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oldid date/time username edit summary
2111222 2016-04-30T22:17:49Z 2605:E000:634C:500:30C0:D535:C732:128D Undo revision 2111221 by [[Special:Contributions/2605:E000:634C:500:30C0:D535:C732:128D|2605:E000:634C:500:30C0:D535:C732:128D]] ([[User talk:2605:E000:634C:500:30C0:D535:C732:128D|talk]])
2111221 2016-04-30T22:17:43Z 2605:E000:634C:500:30C0:D535:C732:128D
883203 2014-01-13T14:58:57Z Shirayuki required for translation
873864 2014-01-04T10:36:49Z Shirayuki en-US spelling: organize
871422 2014-01-03T11:52:14Z Nemo bis Marked this version for translation
871421 2014-01-03T11:51:52Z Nemo bis probably you meant this
871411 2014-01-03T11:26:44Z
870971 2014-01-02T23:22:46Z Nemo bis local links
870595 2014-01-02T22:45:02Z Vldandrew
870529 2014-01-02T22:23:01Z Vldandrew
870517 2014-01-02T22:19:11Z Vldandrew
863883 2013-12-31T15:25:55Z Vldandrew Marked this version for translation
640673 2013-02-04T17:48:41Z Nemo bis link fixed
640664 2013-02-04T17:29:13Z Ansumang the page no longer exists at!
596301 2012-10-22T17:01:39Z Nemo bis confirmed users
595447 2012-10-19T07:52:35Z Nemo bis typo
593831 2012-10-15T16:07:50Z Nemo bis Note that, even after registration, [[m:Newly registered user|newly registered user]] editing from the same IP may be forced to slow down their edits.
561577 2012-07-13T14:00:28Z Cynh link to the ImportUsers extension
538415 2012-05-16T15:44:12Z Nemo bis Additionally, although not recommended unless you're the wiki system administrator, you can ask the configuration to be changed temporarily: for Wikimedia projects, see [[m:How to request lift of an IP cap]].
453552 2011-11-11T10:49:26Z Wargo {{PD Help Page}}
449796 2011-11-01T11:53:40Z Crochet.david +languages templates
449038 2011-10-30T00:57:55Z Nemo bis new help page, because it's a horribly recurring question