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2085443 2016-03-28T11:32:01Z Cavila /* Sorting rows of a table */ + it is not possible to force a table to be sorted by a default order on page load
1933967 2015-11-06T10:44:45Z Suzukaze-c /* Sorting rows of a table */ <pre>
1539780 2015-04-18T01:23:25Z Undo revision 1539775 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
1539775 2015-04-18T01:10:27Z /* Sort order */
1347241 2015-01-08T09:20:55Z Hashar /* Sorting rows of a table */
1160324 2014-09-15T09:48:54Z Ciencia Al Poder more specific. we're sorting tables, not lists or other things
1095770 2014-08-08T21:56:47Z FRacco /* Specifying a sort key */ fix for double surname (example)
1058587 2014-07-04T20:13:08Z JoelKP /* Specifying a sort key */ clarify note regarding $wgHtml5
1012957 2014-05-23T08:40:31Z Cavila /* Specifying a sort key */ $wgHtml5 was removed in version 1.22.0.
852031 2013-12-27T21:28:27Z Wargo [[Thread:User talk:Wargo/Category:Languages pages without translations]]
847638 2013-12-22T17:23:58Z Igottheconch /* See also */ it is silly to list everything this page misses, or cut and paste the entire wikipedia page, duplicating the entry.
846292 2013-12-19T20:32:00Z GeorgeBarnick Undo revision 846262 by [[Special:Contributions/Igottheconch|Igottheconch]] ([[User talk:Igottheconch|talk]]): It would be more helpful to add whatever this help page is missing than to send a reader over to the Wikipedia help page instead.
846262 2013-12-19T19:48:04Z Igottheconch
781914 2013-09-13T05:36:26Z Igottheconch /* Specifying a sort key */
718174 2013-06-27T17:15:42Z Bawolff /* Sort order */ add note about categories
607601 2012-11-20T06:36:33Z
598497 2012-10-29T07:48:35Z Cavila /* See also */ relatively unknown feature
587155 2012-09-25T19:55:14Z SPQRobin /* Specifying a sort key */ update
514053 2012-03-22T02:37:50Z Krinkle /* Specifying a sort key */ spacing
501293 2012-02-19T11:10:34Z Patrick1 /* Specifying a sort key */
501286 2012-02-19T10:52:30Z Patrick1 == Specifying a sort key == Depending on the wiki, <code>data-sort-value</code> can be used to specify a sort key. Note, however, that this wiki ( is one of the few Wikimedia Foundation wikis for which this works. The others strip all "
501274 2012-02-19T08:13:55Z Tgr /* See also */
244209 2009-03-14T15:46:39Z Docu~mediawikiwiki /* Sorting in categories */ new section
244185 2009-03-14T10:12:05Z Happy-melon more
244184 2009-03-14T09:56:18Z Happy-melon start