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oldid date/time username edit summary
1146172 2014-09-10T00:01:31Z Shirayuki fix tvars
969963 2014-04-20T09:02:36Z Varnent
969962 2014-04-20T09:01:52Z Varnent
969723 2014-04-20T08:43:15Z Varnent Marked this version for translation
969722 2014-04-20T08:43:06Z Varnent
852033 2013-12-27T21:29:18Z Wargo [[Thread:User talk:Wargo/Category:Languages pages without translations]]
486728 2012-01-17T12:32:17Z Fix help example page that somehow accidentally got deleted. (check hierarchy, not just recent changes :-P )