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oldid date/time username edit summary
2122033 2016-05-07T13:03:35Z Shirayuki translation tweaks
2122032 2016-05-07T12:59:15Z Shirayuki translation tweaks
2070564 2016-03-05T08:34:09Z Shirayuki Marked this version for translation
2070555 2016-03-05T08:33:17Z Shirayuki translation tweaks
1905903 2015-10-03T06:01:18Z Shirayuki Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Shirayuki|Shirayuki]]
1903090 2015-09-29T01:05:08Z /* Enhanced view */
1621214 2015-04-23T07:35:07Z Shirayuki dummy edit to update translation pages
1621187 2015-04-23T07:33:21Z Shirayuki
1519930 2015-04-07T21:27:21Z Shirayuki
1519892 2015-04-07T21:26:27Z Shirayuki Marked this version for translation
1519891 2015-04-07T21:26:01Z Shirayuki translation tweaks
1518584 2015-04-06T23:04:23Z SPage (WMF) mention [[API:Recent_changes_stream]]
1409341 2015-02-14T00:27:58Z Shirayuki Marked this version for translation
1409340 2015-02-14T00:25:31Z Shirayuki translation tweaks
1288207 2014-11-29T05:02:22Z Shirayuki Protected "[[Help:Tracking changes]]": Excessive vandalism ([Edit=Allow only autoconfirmed users] (expires 05:02, 29 May 2015 (UTC)) [Move=Allow only autoconfirmed users] (expires 05:02, 29 May 2015 (UTC)))
1288206 2014-11-29T05:01:44Z Shirayuki Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Tegel|Tegel]]
1288158 2014-11-29T04:51:54Z test change
1117466 2014-08-23T12:47:13Z Tegel Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:GeorgeBarnick|GeorgeBarnick]]
1117465 2014-08-23T12:44:38Z
964208 2014-04-18T16:02:04Z GeorgeBarnick Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Teabell|Teabell]] ([[User talk:Teabell|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Shirayuki|Shirayuki]]
964207 2014-04-18T15:54:22Z Teabell
928059 2014-03-14T06:59:31Z Shirayuki TNT
857849 2013-12-29T20:55:07Z Nemo bis Marked this version for translation
857845 2013-12-29T20:54:48Z Nemo bis no lego sentences + the image could be localised too
857760 2013-12-29T19:34:10Z Vldandrew Removed the translation from the links
857757 2013-12-29T19:29:18Z Vldandrew Marked this version for translation
855755 2013-12-29T13:59:36Z Nemo bis /* See also */ [[Extension:CleanChanges]]
610853 2012-11-29T05:15:15Z Jasper Deng Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Arifa|Arifa]] ([[User talk:Arifa|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:|]]
610852 2012-11-29T05:14:32Z Arifa /* development */
610851 2012-11-29T05:14:12Z Arifa
610849 2012-11-29T05:13:07Z Arifa Replaced content with "== development == === book publish === ==== video editing ===="
556354 2012-06-28T15:03:06Z
556353 2012-06-28T15:02:27Z
554665 2012-06-24T18:01:05Z Krenair /* See also */
527889 2012-04-20T11:21:20Z Frigotoni Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Rd232|Rd232]]
527879 2012-04-20T10:47:50Z
520140 2012-04-04T21:48:59Z Rd232
505546 2012-03-01T08:59:13Z IAlex Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Stoobiedood|Stoobiedood]]
505501 2012-03-01T08:00:09Z
489767 2012-01-23T19:12:34Z Stoobiedood clarified some language and made punctuation consistent
489761 2012-01-23T18:54:43Z Stoobiedood /* Enhanced view */ clarified some language
454438 2011-11-15T00:13:23Z Schalice /* See also */
424452 2011-08-08T23:45:57Z L d allan /* Enhanced view */ expanded instructions to mention clicking on tab
413240 2011-06-27T09:37:34Z Undo revision 413239 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
413239 2011-06-27T09:36:57Z
374929 2011-01-10T16:30:06Z Nemo bis Undo revision 374927 by [[Special:Contributions/AryaFyp|AryaFyp]] ([[User talk:AryaFyp|talk]]): vandalism
374927 2011-01-10T16:21:09Z AryaFyp
365481 2010-11-23T17:47:56Z Emufarmers Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Trevordoe|Trevordoe]] ([[User talk:Trevordoe|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:MaxSem|MaxSem]]
365477 2010-11-23T17:35:15Z Trevordoe
355446 2010-10-07T14:04:19Z MaxSem Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:MC10|MC10]]
355433 2010-10-07T12:39:16Z
349961 2010-09-13T04:32:07Z MC10 /* See also */ fix links
349960 2010-09-13T04:31:36Z MC10 use "File:"
349959 2010-09-13T04:31:23Z MC10 capitalize
324462 2010-05-21T13:12:38Z ^demon More of the same
323608 2010-05-17T15:53:40Z Skizzerz Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:|]]
323583 2010-05-17T15:45:52Z /* See also */
323582 2010-05-17T15:45:42Z /* Enhanced view */
322216 2010-05-10T12:20:00Z /* Enhanced view */
292908 2009-12-17T01:22:56Z Hamilton Abreu enhanced view illustration changed to reflect current layout
292901 2009-12-17T00:37:51Z Hamilton Abreu changed "article" to "page"
260161 2009-06-15T21:58:06Z
260160 2009-06-15T21:57:08Z
237325 2009-02-07T14:49:12Z Aotake using int, markups
210710 2008-09-04T20:06:53Z Bdk rv, see [[Project:PD help#Editorial guidelines]]
210676 2008-09-04T18:19:52Z Addition of link to Manual:Watchlist
209049 2008-08-27T11:14:06Z IAlex + [[Category:Recent changes]]
199145 2008-07-05T02:04:31Z Ibid language
194114 2008-06-15T17:10:42Z Kingboyk link
193928 2008-06-15T13:03:43Z Kingboyk Removing inappropriate interwiki link and copyrighted image from *portable, public domain* help page
185001 2008-05-10T01:42:46Z Onecountry Add "page size difference" and "contributions" according to the current version appearance
161117 2008-01-16T18:20:39Z Harry Wood typo
160983 2008-01-16T07:44:46Z
149153 2007-11-26T08:20:06Z BrianOregon link to meta
145519 2007-11-09T14:15:36Z Harry Wood linkify [[Help:Talk pages#User Talk pages]] + other tweaks
145435 2007-11-09T01:13:17Z Kakurady
133471 2007-09-21T03:52:25Z Garrett added a very basic description of how to enable and use the "enhanced" recent changes
81710 2007-04-10T21:26:15Z
44296 2006-10-10T22:14:49Z Bdk Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User_talk:|Talk]]); changed back to last version by [[User:Bdk|Bdk]]
44282 2006-10-10T19:17:01Z
43958 2006-10-07T01:20:56Z Bdk Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User_talk:|Talk]]); changed back to last version by [[User:Rogerhc|Rogerhc]]
43916 2006-10-06T17:38:21Z
41150 2006-09-09T23:13:51Z Rogerhc /* See also */ fix category
36804 2006-08-10T19:46:59Z The0bone add {{Languages|Help:Tracking changes}} at the bottom
33831 2006-07-11T23:21:19Z
33830 2006-07-11T23:13:51Z
33779 2006-07-11T11:17:51Z Seb35 small updates
24572 2006-04-18T02:31:36Z Bdk fix
11250 2005-11-29T10:39:50Z Harry Wood I'm assume that was supposed to have the PD template (Mostly text created by Elian anyway)
7786 2005-10-11T23:42:48Z Patrick~mediawikiwiki [[Category:MediaWiki Manual]]
5505 2005-09-07T17:02:06Z Hashar
5494 2005-09-07T10:10:22Z Elian
5493 2005-09-07T08:08:48Z Elian
5492 2005-09-07T08:02:39Z Elian
5490 2005-09-07T07:23:15Z Elian