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2082902 2016-03-24T17:20:52Z Damenleeturks Formatting and chunking
2082898 2016-03-24T17:11:23Z Damenleeturks formatting
1947115 2015-11-25T11:04:19Z Shirayuki Marked this version for translation
1947114 2015-11-25T11:03:56Z Shirayuki translation tweaks
1938228 2015-11-13T23:53:24Z Cpiral
1938227 2015-11-13T23:53:00Z Cpiral mention the template subpages as typical subpages on a wiki
1364148 2015-01-21T04:06:19Z Shirayuki Marked this version for translation
1364146 2015-01-21T04:05:55Z Shirayuki translation tweaks
1362087 2015-01-20T08:37:50Z SPage (WMF) parameters Special:PrefixIndex
1353066 2015-01-13T07:52:51Z Shirayuki Protected "[[Help:Subpages]]": Excessive vandalism ([Edit=Allow only autoconfirmed users] (expires 07:52, 13 July 2015 (UTC)) [Move=Allow only autoconfirmed users] (expires 07:52, 13 July 2015 (UTC)))
1353061 2015-01-13T07:45:57Z Shirayuki Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Shirayuki|Shirayuki]]
1353023 2015-01-13T07:08:03Z
1160124 2014-09-15T08:07:23Z Shirayuki Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Tony Mach|Tony Mach]]
1160098 2014-09-15T07:03:32Z
1160095 2014-09-15T07:01:21Z
1160092 2014-09-15T07:00:15Z
1149299 2014-09-11T10:30:17Z Tony Mach Removed empty lines
997579 2014-05-07T03:51:49Z Shirayuki {{translation}}
969252 2014-04-20T08:17:06Z Varnent
969249 2014-04-20T08:16:36Z Varnent
969248 2014-04-20T08:16:03Z Varnent tnt
966383 2014-04-19T14:44:06Z Varnent Marked this version for translation
937093 2014-03-22T11:44:28Z Tegel Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Mitchelltownsend|Mitchelltownsend]] ([[User talk:Mitchelltownsend|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:John Vandenberg|John Vandenberg]]
937090 2014-03-22T11:44:15Z Mitchelltownsend If you are thinking of furnishing your office with air conditioner Indianapolis machines, then you will first have to consider all the options that you have as installing them for a commercial building will cost you a fortune.
892991 2014-01-28T15:56:49Z John Vandenberg +{{Wikipedia|Subpages}}
892985 2014-01-28T15:51:49Z John Vandenberg magic words and titleparts
892926 2014-01-28T14:08:49Z John Vandenberg it is possible to use slash in titles when subpages are enabled; however it is not without issue
892918 2014-01-28T13:56:57Z John Vandenberg WLH and RCL
892911 2014-01-28T13:50:20Z John Vandenberg revise sentence about breadcrumb links
882051 2014-01-11T05:23:32Z Shirayuki en-US spelling: behavior
878465 2014-01-06T15:31:45Z Kaganer
878438 2014-01-06T15:27:56Z Kaganer
878424 2014-01-06T15:22:35Z Kaganer
878421 2014-01-06T15:20:39Z Kaganer
878362 2014-01-06T14:56:35Z Kaganer
878332 2014-01-06T14:53:08Z Kaganer Marked this version for translation
878330 2014-01-06T14:52:25Z Kaganer
878315 2014-01-06T14:37:00Z Kaganer fix markup
833367 2013-11-30T19:23:32Z Base a bit of retagging
829847 2013-11-25T23:14:21Z Added translation tags in preparation for the new system.
732100 2013-07-13T02:37:44Z SPage (WMF) /* Displaying subpages */ start simple, mention extensions later
732096 2013-07-13T02:34:24Z SPage (WMF) /* Displaying subpages */ mention the trick and the extension
717956 2013-06-27T12:37:00Z Geitost minor fixes
686693 2013-05-07T18:40:54Z Open4D /* How it works */ Added info about what wikitext could be used.
674825 2013-04-18T07:01:40Z
661565 2013-03-19T20:23:27Z Timothy.russ /* Where it works */ Confirmed through testing that Mediawiki does not treat backslashes as subpage delimiters and be be used as a substitute for forward slashes
563374 2012-07-19T14:05:19Z /* Use of subpages */
534957 2012-05-09T02:32:23Z Muqman 52 /* How it works */ displays it can go on? Please correct me if I am wrong.
534955 2012-05-09T02:31:50Z Muqman 52 /* How it works */ displays it can go on? Please correct me if I am wrong.
507471 2012-03-07T07:40:52Z Bináris /* Where it works */
507469 2012-03-07T07:40:21Z Bináris /* Where it works */ [[Manual:$wgNamespacesWithSubpages#Enabling for a namespace]]
483974 2012-01-11T20:33:12Z Badon /* Displaying subpages */
483973 2012-01-11T20:32:09Z Badon
443249 2011-10-12T14:05:45Z Waldir /* Where it works */ clarify
439912 2011-09-30T23:29:04Z Waldir /* Where it works */ copyedit
434826 2011-09-15T10:29:16Z Added note saying subpage breadcrumbs only work if subpages are turned on.
405645 2011-05-24T18:47:41Z Jeroen De Dauw /* See also */
402988 2011-05-12T01:37:54Z Waldir expand
401716 2011-05-06T18:35:58Z Waldir /* See also */ +[[Manual:$wgNamespacesWithSubpages]]
401706 2011-05-06T18:00:07Z Waldir /* Where it works */ caveat
401701 2011-05-06T17:21:10Z Waldir /* Where it works */ add an admittedly ugly workaround. Pplease mention any possible problems (search?...), so people know what are the downsides)
376982 2011-01-18T23:55:29Z Colejohnson66 /* How it works */
345843 2010-08-20T17:18:23Z Undo revision 339175 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) This is user help. Could add this as an admin tip
339175 2010-07-23T22:02:32Z /* Where it works */ cross-ref
331610 2010-06-16T16:45:55Z /* How it works */
324466 2010-05-21T13:13:42Z ^demon More of the same
313022 2010-03-25T19:12:11Z Tisane /* See also */ * [[Special:PrefixIndex]] – Provides a list of subpages.
245443 2009-03-21T00:28:15Z Anonymous Dissident /* How it works */ gram.
239904 2009-02-20T05:43:12Z /* Use of subpages */
238780 2009-02-14T10:22:19Z Aotake reorganize
238320 2009-02-11T18:32:16Z
231471 2009-01-05T12:57:50Z IAlex Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|Talk]]) to last version by [[User:IAlex|IAlex]]
231470 2009-01-05T12:57:32Z /* Namespaces */
231122 2009-01-03T13:35:02Z IAlex Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|Talk]]) to last version by [[User:Happy-melon|Happy-melon]]
231120 2009-01-03T13:30:51Z /* Namespaces */
230995 2009-01-02T17:17:26Z Happy-melon Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|Talk]]) to last version by [[User:Emufarmers|Emufarmers]]
230953 2009-01-02T10:17:30Z /* Namespaces */
230932 2009-01-02T05:35:01Z Emufarmers Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|Talk]]) to last version by [[User:RichMorin|RichMorin]]
230895 2009-01-02T04:34:07Z /* Namespaces */
214531 2008-09-27T06:06:44Z RichMorin /* Using (and over-using) sub pages */
200700 2008-07-15T15:27:04Z Reedy clean up, Replaced: [[Manual:$wgNamespacesWithSubpages]] → {{mediawiki|Manual:$wgNamespacesWithSubpages}} using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]]
199224 2008-07-05T19:24:25Z Nbarth Undo revision 199215 by [[Special:Contributions/Nbarth|Nbarth]] ([[User talk:Nbarth|Talk]]) – now understand point of {{mediawiki}} link
199215 2008-07-05T19:00:14Z Nbarth /* Using (and over-using) sub pages */ simplify link
185597 2008-05-12T16:33:26Z /* Slashes within a page name */
170286 2008-02-25T16:22:39Z
169082 2008-02-20T16:00:49Z Harry Wood /* Using (and over-using) sub pages */ fix talk page link
169081 2008-02-20T15:58:51Z Harry Wood add section "Using (and over-using) sub pages"
169063 2008-02-20T15:17:19Z Harry Wood it's only off by default in the main namespace
165043 2008-02-02T18:38:21Z Svanslyck /* On */
146529 2007-11-14T11:33:18Z Courant /* See also */ added {{PAGENAME}} sort parameters
145795 2007-11-10T15:22:09Z Change links to refer to mediawiki so that links work in local copies of help
142775 2007-11-02T00:06:19Z
142772 2007-11-02T00:03:39Z /* On */
137062 2007-10-06T21:12:17Z IAlex + {{PD Help Page}}
134192 2007-09-24T07:58:14Z Courant languages template, link
125258 2007-08-28T16:12:01Z Jack Phoenix ...
120522 2007-08-06T03:15:33Z minor
120499 2007-08-05T23:54:45Z Eep [[subpage]] content
120494 2007-08-05T23:51:55Z Eep cats
120490 2007-08-05T23:29:33Z Rogerhc
120472 2007-08-05T23:10:57Z Rogerhc New page: Mediawiki's '''subpage''' feature is turned '''off by default''' but can be turned on in any given wiki by the system administrator in [[Manual:$wgNamespacesWithSubpages|]], a per namespac...