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This is a sub-subpage of Help:Subpages, created as an example of the feature.

  • Help:Subpages – grandparent page
  • [[<tvar|2>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Subpages/subpage|Help:Subpages/subpage]] – parent page
  • [[<tvar|3>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Subpages/subpage/sub-subpage|Help:Subpages/subpage/sub-subpage]] – this page

When the antecedent pages actually exist, the links to antecedent pages automatically appear under the page name header at the top, creating a breadcrumb. If the subpage feature is turned off, this will not appear.

This page was moved from mw:Help:Subpages/subpage/sub-subpage. It's edit history can be viewed at Help:Subpages/subpage/sub-subpage/edithistory