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oldid date/time username edit summary
1111741 2014-08-19T04:12:24Z Fabsouza1 Translation tweaks
904516 2014-02-13T07:20:00Z Shirayuki {{translation}}
899719 2014-02-06T12:02:01Z Ата Marked this version for translation
899718 2014-02-06T12:01:54Z Ата
496157 2012-02-08T12:23:05Z Fabsouza1
348338 2010-09-03T14:09:32Z Asraam Make the correct order in the category list
343383 2010-08-13T14:06:47Z Kghbln add
340266 2010-07-28T23:19:55Z Kghbln new, hope that I got it right