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2010576 2016-01-10T02:33:16Z Shirayuki Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Mistique Ra|Mistique Ra]] ([[User talk:Mistique Ra|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Shirayuki|Shirayuki]]
2010569 2016-01-10T01:51:20Z Mistique Ra /* Settings */
1627275 2015-04-26T13:58:23Z Shirayuki dummy edit to update translation pages
1627255 2015-04-26T13:57:28Z Shirayuki dir
1365421 2015-01-22T00:44:54Z Fabsouza1 Marked this version for translation
1365393 2015-01-22T00:44:31Z Fabsouza1 General editions
1364329 2015-01-21T06:23:52Z Shirayuki translation tweaks
928106 2014-03-14T07:50:24Z Shirayuki TNT
838922 2013-12-09T12:20:11Z Nemo bis Marked this version for translation
838921 2013-12-09T12:19:59Z Nemo bis consistency in the page
838909 2013-12-09T11:47:03Z Yugin
838564 2013-12-08T15:34:16Z Yugin
838563 2013-12-08T15:33:34Z Yugin
838281 2013-12-08T08:21:46Z Yugin Prepared page for translation.
793033 2013-09-30T08:19:58Z Christian75 ==See also== * [[Help:RandomInCategory]]
673403 2013-04-14T20:06:08Z FunPika Replace sidebar image with Vector version.
599516 2012-10-31T08:29:56Z Kghbln Rejected the last text change (by [[Special:Contributions/|]]) and restored revision 582528 by Dereckson
599464 2012-10-31T05:08:56Z
582528 2012-09-12T11:46:38Z Dereckson /* Settings */ -1.19 removed variable
451953 2011-11-07T14:31:55Z Dan Bolser adding he template
315561 2010-04-06T07:16:07Z Waldir +[[Category:Random page]]
315101 2010-04-04T00:46:52Z Reach Out to the Truth Make links work outside (and inside as well)
297754 2010-01-14T22:50:26Z Hamilton Abreu Undo revisions by [[Special:Contributions/Hamilton Abreu|Hamilton Abreu]] ([[User talk:Hamilton Abreu|Talk]])
297753 2010-01-14T22:47:04Z Hamilton Abreu
297751 2010-01-14T22:41:39Z Hamilton Abreu
262616 2009-06-27T21:27:51Z Wikademia $wgExtraRandompageSQL and $wgContentNamespaces
249950 2009-04-17T16:36:58Z Angela remove non-true part. the page is stored in your browser in the normal way
232438 2009-01-11T20:33:49Z JBogdan
230936 2009-01-02T06:01:53Z
146545 2007-11-14T11:45:32Z Courant added {{languages}}, {{PAGENAME}}
86017 2007-04-26T20:16:03Z Nikerabbit category
63026 2007-01-13T00:45:19Z Sanbeg change cat
46976 2006-11-02T00:26:17Z HappyDog PD notice belongs at top. Reinstated picture.
46898 2006-11-01T08:22:09Z Robchurch Clean up, elaborate on operation, give details of namespace selection, reposition PD help panel
24575 2006-04-18T02:36:02Z Bdk ok
11791 2005-12-04T13:46:36Z Bdk Reverted edit of, changed back to last version by Bdk
11779 2005-12-04T09:06:12Z
8025 2005-10-17T14:25:51Z Bdk image, expl.
7992 2005-10-17T01:52:28Z Bdk short start