc
1618701 2005-05-15T21:04:26Z Patrick /* Email notification */
1618698 2005-05-15T20:54:18Z Patrick /* See also */
1618696 2005-05-15T20:48:55Z Patrick /* Update marker */ Note that to reset this (clear the notification flag) one has to be logged in when viewing the page.
1618693 2005-05-15T20:42:14Z Patrick /* Email notification */
1618690 2005-05-15T11:29:38Z Patrick /* Email notification */
1618688 2005-05-15T11:18:20Z Patrick Having a separate email for every edited page that one likes to watch in the sense of the other watch features, may be too much. New features are being proposed and developed: emails with a list of ed
1618686 2005-05-15T10:43:00Z Patrick
1618685 2005-05-15T09:44:35Z Patrick /* Update marker */
1618684 2005-05-15T09:36:22Z Patrick ===Update marker===
1618683 2005-05-15T09:35:09Z Patrick /* Effects of watching a page */
1618682 2005-05-15T09:12:59Z Patrick /* Effects of watching a page */
1618681 2005-05-15T09:02:30Z Patrick /* Effects of watching a page */
1618680 2005-05-15T08:58:19Z Patrick /* Effects of watching a page */
1618679 2005-05-15T08:54:18Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */
1618678 2005-05-15T08:53:27Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */
1618677 2005-05-15T08:50:05Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */
1618676 2005-05-15T08:48:49Z Patrick /* Controlling which pages are watched */
1618675 2005-05-15T08:41:06Z Patrick
1618674 2005-05-15T08:34:53Z Patrick /* Use */
1618673 2005-04-21T12:24:28Z AnyFile
1618672 2005-04-19T11:43:46Z Patrick /* See also */
1618671 2005-04-14T18:10:28Z /* Watching and unwatching */
1618670 2005-03-31T11:53:50Z Patrick
1618669 2005-03-31T11:49:44Z Patrick Unfortunately, the latter possibility does not have the feature of edited pages automatically being added to the watchlist.
1618668 2005-03-31T11:42:52Z Patrick Even if Related Changes has equal difficulty in allowing a large watching a large set of pages, the difference is that when [[#Using a set of pages with links as a set of separate watchlists|using a s
1618667 2005-03-31T11:37:57Z Patrick ==Using a set of pages with links as a set of separate watchlists==
1618666 2005-03-31T11:36:07Z Patrick ==Using collections of pages with links as a set of separate watchlists==
1618665 2005-03-31T11:09:52Z Patrick Note that the watchlist feature is not as reliable as Recent Changes and Related Changes: it gives more often "Database error" without any further explanation.
1618664 2005-03-24T11:15:45Z Patrick Note that Related Changes does not detect an edit in the page itself and its talk page. Either include a self-link and a link to the talk page in the page, or put the page in another "special watchlis
1618663 2005-03-24T11:08:44Z Patrick Watching pages in a category by applying Related Changes to the category has a major drawback: removal of a page from the category is not detected.
1618662 2005-03-19T21:30:13Z replaced -- with &mdhash; link to [[HTML]]
1618661 2005-02-19T22:20:32Z Angela rm "However, one can watch the Deletion log." - no longer true
1618660 2005-02-16T01:16:27Z Patrick /* Watching a category or an image */
1618659 2005-02-16T01:14:07Z Patrick /* Watching a category or an image */ The same applies for changing the image.
1618658 2005-02-16T01:11:19Z Patrick Watching a category or an image means watching the editable part. Additions to, and removals from a category are not reported.
1618657 2005-01-28T13:33:01Z Patrick In particular talk pages of template pages are vulnerable: content that is valuable enough for a non-talk page could be put here, if, by the nature of the template, it is not suitable for the template
1618656 2005-01-28T13:16:47Z Patrick misc
1618655 2005-01-28T13:10:43Z Patrick All additions to and deletions from the list of watched pages apply to the non-talk page / talk page combination: one can not watch one and not watch the other.
1618654 2005-01-28T13:05:45Z Patrick /* Use */"page" more general than "article"
1618653 2005-01-28T12:58:05Z Patrick /* Deletion of pages */ However, talk pages are not listed separately, hence deletion of a talk page can not be detected in this manner.
1618652 2005-01-28T12:29:50Z Patrick mv section down / Since the pages in the list are given in the form of links, deleted ones are easily identified, especially if you normally do not watch nonexisting pages.
1618651 2005-01-28T12:24:04Z Patrick A list of watched pages, with the possibility of en masse unwatching pages by clicking checkboxes, can be done conveniently using {{SERVER}}{{localurl:Special:Watchlist|magic=yes}}, also available as
1618650 2005-01-28T12:10:01Z Patrick /* Deletion of pages */ Since the pages in the list are given in the form of links, nonexisting pages (including the deleted ones) are shown in a different format.
1618649 2005-01-28T12:04:01Z Patrick Also, {{SERVER}}{{localurl:Special:Watchlist|magic=yes}} shows all watched pages, including the deleted ones, with as usual by default a different format for nonexisting pages, including the deleted o
1618648 2005-01-26T09:47:29Z Patrick /* Article Hit Statisitics */ There is a counter for page views of a given page, but on Wikimedia sites it has been disabled for performance reasons.
1618647 2005-01-26T03:30:26Z Article Hits -- Save others looking in vain
1618646 2004-12-24T12:42:21Z
1618645 2004-12-15T14:42:12Z Patrick with items in the form <nowiki>[[Main Page]] [[Talk:Main Page| ]] showing up as just Main Page .</nowiki>
1618644 2004-12-15T14:35:21Z Patrick Note however that unlike My Watchlist, Related Changes does not automatically include talk pages; to watch also the corresponding talk pages, links to them also have to be in the page on which Related
1618643 2004-12-04T03:07:37Z Patrick Such pages can use the template mechanism to include other pages. However, see [[Help:Category#Pollution_of_categories|Pollution of categories]]
1618642 2004-11-27T03:45:25Z Patrick Oddly, this link for reducing the number of watched pages is not available when the watchlist function does not work because of too many watched pages. In that case use a URL like http://en.wikipedia.
1618641 2004-10-29T06:46:16Z Jean-Christophe Chazalette Reverted edits by to last version by Patrick
1618640 2004-10-29T05:34:32Z
1618639 2004-09-26T07:08:48Z Patrick
1618638 2004-09-23T06:08:15Z AaronPeterson {{handbook sidebar|reader toc}} and a briefer main comment.
1618637 2004-09-14T08:48:54Z MattTM~metawiki /* Css */ disambig CSS
1618636 2004-08-19T02:39:51Z Patrick /* See also */ *[[Watchlist sizes for enwiki 2004-08-11]]
1618635 2004-08-16T13:56:53Z Patrick ==Keeping a number of separate watchlists==
1618634 2004-08-11T23:13:31Z Patrick /* Css */
1618633 2004-08-11T22:59:52Z Patrick /* Css */
1618632 2004-08-11T16:09:38Z Patrick /* Css */
1618631 2004-08-11T16:08:13Z Patrick /* Css */Note that the full url is needed, even to highlight links from the same project, although the html code uses the relative url /wiki/''pagename''.
1618630 2004-08-11T15:50:01Z Patrick /* Css */To highlight links to the given page also from other websites, including interlanguage links, additionally use
1618629 2004-08-11T15:26:42Z Patrick /* Css */ (also for piped links, but not for indirect links through a redirect).
1618628 2004-08-11T14:39:07Z Patrick /* Css */ Furthermore, it also works on other pages.
1618627 2004-08-11T14:32:42Z Patrick One can also define a [[help:user style|]] for links to selected pages, putting in your [[w:css|]] a list of lines like:
1618626 2004-07-28T20:32:21Z Patrick Watchlist table
1618625 2004-06-22T22:34:52Z Raul654 rv vandalism
1618624 2004-06-22T22:14:17Z
1618623 2004-06-02T11:46:55Z Patrick /* Watching and unwatching */ You can also watch a non-existing page. Then you see it on your watchlist when somebody creates it. If a page has a (broken) link to it, press that link and press "Watch"
1618622 2004-05-27T01:09:11Z Angela change next page link
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1618620 2004-04-15T01:05:36Z Jroes Added a link to the next page in the guide
1618619 2004-03-16T17:36:37Z Added "no way to exclude minor edits in watchlist".
1618618 2004-02-09T04:44:12Z Angela link to en:Wikipedia:Minor edit
1618617 2003-12-06T21:44:06Z Angela en link
1618616 2003-12-06T21:43:40Z Angela The default cutoff for the watchlist is currently three days for users with less than 1000 pages in their watchlists and 12 hours for [[Wikipedia:Wikipediholic|Wikipediholic]]s with more than 1000.
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