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2103326 2016-04-20T19:26:10Z Move historic information on outdated, insecure and nowadays non-recommended versions to the page history.
2014362 2016-01-12T17:00:21Z Jdforrester (WMF) Undo revision 2014241 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]); test formatting edit.
2014241 2016-01-12T04:02:13Z /* Using RevisionDelete */
1111857 2014-08-19T08:25:43Z Steinsplitter Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Skizzerz|Skizzerz]]
1111849 2014-08-19T07:41:09Z /* Log entries */
1037588 2014-06-15T16:13:30Z Skizzerz Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Whym|Whym]]
1037546 2014-06-15T14:25:44Z yy
896571 2014-02-02T06:35:47Z Whym /* Overview */ add
896570 2014-02-02T06:33:11Z Whym /* Overview */ update the style of log entries using {{int:}}
871343 2014-01-03T09:08:37Z Nemo bis empty {{languages}}: please [[Project:Language policy|use Translate]]
664671 2013-03-27T18:56:25Z Fixed formatting that caused the entire article to be struck through when imported into some other installations.
639612 2013-02-02T00:05:19Z /* Pre-1.16 Hacks */
639611 2013-02-02T00:04:57Z /* Pre-1.16 Hacks */
639601 2013-02-01T23:41:55Z /* Pre-1.16 Hacks */
639597 2013-02-01T23:33:57Z /* Pre-1.16 Hacks */
639588 2013-02-01T23:21:10Z Added pre-1.16 hacks section to help folks on legacy MediaWiki installations
639572 2013-02-01T23:05:37Z gives explicit MediaWiki version where this feature was first released (hopefully correctly)
604062 2012-11-13T00:50:50Z KernelPone The flow seemed a little better with a comma in there.
505451 2012-03-01T03:36:55Z Jasper Deng important
500783 2012-02-17T15:40:10Z Rd232 tweak
500782 2012-02-17T15:37:43Z Rd232 various - add images, add structure
500596 2012-02-17T01:26:54Z Jasper Deng fix
431920 2011-09-05T16:51:23Z Wargo {{Languages}}
404941 2011-05-22T12:39:24Z Spelling.
349880 2010-09-12T17:02:58Z Hoo man Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:^demon|^demon]]
349879 2010-09-12T17:00:27Z /* Log entries */
324484 2010-05-21T13:24:52Z ^demon More of the same
313697 2010-03-29T04:09:37Z Reach Out to the Truth Make link work when imported into other wikis
295769 2010-01-03T23:34:46Z /* Log entries */ typo
264725 2009-07-12T14:27:55Z
256395 2009-05-20T23:31:18Z Fl rm space
256393 2009-05-20T23:30:56Z Fl moved [[Help:Revision Delete]] to [[Help:RevisionDelete]]: more correct
256392 2009-05-20T23:29:53Z Fl
256391 2009-05-20T23:25:36Z Fl more lead info
256389 2009-05-20T23:11:49Z Fl /* Log entries */ close <span>
256388 2009-05-20T23:11:16Z Fl /* Log entries */ differentiating between (show/hide) and (change visibility)
256176 2009-05-20T12:11:26Z Fl change (hide) to default (show/hide)
256173 2009-05-20T12:04:32Z Fl more explicit info on what it can do
256169 2009-05-20T11:54:51Z Fl /* Log entries */ fixes
256168 2009-05-20T11:53:39Z Fl log entries examples
256166 2009-05-20T11:47:03Z Fl more info
256161 2009-05-20T11:31:19Z Fl fix note
256160 2009-05-20T11:28:05Z Fl more hiding info
256158 2009-05-20T11:11:03Z Fl unhiding a revision
256156 2009-05-20T11:07:07Z Fl moved [[Help:Hiding a revision]] to [[Help:Revision Delete]]: Proper name
256144 2009-05-20T10:04:57Z Fl more info on hiding revisions
256142 2009-05-20T09:55:20Z Fl More info
256138 2009-05-20T09:36:39Z Fl expanded, removed image
256136 2009-05-20T09:18:27Z Fl Added more info
256135 2009-05-20T08:53:55Z Fl Starting help page on revision deletion