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1040454 2014-06-19T05:43:37Z Fabsouza1 Marking for translation
1034774 2014-06-12T18:34:50Z BerlinSight Error corrected: replaced "&" in first example with "?"
1022115 2014-06-04T23:32:02Z Shirayuki use code tags
1019391 2014-06-01T09:56:12Z Ciencia Al Poder I don't see any difference when using debug=1 with uselang=qqx on the given example at least. Also, note that it may need to be ?uselang=qqx and not &uselang=qqx. Using tvar for untranslatable code
1007572 2014-05-17T12:53:40Z Shirayuki add tvar tags
966428 2014-04-19T14:44:30Z Varnent Marked this version for translation
948266 2014-04-03T11:57:33Z Nemo bis help pages must not contain such technical information, see [[Project:PD Help]]. Move to a ns0 or Manual: ns page please
948260 2014-04-03T11:44:50Z Amire80 update about JSON
864150 2013-12-31T16:25:45Z Nemo bis Marked this version for translation
864149 2013-12-31T16:25:29Z Nemo bis not this way
863885 2013-12-31T15:27:27Z Vldandrew
863878 2013-12-31T15:19:23Z Vldandrew Marked this version for translation
796476 2013-10-06T00:10:20Z Typo
755845 2013-08-03T12:42:06Z Nemo bis Nemo bis moved page [[Manual:System message]] to [[Help:System message]]: We already have two manuals for developers, [[Localisation]] and [[Manual:Messages_API]]; let's keep this a help page
755843 2013-08-03T12:40:17Z Nemo bis /* Message caching */ joined to [[Localisation#Caching]]
755828 2013-08-03T12:05:28Z Nemo bis /* Finding messages and documentation */ docs on wiki are old stuff; fix twn link, with the new interface it doesn't work
755826 2013-08-03T11:59:52Z Nemo bis /* Messages in the source code */ merge this section to [[Localisation]], to reduce duplication and so that the beginning of this oage doesn't scare non-devs off
748982 2013-07-28T08:11:23Z Nemo bis I was looking for the old name of the section..
748935 2013-07-28T07:46:16Z Parent5446 /* LCStore */ Adding CDB link
748920 2013-07-28T07:39:39Z Parent5446 /* Message caching */ Adding wikilinks
748919 2013-07-28T07:38:37Z Parent5446 Added section on message caching.
748831 2013-07-28T02:36:27Z Parent5446 Adding navigation template.
748830 2013-07-28T02:35:43Z Parent5446 Reorganizing page a little bit.
739996 2013-07-18T23:55:05Z Shirayuki {{git file}}
717043 2013-06-26T00:48:04Z Bawolff /* Built-in system messages */ add notes about content messages
658679 2013-03-12T16:18:41Z Nemo bis /* Creating new messages */ fix link: file was moved, use permalink this time
656050 2013-03-06T19:57:02Z Waldir /* Creating new messages */ see also
616821 2012-12-14T18:10:33Z Nemo bis /* Built-in system messages */ bold qqx
608541 2012-11-22T18:33:28Z Nemo bis /* Creating new messages */ When a '''message change''' is incompatible with current translations, you should pick a new key.: quote from Siebrand on mediawiki-i18n list
600481 2012-11-02T12:23:29Z Nemo bis /* Creating new messages */ expand for extensions
592763 2012-10-11T21:57:39Z Nemo bis /* Built-in system messages */ remove list: it only clutters the page reducing focus on important and useful stuff
579492 2012-09-03T20:08:03Z Nemo bis /* Built-in system messages */ link
568142 2012-08-02T04:52:03Z Nemo bis /* Creating new messages */ more on optionals
567711 2012-08-01T08:36:55Z Nemo bis /* Creating new messages */ links
567414 2012-07-31T18:09:46Z SPQRobin /* See also */ +
567389 2012-07-31T17:40:23Z SPQRobin /* Creating new messages */ optional/ignored extension messages & translatewiki
567385 2012-07-31T17:30:34Z Waldir /* Creating new messages */ add info about adding messages to core
562332 2012-07-16T18:10:08Z Waldir /* See also */ +Manual:Messages API
528796 2012-04-23T18:46:00Z Kghbln /* Built-in system messages */ typo
520263 2012-04-05T03:48:52Z Jasper Deng note, surprised that's not mentioend
515949 2012-03-26T14:53:21Z Waldir /* See also */
477605 2011-12-31T23:53:09Z Nemo bis /* Tracking Categories */ lc
477603 2011-12-31T23:52:35Z Nemo bis /* Built-in system messages */ protocol-relative
477585 2011-12-31T23:20:24Z Bawolff add note about tracking categories, add note about qqq
467000 2011-12-15T21:21:42Z Nemo bis /* Built-in system messages */ or to [[translatewiki:Special:Search|search for its text]] on
466998 2011-12-15T21:19:51Z Kghbln /* Built-in system messages */ add
446276 2011-10-22T05:37:18Z /* User rights */
445222 2011-10-19T07:10:09Z Nemo bis /* Built-in system messages */ {{anchor|qqx}}
445219 2011-10-19T07:08:08Z Nemo bis /* Special:AllMessages */ old
438194 2011-09-26T03:05:11Z Dantman /* Styles and JavaScript */
438072 2011-09-25T16:15:43Z Happy-melon /* Built-in system messages */ rewrite to give current implementation first
437637 2011-09-23T20:27:41Z Bawolff /* Built-in system messages */ add note about qqx
404565 2011-05-20T14:04:39Z Grunny Undo revision 404552 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) test edit
404552 2011-05-20T12:37:03Z /* See also */
400331 2011-04-30T08:31:59Z Undo revision 364678 by [[Special:Contributions/Rogerhc|Rogerhc]] ([[User talk:Rogerhc|talk]])
364678 2010-11-20T00:19:36Z Rogerhc /* Built-in system messages */
364677 2010-11-20T00:14:16Z Rogerhc /* Built-in system messages */ or search Special:AllMessages, all items, with browser's Find
364010 2010-11-17T18:42:34Z Rogerhc /* Built-in system messages */ added Lightbulb.jpg
364005 2010-11-17T18:32:59Z Rogerhc /* Built-in system messages */ '''To find''' a message
337381 2010-07-15T13:00:34Z add. note re. message file
293620 2009-12-21T11:22:23Z Changed links to "Special:Allmessages" to "Special:AllMessages" (capital 'M')
230775 2009-01-01T17:20:31Z IAlex + [[Manual:Interface/Rights]]
229364 2008-12-24T14:00:55Z IAlex rm [[Manual:Interface/Allmessages]], part of [[Manual:Interface/Special pages title]]
229363 2008-12-24T13:59:55Z IAlex + [[Manual:Interface/Special pages title]]
229199 2008-12-23T18:17:39Z IAlex update
229029 2008-12-22T22:00:00Z IAlex list missing pages
221983 2008-11-05T14:58:35Z ThT /* Visible messages */ +links
194228 2008-06-16T05:52:50Z Ans use {{lang subpage}}
194226 2008-06-16T05:50:22Z Ans -{{{1}}} from {{languages}}, unify categories
176010 2008-03-25T12:51:35Z Pfctdayelise + labelled screenshot of the upload form showing various messages
141352 2007-10-26T13:25:40Z Courant /* See also */ languages
131512 2007-09-17T18:57:10Z Egfrank~mediawikiwiki added category
130435 2007-09-14T12:03:35Z
130379 2007-09-14T08:40:58Z Egfrank~mediawikiwiki added clarification
130377 2007-09-14T08:38:04Z Egfrank~mediawikiwiki fixed typo in category link
130375 2007-09-14T08:37:20Z Egfrank~mediawikiwiki added category
130374 2007-09-14T08:36:16Z Egfrank~mediawikiwiki added secion on custom system messages
130372 2007-09-14T08:32:36Z Egfrank~mediawikiwiki moved from [[Manual:Interface]]