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File:Readmore- desktop- prototype.png
Read More prototype on Desktop

The RelatedArticles extension adds links to related articles after the current displayed article content.

Read More prototype on Tablet

How is the article list created?

The related articles, which will be dispalyed, are the result of a search query with the, so called, morelike:Help:CirrusSearch feature of CirrusSearchHelp:CirrusSearch.

Additonal pages can be added with a parser tag, see the next section.

Can I manually add articles?

Yes. If you know articles, that need to be added, even if the morelike: search doesn't show them, you can add this (or these) articles using the related parser function, e.g.:

{{#related:Test with read more}}
{{#related:Another test page}}

Where can the "Read more" section be found?

The pages will show at the bottom of the Vector skin right after the article content.

Other desktop skins behave similarly in this regard.

In the MobileFrontend beta skin, the links will also show at the bottom of the page.

The behavior can be different in third party wikis, because it is related to the configuration of Wikimedia wikis, please refer to the extension page to find out more.

Where can I turn this feature on?

The RelatedArticles extension currently adds a beta feature, called "Read more", which can be enabled (if you logged in) in the beta features settings panel.

You can, at any time, turn this feature off, if you want.

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