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1129306 2014-09-01T09:01:47Z Shirayuki #REDIRECT [[Help:Magic words/ko]] [[Category:Help|Variables{{translation}}]]
718671 2013-06-27T21:38:05Z Seven-League Bot Bot: convert to multilingual template
641170 2013-02-05T06:54:57Z 아라 네임스페이스를 이름공간으로
544616 2012-05-30T16:14:53Z KrenairBot Substituting [[Template:Prettytable]].
193990 2008-06-15T13:28:04Z Kingboyk Removing inappropriate interwiki link and copyrighted image from *portable, public domain* help page
141391 2007-10-26T16:11:16Z Klutzy
137013 2007-10-06T18:49:22Z IAlex + {{Languages|Help:Variables}}
120406 2007-08-05T14:05:33Z Everich
117175 2007-07-26T15:42:04Z HappyDog fix cat
116360 2007-07-24T06:48:50Z Everich
115833 2007-07-21T12:21:19Z Everich Korean Initial Version